It’s Monday But Evolution Sunday’s Coming

Some may have already celebrated Evolution Sunday yesterday, since there is quite a bit of flexibility as to when one tackles the topic. The point of the event is for churches to actually address the subject head on. Most churches and other religious institutions will hold it next weekend. Around the blogs and internet relevant [Read More...]

Mythicist Misunderstanding

I’ve long been perplexed by the frequent complaint from mythicists (i.e. those who claim that Jesus was a purely invented figure, not even based on a real historical human individual) that those working on the historical Jesus simply assume as a presupposition that Jesus existed, rather than addressing the question directly. I think such individuals [Read More...]

Humor in the Blogosphere

Naked Pastor has an interpretation of what might at first glance seem like a pretty straightforward and standard church sign. Polycarp shares posters of feline skepticism. And although it touches on a serious topic, Clayboy’s treatment of the misuse of Greek by preachers deserves to be in this category too, since it explains why preachers [Read More...]

LOST in the Blogosphere

Even Ben Witherington is blogging about LOST. He confidently characterizes the smoke monster as an “evil spirit.” I doubt matters will turn out to be that simple. DocArtz has several items of interest, including a video of the original flight 815 and the new one side by side,and another video in which people who have [Read More...]

Is John 3 Meant To Be A Historically Plausible Narrative?

Should we think that the author of the Gospel of John intended, in the narrative about Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, to tell a story which could be treated as an actual story about Jesus during the period of his public ministry? If so, it will shape the way we read it in interesting and unusual [Read More...]

iPad Nano

HT Daniel Kirk [Read more...]

ΦBK Theta @ BU

This evening Butler University became to a new chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Theta of Indiana. One colleague from my department spearheaded the application process, while another was elected to be an officer in the new chapter. I’m a complete outsider to the Greek systems, having studied in the UK, and so it was nice to [Read More...]

Almost My Dream Machine

The computer of my dreams may not exist, but I think I’ve found one that comes close. The Asus T91MT is a netbook that converts into a tablet. It seems great in terms of portability, use for typing, use for reading, as well as web browsing and e-mail and everything else one wants to do [Read More...]


I had to share this commercial (HT Clayboy): [Read more...]

Rather Umid?

I took a trip to Best Buy yesterday to look at netbooks and ebook readers. The Sony ereader they had was not functioning – not a great advertisement for the device. But I was impressed by how much smaller netbooks have become than they were even the last time I looked at them. Browsing online, [Read More...]

The Size of the Second Temple

Those of us who teach Biblical Studies at some point mention the site of the second Temple. Usually we struggle to find points of comparison – such as “approximately x number of football fields.” I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do what one student did for a presentation yesterday: She took [Read More...]

The Greatest of These Is Love

I’m grateful to Richard Beck for highlighting Paul’s own words on an important subject. Paul is famous for his emphasis on faith, and much contemporary Christianity follows his lead on this point. Yet when it comes down to it, Paul says that there is something more important than faith – more important even than the [Read More...]

Icelandic Sith

I’m not entirely certain what the story behind this video is, but one thing is certain: it fits into that category I’m interested in of religion and science fiction: HT Open Parachute [Read more...]

LOST is Back (x2)

I put the “x2″ in the title of this post to indicate that we not only had a double episode for the season premiere, but (at least) two different realities the stories of which are unfolding. The best bits of dialogue in the premiere came from the man in black, having taken the form of John Locke. [Read More...]