Passages vs. Principles

I’ve had an article published in Religion Dispatches. The title is “Passages vs. Principles“, and it compares the use of the Bible in current debates about homosexuality to its use in the controversy over slavery. Do take a look, and leave a comment there, here, or both! [Read more...]

The Second Commandment and Biblical Literalism

The second commandment (on the counting of some this is the second part of the first commandment) as found in Exodus 20:4 reads as follows: “You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water [Read More...]

Recipe for Biblical Literalism

Take one part overly-familiar Bible verses. Repeat these verses over and over again until a thick, opaque layer is formed. Use this layer to cover the remaining 39 parts consisting of Bible verses that do not talk about the same subject as those more familiar verses, verses which seem to disagree with them, as well [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

At the top of the list must go Mark Goodacre’s post about the failure of the sites Early Christian Writings and Early Jewish Writings to rise from the dead. Fortunately the internet archive comes to the rescue, as usual. Tony Jones, Fred Anderson and Daryll Bock are among those who’ve reacted (in very different ways) [Read More...]

I Want To Believe…and to Doubt

Last night I finally watched X-Files 2: I Want To Believe. Particularly interesting were the issues of faith and doubt, which the two characters have symbolized throughout the series. And the symbolism continued to be explored as we found Mulder and Scully together and yet not married, unable to be together completely in spite of [Read More...]

Evolution and Creationism Videos

Several interesting videos related to evolution and creationism have appeared. First, from right here in Indiana, the Secular Alliance of Indiana University visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky and made a video about it (HT AIG Busted): trip to the Creation Museum from Secular Alliance on Vimeo. Second, video footage of Richard Dawkins interviewing [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Allow Gay Marriage Facebook Group)

“Why can a drunk man and a female exotic dancer get married in ten minutes in Las Vegas (and probably get it annulled within 24 hours), but two men who have been devoted to each other for several years can’t?” – From the description of the “Allow Gay Marriage” group on Facebook [Read more...]

Most Dangerous Bloggers of 2008

I am grateful to David Ker for the honor of being included on his list of the “Most Dangerous Bloggers of 2008“. I also like the particular warning label he chose for me: I’m not usually in a bad mood, am I? At any rate, I do hope that the rest of what he said [Read More...]

Darwin Worship Resource Materials

No, this isn’t about resources for the worship of Darwin. Neither the scientific community nor its opponents would have any interest in doing that. But there are some worship resources related to Darwin that have been made available by the Clergy Letter Project, to help congregations prepare to participate in Evolution Weekend 2009. 2009 marks [Read More...]

Jon Stewart vs. Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage

Jon Stewart has a pointed rather than amusing interview of Mike Huckabee on the subject of gay marriage (HT ERV). Here’s the URL in case the embedded video below doesn’t work. There’s also a post on a related subject at Notes From Off Center..cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url(‘’) !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;text-decoration:none;}.cc_show a{color:#707070;text-decoration:none;}.cc_title a{color:#868686;text-decoration:none;}.cc_links a:hover{color:#67bee2;text-decoration:underline;} The Daily Show With [Read More...]

Return to Orality?

Stephen Chrisomalis and Mark Dingemanse both respond to the notion that our society shows evidence of a return to orality. It is certainly far more common now than it was a couple of decades ago for people to listen to a book in the car or on their ipod. But one doesn’t have to go [Read More...]

Every Star Shall Sing A Carol

In my last post I mentioned that Ray Bradbury’s “Christus Apollo” is but one of several poems or songs exploring the meaning of Christmas in the context of both Christian theology and the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Another example is Sydney Carter’s “Every Star Shall Sing A Carol“. Here’s an excerpt: Who can tell [Read More...]

Christus Apollo

As Christmas approaches, and in the heavens exoplanets are glimpsed by telescopes of tremendous power, and carbon dioxide detected in their far off atmospheres, it seems appropriate to draw attention to a less well-known work by science fiction author Ray Bradbury. His sonnet/cantata “Christus Apollo” is but one of several 20th century poems and carols [Read More...]

God & Genes x2

SCM Press has made chapters from two books related to religion and science available on their web site: Keith Ward, Religion and Human Fulfillment, Chapter 1: The God Gene: The Relation of Religion and Altruism Neil Messer, Selfish Genes and Christian Ethics, Chapter 1: Introduction [Read more...]