To Foster Critical Biblical Scholarship

Alan Lenzi has an interesting post, inspired by an SBL review that denigrated mainstream critical scholarship, which concludes with the suggestion that SBL ought to change its motto from “To foster Biblical scholarship” to “To foster critical Biblical scholarship.” While I appreciate the spirit of his post, the notion of “uncritical scholarship” seems to me to [Read More...]

Next ARAM Society Conference on the Mandaeans

According to the ARAM Society’s web site, their next conference on the Mandaeans will be at the University of Stockholm in Sweden, in April 2012. Some of the information there is simply copied and pasted from the last conference in Oxford, and the date of that conference changed from that originally scheduled, so one shouldn’t make [Read More...]

The Mything Links

Having spent so much time blogging about mythicism, I felt I would be remiss (or is that remyth?) if I were not to share a few last links that have come to my attention. Joseph Hoffmann recently touched once again on the existence of Jesus and the Jesus Project. And although the Christian CADRE blog is clearly [Read More...]

Lost Untangled is Back!

Somehow I missed that Lost Untangled had returned. Here’s the latest one, for the episode “The Lighthouse”: [Read more...]

Biblical Literalism in the New Jerusalem [a short story]

Bill Larsson double-checked the co-ordinates again. This was his first visit to the New Jerusalem space station, and as the deadline for his story was the beginning of next week, he didn’t want anything to go wrong. Bill still hadn’t quite worked out why the space station followed such an irregular course. No, he thought [Read More...]

Tree Lobster Game

Having mentioned creationism and game in the same post, I was struck to come across this comic strip (shared at Open Parachute) which brings the two together: [Read more...]

Creationism x2, Lost x2

Just a couple of links and a couple of thoughts. First, two posts from around the blogosphere related to creationism. First, Richard Hoppe has a post on creationism as science-stopper. Second, Nick Norelli notes dubious claims in a forthcoming study Bible. On the topic of LOST, I wonder whether anyone has explored possible connections between [Read More...]

Technologically Advanced Life Before Google

Tomorrow in my religion and sci-fi class one topic we’ll be talking about is science fiction connected with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The most famous example is probably the original Battlestar Galactica (with Orson Scott Card a close second). As I noticed the comment of the person who shared the [Read More...]

The First Hugoye Symposium: Libraries In The Syriac Tradition

Steve Caruso just blogged about this announcement (which has apparently already gone out on the Hugoye list-serv, but hasn’t reached those of us who get e-mails once a day as a digest): The First Hugoye Symposium ܥܐܕܐ ܕܣ̈ܝܡܐ ܣܘܪ̈ܝܝܐ: ܐܘܪܚܐ ܐܪܝܟܬܐ ܡܢ ܒ̈ܬܝ ܐܪ̈ܟܐ ܠܢܘܠܐ Libraries in the Syriac Tradition May 20, 2010 at the [Read More...]

Life Before Google

On the theme of research before the internet era, Daniel Kirk shared this cartoon: [Read more...]

Copyright Slider

A friend and colleague sent me a link to this useful web page. It provides a convenient interactive sliding scale that allows you to figure out whether a work is (or is likely to still be) under copyright. [Read more...]

Telling Creation Stories to Children

A subject that I’ve asked about here before has come up today on Jesus Creed. They’ve shared a letter from someone who accepts that the Genesis creation accounts can rightly be called mythology. The question that is now being asked is what the appropriate way is to share these stories with a child, and to [Read More...]

More Online Resources On Gnostic Baptism

In addition to the previews in Google Books mentioned in my last post, I’ve just come across a few more sources about baptism in Gnosticism. Obviously I have yet to read them (since I just found them) but which already appear to be worth sharing. There is a 2007 dissertation by Lubbertus Klaas van Os, “Baptism in the [Read More...]

How Did We Ever Manage To Do Research Before?

In connection with one of my current research projects, I was looking for treatments of baptism and the figure of John the Baptist in the Nag Hammadi texts. April DeConick kindly reminded me about the two-volume Nag Hammadi Bibliography. These are very useful volumes, but without the sort of indexes that would make the printed [Read More...]