Ecouragement to Study the Mandaeans

Gorgias Press has as its primary focus Syriac, and certainly there is a need for more scholarly attention to be focused there. Nevertheless, given my current interest in the Mandaeans, I thought I’d mention in particular that this too is a subject area covered by Gorgias Press. And here’s the good news Gorgias Press has [Read More...]

Bibliobloggers Bulletin Board at SBL

Chris Brady liked my suggestion that we put up a sign-up sheet for bibliobloggers on the message board at SBL, where each of us can provide our name and cell phone number, and that way we can all make contact easily. If you get there first, pin up a blank sheet in the “B” section [Read More...]

The Bible’s Buried Secrets: Update

I’ve just learned that you can now watch the whole documentary on the PBS web site (HT Rev’s Rumbles). There are more reviews by Kenneth Atkinson, Hector Avalos, Heather Wax, Josh Kimball, and Matt Page. [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Lesslie Newbigin)

“If we turn from the New Testament to the later pages of church history, …. we have to ask whether the church is most faithful in its witness to the crucified and risen Jesus and most recognizable as the community which ‘bears about in the body the dying of Jesus’ when it is chiefly concerned [Read More...]

The Bible’s Buried Secrets

I watched The Bible’s Buried Secrets last night, and my only real complaint is that the so-called “buried secrets” are in fact exposed in mainstream books and articles on Biblical scholarship, and some of it has been common knowledge to anyone who has attended an academic course on the Bible in past century or so. [Read More...]

Lucky E-Mail

Here’s the latest scam to make it past my spam filter. Here’s some advice to anyone who came here wondering if an e-mail like this one is legitimate: no one will hold a lottery for which no one pays for ticket and contact you via an impersonal e-mail to tell you that you’ve won. Please [Read More...]

Resurrection in the Acts of Paul

In the Acts of Paul, Paul is presented as stating: “Caesar, it is not for a little space that I live unto my king; and if thou behead me, this will I do: I will arise and show myself unto thee that I am not dead but live unto my Lord Jesus Christ, who cometh [Read More...]

The Dharma Initiative Has Been Sold

Those who participated in the Dharma Initiative recruitment tests received an e-mail informing them that that Dharma Initiative has been sold…to the producers of the TV series LOST! It is fascinating the way recent movies and TV play with the boundaries between factual and fictional worlds. IGN has a nice interview with the producers about [Read More...]

The Guild of Islamic Minimalists

I’ve had some discussions lately here and elsewhere about whether the historical figure of Jesus existed. There is a parallel issue of whether Muhammad was a real historical individual, and that subject recently made the news once again. [Read more...]

Praise Team

Here’s a video of my son performing with the praise team in church this past Sunday: [Read more...]

New Review of The Burial of Jesus

A new review of The Burial of Jesus has been posted on It is by J. A. Kidwell, who is planning to post a longer review on his blog in the near future. [Read more...]

Urgent Business Proposal

“Urgent Business Proposal” was the title of a scam e-mail that made it through my spam filter today. I haven’t posted one of these for a while, and so I thought I’d warn the gullible out there: if this person really was contacting you about business, he’d address you by name. The “Good day,” as [Read More...]

What Jesus Said and Did: 2) Divorce

The teaching attributed to Jesus in the Gospels about divorce is not unique. The Dead Sea Scrolls not only make a similar point about marriage, but even root the argument in the same text from Genesis (see Mark 10:1-12). This would be an esy case in which to suppose that perhaps a general, circulating idea [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans)

In thy sight all hands are thieving, all lips have lied. Water is in the jordan. In thine eyes, Knowledge of Life, no person is clean: we are slaves who are all sin, and thou a lord who art all mercy. When thou art with us, who shall conquer us and if thou justifiest us [Read More...]