Apple Pi

Because pi day is coming… [Read more...]

Lecture Videos for the Jubilee Year of Paul

Matthew Montonini discovered a treasure trove of video lectures made available on YouTube by Villanova University, celebrating the approximately 2,000 years since Paul’s birth. Here are two samples. E. P. Sanders on whether Paul’s legacy remains relevant today: David Aune on what happened to Paul on the Damascus Road: Other videos include Joseph Fitzmyer, Jerome [Read More...]

LOST: Man of Science, Man of Faith

Those interested in exploring the religious themes and mythology of LOST will want to check out this video podcast (HT DocArtz) featuring an interview with Matthew Fox, exploring Jack’s character as both man of science and man of faith: Those looking for something less weighty and serious may enjoy this LOST meets Baywatch video (HT IO9): [Read more...]

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends

I’m grateful to Eruesso for pointing out that a show I watched sometimes when I lived in the UK, “Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends,” can be watched on Google Video. Here’s the episode in which he visits the US Bible belt. [Read more...]

Richard Bauckham Homepage

Thanks to Michael Bird, Jim Davila and Mark Goodacre for drawing attention to Richard Bauckham’s new home page. It includes unpublished lectures, essays and sermons, including an investigation into the Pooh community and a piece on “The Johannine Jesus and the Synoptic Jesus.” But perhaps the most interesting for those of us who interact with his [Read More...]

Who Will Drive The Furthest To Hear John Walton Speak At Butler?

John Walton will be giving a talk at Butler University on March 18th at 6pm, in the Johnson Room in Robertson Hall. The talk will be entitled “The First Sunset: Cosmology in the Ancient World and Genesis One.” There is more information on Facebook. This event is open to the public and all are welcome [Read More...]

Tracking Seasonal Trends In Opinion About Global Warming

HT Why Evolution Is True [Read more...]

Easter: Exploring the Resurrection of Jesus

I just received an e-mail from Biblical Archaeology Review indicating that they have produced a free e-book for the Easter season, entitled Easter: Exploring the Resurrection of Jesus. Not surprisingly, the book doesn’t actually try to connect archaeology and the resurrection directly, but it does look like it has some interesting contributions about Easter and [Read More...]

The Only True God: Halfway to Paperback

If my calculations are correct, The Only True God has already sold about half the number of copies in the first print run. If the first print run sells out within the first three years, the book will be re-released as a more affordable paperback. And so I thought I’d update readers, since I know [Read More...]

LOST: Episode for Educators

A colleague mentioned on Facebook that last night’s episode of LOST, “Dr. Linus”, may be of particular interest to educators and administrators – or at the very least, indicates the tensions that sometimes exist between the two. Outdated equipment in the science classroom – where have I heard that before? They even mentioned issues of [Read More...]

LOST: Powerful Symbols of Contrasting Universes

Another powerful depiction of the contrast between the two universes on LOST can be seen in Ben’s relationship to his father. This is subtly yet powerfully symbolized by the following: in one timeline, Ben kills his father using a gas canister; in the other, Ben uses a canister of gas (in this case presumably oxygen) [Read More...]

LOST: Jacob’s Touch and the Power of Forgiveness

Wow, tonight’s episode of LOST was quite something. We learned a number of things that are really important [SPOILER ALERT]. First, Jack learned something about himself, and abour Richard Alpert, that is crucial. If Jacob touches you, you don’t age and cannot kill yourself. You would have to be killed by someone else. Presumably this gift [Read More...]

Sci-Fi, Religion and Posttranssuperhumanism

IO9 has an interesting article on whether “science fiction humanism” is a contradiction in terms. In the process of exploring the question, it touches on a number of religious themes as well. [Read more...]

Online Articles and Excerpts

Since I received an e-mail asking about some online materials of mine that have been around on the web for some time, but recently became harder to find, I thought I’d post about them. Geocities recently closed, taking with it a lot of web resources that people had shared over a period of many years. I [Read More...]