Blasphemous Bathroom Break of Ba’al

Today has been designated “Blasphemy Day”, as many if not indeed all readers will be aware. The last time I addressed the issue of blasphemy, I pointed to Judges 6:25-32. The passage suggests that a true God can defend himself and needs no human defenders: “If Baal really is a god, he can defend himself [Read More...]

Conservapedia General Disclaimer

These things may only be there for legal reasons, but they are still worth highlighting. The “General Disclaimer” page on Conservapedia includes the following: Nothing here has necessarily been reviewed or checked by anyone with expertise to ensure that it is accurate or reliable. USERS RELY ON INFORMATION HERE ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK… Nothing [Read More...]

Taking Darwin On Faith?

I missed a piece in the Indianapolis Star a couple of days ago, until a friend pointed it out to me today. Russ Pulliam’s article, “Taking Darwin On Faith”, manages to muddle and confuse at least two issues. He quotes Richard Holdeman, who emphasizes that there is a problem in treating certain theological extrapolations from [Read More...]

Translating vs. Rewriting the Bible: The Conservative Bible Project

Don’t get me wrong: “rewriting” the Bible has a long and illustrious heritage. Chronicles retelling the story in the Former Prophets (or Deuteronomistic History, if you prefer). One Gospel retelling the story found in another. Midrashes and commentaries and Diatessarons and Targums and all sorts of other things. The only thing that bothers me is [Read More...]

Teaching the Bible with the help of Science Fiction

As someone who is interested in the various ways that religion and sci-fi can intersect, I was particularly delighted to read Steve Cook’s piece that recently appeared on the Society of Biblical Literature web site. It is about the use of Planet of the Apes to teach students about archaeology and the Bible. There’s also [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Thirteen

The thirteenth proposition in Walton’s book is that “the difference between origin accounts in science and scripture is metaphysical in nature. I am not certain that this is the best way of expressing Walton’s key point, which is that the Bible affirms purpose or teleology rather than a specific process. Science consciously eliminates teleology from [Read More...]

Random Beliefs Meme

Doug Chaplin tagged me with a meme a while back, and for a while I’ve been suffering from meme immunity, but the illness seems to be passing. Or maybe my beliefs just aren’t random enough…No, that’s definitely not it. Anyway, here are ten random things I believe: 1) I believe music is a symbol of [Read More...]

Misidentified Mandaic Manuscript

I’ve just become aware that there is a manuscript in the holdings of the Bodleian Library, catalogued as a “Syriac” manuscript (MS. Syr. f. 2), which is in fact in Mandaic. If you click through, you can see some images that the Bodleian has shared. Click through to see the images. There are notes on [Read More...]

Peters Projection Map

Dr. Platypus shared a great clip from The West Wing that featured the Peters Projection Map. Perhaps it will “freak out” some readers of this blog as much as it did some characters on the show. Here’s the clip: And here’s the map: [Read more...]

Random Reply on Genesis 3

Doug Mangum has shared some random thoughts on Genesis 3. I’ve offered a reply that is at least as random. Here’s the gist of my thoughts that arose after reading his thoughts and some of the comments others left on the post: I like translating the Hebrew word that describes the serpent with “shrewd”, because [Read More...]

Call for Carnival Contributions

The end of the month is drawing near, and that means it is almost time for another Biblical Studies Carnival. There are reminders at both Codex and Hebrew and Greek Reader, the latter being the blog that is hosting the carnival for this month. Do submit relevant posts on academic Biblical studies that either you [Read More...]

J. R. R. Tolkien Referees NIV vs. JB Smackdown in Nineveh

OK, so the title doesn’t precisely reflect the contents of this post, but I couldn’t think of another way to include all three of the very interesting elements in the blog post “Praise the Lord (of the Rings)” at Davar Akher. The post begins by highlighting something I didn’t know before, namely that J. R. [Read More...]

Dollhouse Is Back!

Fox sci-fi action series Dollhouse is back and as good as ever. This second season got off to a strong start tonight as loose ends and new revelations from towards the end of last season have already begun to be explored. At the end of last season, we learned that Dr. Saunders is, in essence, [Read More...]


I received a request to post something on prooftexting, and I’m not sure I have much to add beyond what has already been said in the recent post from Jeremy Smith arguing against memorizing verses from the Bible (in turn inspired by a post by Matt Cleaver). The principle is well known: “A text taken [Read More...]