Defending Glenn Beck on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Many bloggers (including some with expertise precisely in the area where Beck seems to lack it) have pointed out how much Glenn Beck got wrong in his statement about Constantine and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Finally, a courageous blogger has stepped forward to treat Beck fairly and defend what he got right. And since someone [Read More...]

LOST: Flash Upwards

There is a post about LOST at Doc Artz, which takes seriously the revelation that the show is at its heart profoundly theological. I particularly liked the artice’s way of putting things: in “The End” what we had thought were “flash sideways” were revealed to be “flash upwards.” [Read more...]

There’s No Substitute for Ken Pulliam’s Post on Atonement

If you think the pun in the title of this post is lame, you’ll be glad I decided not to make the one about being “atone deaf.” Ken Pulliam has been blogging about problems with the penal substitution theory of atonement. Yesterday he interacted with and shared parts of a post of mine on that topic. Read [Read More...]

I Might Be Wrong

HT Open Parachute [Read more...]

Jesus in the Yahweh Verses

In the discussion of Rob Bowman’s closing statement in the Great Trinity Debate at Parchment and Pen, I was asked what I think of the application to Jesus in the New Testament of verses which, in the Jewish Scriptures, refer to Yahweh. My answer is that Jews who believed God might bestow his name upon [Read More...]

Less Commonly Taught Languages

The Ancient World Online shared a link to this useful site, which maintains a database of courses on less commonly taught languages. [Read more...]

Diglotting Reviews Dunn

There’s a review of Jimmy Dunn’s latest book, Did The First Christians Worship Jesus, at the blog Diglotting. [Read more...]

Various Videos

So many videos worth sharing. John Loftus shared this debate between Bart Ehrman and Craig Evans: And Unreasonable Faith has a disturbing video from Tennessee with students and a teacher talking about evolution and creation in the science classroom: If these aren’t your cup of tea, you can try the Star Trek-Gilbert & Sullivan mash-up [Read More...]

LOST: The Band Behind The Curtain

Today’s e-mail from Wolfgang’s Vault had an interesting piece of LOST trivia. The fictional band from the show, Geronimo Jackson, had a song that was adapted from one by the non-fictional band The Donkeys. You can read more about it and listen to the song on the Wolfgang’s Vault web site. I wonder if there [Read More...]

Theologians in Poetry

Faith and Theology blog has created witty short four-line poems about major theologians. Here are just two examples: Rudolf BultmannOne day beganTo study the Gospel of John; and found, to his satisfaction,That pretty much every word was redaction. Karl BarthHad to hire a cartHaving no other tacticsTo transport his dogmatics. [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Magic vs. Science

The third installment of the Doctor Who Media Club at Religion Dispatches has appeared. This time it is focused on the episode “Vampires of Venice” and on theme of magic vs. science. [Read more...]

The End of LOST: Further Reflections and Unanswered Questions

Having said that there are ways in which the finale was satisfying, there are certainly many loose ends. But perhaps, as with comparable shows like the X-Files, we are supposed to continue exploring them rather than expect the series to resolve everything for us. And so I’d like to invite fans of the show to [Read More...]

More on TV and the Jesus Tradition

The conversation about Doctor Who and the Jesus tradition is spreading. Judy Redman, and Mark Goodacre are both involved on their respective blogs. The idea is to find a scenario in which people get to hear/see something once, as they might on TV, and then check recall in various scenarios: if they don’t discuss the episode, [Read More...]

Doctor Who and the Jesus Tradition

There is an obvious way that Doctor Who could be related to the Jesus tradition: we just need someone with a TARDIS to go back and record what Jesus said and did, which we can then compare with the later Gospels. Since that is not currently feasible, here’s plan B (which Judy Redman began to elaborate [Read More...]