Eisenbrauns Valentine Contest Winners

Those who have learned other languages know that one’s ability to understand what others have said or written often improves more quickly than one’s ability to find the right words and grammatical constructions to express one’s own thoughts. I thus think that the annual Eisenbraun’s contest to compose something in an ancient Near Eastern language [Read More...]

Martin Hengel on YouTube

Rob Bradshaw shared these videos of the late German New Testament scholar Martin Hengel, from a series called “The Christ Files.” I’m embedding the first – click through if you want more! Hengel is of course famous for his work on topics like Judaism and Hellenism, crucifixion, and Christology, and so I look forward to [Read More...]

Star Trek Fandom as Religious Phenomenon?

TheoFantastique has a post today on this topic, the question of Star Trek fandom as a religious phenomenon. [Read more...]

The Problem With Publishing On The Historical Jesus

In recent discussions about mythicism, it has sometimes been hinted that the academy is biased and it is impossible for mythicist views to get a fair hearing, much less get published. If I were asked for a single clear reason I find that hard to believe, my answer would be: Morton Smith. Smith published, among [Read More...]

Young-Earth Creationists Are Like Mythicists

I thought I’d reverse the comparison and say “Young-earth creationists are a lot like mythicists.” This is just an experiment. I’m curious whether young-earth creationists will get as upset about the comparison as mythicists have… [Read more...]

Happy Evolution Sunday!

[Read more...]

Happy LOST Valentine’s Day

By Beavotron, HT Daniel Florien on Twitter [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Darwin!

There are many things around the web and blogosphere related to Darwin’s birthday. Darwin Day Celebrations. My colleague Michael Zimmerman suggests ways to celebrate. And of course there’s the usual quote-mining and misinformation, alas. [Read more...]

Tacitus on Mythicism

Although I can empathize with mythicists’ avoidance and/or skepticism of Josephus as evidence for a historical Jesus, given the clear evidence for tampering, I do not understand why anyone who had not already set out in advance to disprove the existence of Jesus would doubt the testimony of Tacitus (Annals 15.44) writing in the early second century: [Read More...]

Already LOST

The student whose blog about LOST I recently mentioned has already moved to a new address: http://smokymcgee.blogspot.com/ Having mentioned the blog, it seemed appropriate to let you know that it has moved and where it has moved to. Also of interest is Diglotting offering a theory about Jacob and Esau, and DocArtz blogging about “the [Read More...]

Jesus Treated Like God?

Daniel Kirk has a post on (1) whether Jesus is “treated like God” and (2) even if he is, would that imply that he was understood to be God in some essential or substantial sense. Given my interest in Christology and monotheism, and concepts such as agency, it is probably obvious why I thought this post [Read More...]

The Death of the Mythical Messiah

No, of course I don’t think this post will end mythicism or even discussion of mythicism. But I still find myself most puzzled by mythicists’ treatment of the crucifixion. If we only had the Letter to the Hebrews, I might find the mythicist account of things more persuasive: when the action takes place in a heavenly [Read More...]

An Early Version Of The World Wide Web

HT Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & Co. [Read more...]

Blogging Creationism and Intelligent Design: The Highlights Revisited

In a recent comment I was asked about my familiarity with evolution, given my frequent comparison of mythicism to creationism as far as their approach to mainstream academic disciplines is concerned. When I searched for relevant keywords, the round-ups I posted about a year and a half ago didn’t turn up, so I thought I’d [Read More...]