E-Mails to God and Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s advice to Christians to leave churches that emphasize that all-pervasive Biblical theme of social justice has been getting a lot of attention. I tried to add my voice to the others who have e-mailed Beck as part of Sojourners’ campaign to get this point across to him. But, perhaps not surprisingly, Beck’s mailbox [Read More...]

Scriabin Archive

Here are some pieces by composer Alexander Scriabin from the Internet Archive: The Piano Concerto, performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy! http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.0.5.swf?0.008648623363132657 A piano etude transcribed for violin by Szegeti: http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.0.5.swf?0.6532732143998892 No.2 from Deux Poemes Op.71 http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.0.5.swf?0.902995498899327 Sonata No. 4 http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.0.5.swf?0.4857890448830152 I wish they had Piano Sonata No.3, my favorite of his piano sonatas, but for that [Read More...]

The Teleological Argument in Theory and Practice

This cartoon nicely illustrates an unjustified leap that often takes place when people try to argue from appearance of “design” in the universe or the laws of physics to the existence of God: HT Hemant Mehta [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Ken Schenck)

“Sometimes I think people like Wright are more clever than the biblical authors themselves… “ – Ken Schenck, “N. T. Wright on the rapture” at Quadrilateral Thoughts Taken out of context this could be badly misunderstood, and so I’ll briefly summarize the overall point of Ken’s blog post: It is about the ability of interpreters to find [Read More...]

Day Six or Friday?

I’m curious whether anyone has ever translated the Hebrew expressions in Genesis 1 not as “day one, day two…” or “the first day, the second day…” but into the English days of the week, “Sunday, Monday…” I’m not sure if it would have a significant effect on the way English readers perceive the text. Do [Read More...]

Dunn’s New Book Available In The UK?

According to Amazon.co.uk, it looks like Jimmy Dunn’s latest book, Did The First Christians Worship Jesus?, may already be available for purchase in the UK. It is listed as being in stock! Then again, this may be an error, since something rather odd happens when you try to explore other ways of purchasing a copy, [Read More...]

Long Journey Home

Tonight I caught part of a documentary on PBS about Native Americans (Delawares) in Indiana, entitled Long Journey Home. It was interesting in its own right, but given my own particular research interests, it was useful to hear how things that are often assumed to be “unchanging tradition” in Native American cultures are in fact [Read More...]

Angels and Demons

I watched the movie Angels & Demons today, having read the book some years ago. As with The DaVinci Code, I felt the movie turned out better than the book in some ways in both cases. When I read the novel, I remember not only being annoyed that an excellent speech on religion and science had been [Read More...]

Apple Pi

Because pi day is coming… [Read more...]

Lecture Videos for the Jubilee Year of Paul

Matthew Montonini discovered a treasure trove of video lectures made available on YouTube by Villanova University, celebrating the approximately 2,000 years since Paul’s birth. Here are two samples. E. P. Sanders on whether Paul’s legacy remains relevant today: David Aune on what happened to Paul on the Damascus Road: Other videos include Joseph Fitzmyer, Jerome [Read More...]

LOST: Man of Science, Man of Faith

Those interested in exploring the religious themes and mythology of LOST will want to check out this video podcast (HT DocArtz) featuring an interview with Matthew Fox, exploring Jack’s character as both man of science and man of faith: Those looking for something less weighty and serious may enjoy this LOST meets Baywatch video (HT IO9): [Read more...]

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends

I’m grateful to Eruesso for pointing out that a show I watched sometimes when I lived in the UK, “Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends,” can be watched on Google Video. Here’s the episode in which he visits the US Bible belt. [Read more...]

Richard Bauckham Homepage

Thanks to Michael Bird, Jim Davila and Mark Goodacre for drawing attention to Richard Bauckham’s new home page. It includes unpublished lectures, essays and sermons, including an investigation into the Pooh community and a piece on “The Johannine Jesus and the Synoptic Jesus.” But perhaps the most interesting for those of us who interact with his [Read More...]

Who Will Drive The Furthest To Hear John Walton Speak At Butler?

John Walton will be giving a talk at Butler University on March 18th at 6pm, in the Johnson Room in Robertson Hall. The talk will be entitled “The First Sunset: Cosmology in the Ancient World and Genesis One.” There is more information on Facebook. This event is open to the public and all are welcome [Read More...]