I saw Avatar (in 2D), and although I understand why it has been criticized for engaging in a romantic orientalist (or perhaps even racist) view of the encounter between “primitive” and technologically advanced, the detail with which the beautiful world of Pandora was created largely made up for it, in my mind. (A recent carnival [Read More...]

Of The Ranking Of Biblioblogs There Is No End

Joseph Kelly has decided to keep the tradition alive of ranking the top biblioblogs each month. [Read more...]

Biblioblog Battles

There’s a skirmish in the biblioblogosphere as Polycarp denies John Loftus the status of biblioblogger, and John retorts that such accusations are motivated by jealousy at his ranking. Others have already joined the fray. This should be interesting fun… Remind me again – what’s the official definition of a “biblioblogger” anyway? [Read more...]

Welcome Visitors From Ontario!

For some time now, I’ve noticed a regular stream of visits from Ontario, Canada, many of them from Carleton University. They usually come by searching on a Canadian search engine for my blog, and usually in an intense burst of visits. I’m not sure whether my blog is being mentioned in classes at the university, or if [Read More...]

The Fall of Hyperion

I finished reading The Fall of Hyperion today. I found its continuation of the theological explorations begun in Hyperion deeply satisfying. Although certain ‘mysteries’ revealed at the end of each book could be foreseen by attentive readers, I much prefer that to the Angels and Demons approach of writing a mystery and then contriving a reason [Read More...]

Opposing Fundamentalist Asantaists

Earlier today I read a witty bit of satire on the blog de-conversion, in a post entitled “Salvaging Santa.” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the approach to Santa depicted in that post – and the approach to faith it was intended to parody – is in fact one that [Read More...]

Following The Historical Jesus, Following The Real Jesus

Although many have found the historical Jesus a figure they could not follow in the way they had once been able to follow the “Christ of faith,” it struck me recently that in some ways following the historical Jesus – i.e. making Jesus as understood and accessible through historical study a central component of one’s [Read More...]

How Useful Is The Google Reader Sidebar?

I remember when I first encountered the Google Reader sidebar as a fabulous feature on Mark Goodacre’s blog, and soon copied it on my own. I also know that there are people who still enjoy the links they find there. But I’m curious how many readers find those links useful, and how many never (or [Read More...]

The Spy Who Loved Christmas: Merry Mischevious Musical Mashups

I have an appreciation for music of various sorts, and hate to do anything to spoil good music (I know someone who cannot enjoy several pieces of Rachmaninov because they were hijacked as pop songs). But I also enjoy musical satire (as my mentions of and links to Igudesman and Joo and Victor Borge indicate). And [Read More...]

The Blue Parakeet In Sunday School

Starting next Sunday, my Sunday school class will be reading Scot McKnight’s book The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible together. We’ll be reading chapter 1 for next time. For those who may be interested, I previously reviewed the book here on this blog. [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Undeception)

“I assure you as one who’s come through this process, letting go of inerrancy is an act of faith in the One who should be standing behind our beliefs, whom we have encountered in some meaningful way.” –Steve, ‘The place of fear in our bibliology’ at his blog Undeception I had a hard time choosing [Read More...]

The End Of Time

It wouldn’t be a typical Christmas for me without jumping in my TARDIS and spending an hour in the UK watching the Dr. Who Christmas special. (Surely you wouldn’t expect a time lord to wait until it is shown in the US, would you?) All I’ll say is that it is fantastic, with some footage [Read More...]

Was Jesus Rich?

A colleague forwarded me an article that appeared on CNN today, about Jesus being “rich.” Where to start? I think an interesting verse to look at is 2 Corinthians 8:9. The classic view is that the reference is to “spiritual riches”, to a pre-existent status given up in the incarnation. A number of scholars have [Read More...]

Wrapping Up Christmas

Having posted an assortment of Christmas video and music clips, let me offer three more, for a variety of tastes. The first is an exploration using LEGOs of what happens if you forget to get Darth Vader a Christmas present: The second is a classic Christmas song by a classic progressive rock performer, Greg Lake: [Read More...]