Sparring with Jesus

At Best Buy yesterday, looking at the Nintendo Wii, one of the salespeople pointed out that in Wii Sports, one of the characters you can box against looks like Jesus. What do you think? Many Christians, while they might disagree, can at least just barely tolerate the desire (expressed in a particular song) that someone [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Lisa Miller)

“Let’s try for a minute to take the religious conservatives at their word and define marriage as the Bible does. Shall we look to Abraham, the great patriarch, who slept with his servant when he discovered his beloved wife Sarah was infertile? Or to Jacob, who fathered children with four different women (two sisters and [Read More...]

Science, Idolatry, and Anthropomorphism

Here are two more quotes from Chet Raymo‘s book When God Is Gone, Everything Is Holy: “If science has given one great gift to the world – greater than the wonders of technology, greater than modern medicine, greater than flights to the moon and planets – it has given us permission not to know everything” [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Chet Raymo)

“All personal gods are idolatrous, especially any personal god we dignify with a capital G. The great service to humanity of science has been to sweep the anthropomorphic gods away or, at the very least, to show them for what they are, phantoms of the human brain. What we are given in their place is [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong: This One Goes Up To 11

Jim West has declared the quest finished. Albert Schweitzer has also chimed in: The study of the Life of NT Wrong has had a curious history. It set out in quest of the historical Wrong, believing that when it had found Him it could bring Him straight into our time as a Blogger and Bishop. [Read More...]

Agent Ellison’s Ethics

I am getting caught up on two weeks’ worth of episodes from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In episode 10 from this season, entitled “Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point“, the artificial intelligence known as “Babylon”, during a power outage, redirects all power to its systems in order to survive. As a result, [Read More...]

Kevin Padian Video: Investigating Evolution

Blog readers may be interested in the video featuring Kevin Padian: Investigating Evolution, from Grace Cathedral. The link will take you there. For some reason, when I try to embed it, I get a video about Wikipedia instead. So you can take your pick! [Read more...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 9 3/4

We’ve reached a turning point. On the one hand, there is the entry posted on my blog, claiming to be from my future self. Is it authentic? If so, am I telling the truth, or is this simply an indication that, in the future, I’ve joined the upper eschelons of the Guild of Biblical Minimalists [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 4,815,162,342

This post is being backdated from the future. By this time, in the year 2038, it has been proven impossible for individuals to travel through time, but transtemporal blogging has been shown viable. Using top secret research about which I can say no more lest I rewrite history more drastically than I already plan to, [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 8

Armed with this new information, I was determined to confront James Crossley at SBL in Boston. I finally tracked him down at the Sheffield reception. After I secretly poisoned his champagne and he was unaffected, he had to admit the truth. Yes, he is indeed descended from two of those resurrected saints of lore. Yes, [Read More...]

The Burial of Jesus: Now (Almost) Available Through Eisenbrauns

The book has been listed on Eisenbrauns. It doesn’t seem to be completely into the system, but it seems to be possible to order it. Try it and see! The Burial of Jesus:History and Faith by James F. McGrathBookSurge, 2008142 pages, EnglishPaperISBN: 9781439210178Your Price: $ [Read more...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 7

I admit, for a moment or two I suspected that Roland Boer might have created NT Wrong, Chris Tilling, and Tom Verenna merely with the aim of then proving none of them existed. But such an investigation, I soon realized, could only distract me from the important clue which has very recently been removed from [Read More...]

Somewhat Evangelical

That’s how I ranked in the quiz that Jim West directed us to. And that sounds about right. There seems to be an increase in willingness among at least some Evangelicals to be self-critical. And one good but challenging place to start, if you haven’t already, is by watching the video excerpt from God on [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 6

That NT Wrong might be a fictional creation occurred to many. That the same might be true of Chris Tilling will have come as a shock, but in fact a simple search on Yahoo! for “Chrisendom” turns up evidence that it has existed for hundreds of years. But where does the trail to the real [Read More...]