One of the new songs the musicians and singers at my church have begun working on recently is Chris Tomlin’s “Indescribable“. I’ve liked the song ever since I first heard it on the radio, although I’ve sometimes joked that it might have been more appropriate if the lyrics had been just the word “indescribable” and [Read More...]

A Canadian Perspective on the Conservative Bible Project

An article has appeared in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail about the “Conservative Bible Project”, the subject of much discussion in recent weeks. It includes a couple of quotations from me (Shawna Richter, the article’s author, interviewed me about the topic; as it happens, it was from her that I learned of Stephen [Read More...]

Am I Wrong To Assume The Bible Is Interesting?

I still find it challenging to teach about the Bible in a context in which students who sign up for the classes have varying degrees of interest and prior knowledge, and extremely different assumptions about the Bible and likewise expectations from the class. One can’t assume either skepticism or faith, that students will assume the [Read More...]

James vs. the Cinema Show Solo

I’ve been working on learning the keyboard solo from the Genesis Song Cinema Show. It is a fun solo to play, and I think it is coming along, although there are still some serious rough patches. Nevertheless I thought I’d share how it sounds so far with you. Maybe it’s because other bloggers I know [Read More...]

Jim Wallis Conference Call With Indiana Clergy

Being located in Indiana, I want to share this with clergy here in Indiana who might be interested in participating: Sojourners and Jim Wallis are hosting a call with faith leaders and clergy in Indiana to discuss the health-care debate next week — sign up today to join us. The toll-free call will take place [Read More...]

Light Of The World

My posting of a song by the Alan Parsons Project got a positive response, and so I thought I’d share another song of theirs that I particularly like, from the same album (Stereotomy). The song is called “Light of the World”. I’ll provide lyrics after the clip below. “Light of the World” by The Alan [Read More...]

Colbert on Conservapedia’s Conservative Bible Project

Stephen Colbert gave a “Tip Of The Hat” to Conservapedia’s plan to rewrite the Bible eliminating “liberal media bias” from its pages. He calls on his viewers to make him a Biblical character. Hilarious stuff! The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Tip/Wag – Conservapedia, Louvre & Honda Unicycle Colbert Report Full [Read More...]

Ezekiel Bread: Who Eats This Crap?

I apologize for the pun in the title, but today I’m teaching on Ezekiel, and had seen mentions before of “Ezekiel bread” and decided to look into it further. There really is such a thing, although the version featured in the picture is, I am guessing, a spoof. But of course, if I see it [Read More...]

Deuteronomistic Music and Pre-Deuteronomic Doodles

As we seem to have a theme going related to all things Deuteronom(ist)ic, I thought I’d challenge other interested bloggers to come up with a Deuteronomy theme song. I have just the piece of music for you to modify, since “Stereotomy” rhymes with “Deuteronomy”: Also of relevance is Steve Wiggins’ post on a famous doodle [Read More...]

In Abraham’s Shoes Without A Bible

I’ve been reading some student assignments that discussed the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22, and am struck by how many are ready to say that Abraham did the right thing in being willing to kill his son. They say this, presumably, because the story is in the Bible, and so Abraham must [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Fifteen

Proposition Fifteen of Walton’s The Lost World of Genesis One asserts that the current debates about Intelligent Design and fundamentally about purpose. Walton points out early on that there is no necessary contradiction between something being viewed as an “act of God” and yet also being subject to scientific investigation, since “Everything that exists and [Read More...]

Talking About Blogging in Tenure and Application Documents

A blog entry was drawn to my attention yesterday, entitled “Talking About Blogging in Tenure and Application Documents“. It is by Nels P. Highberg on the blog ProfHacker. Since there are many academic bloggers who are likely to read this, I thought I’d share it. There is on the whole a lot of interesting stuff [Read More...]


Boulders 2 Bits, in response to my previous post about the term “Deuteronomistic”, has posted what I can only conclude is the definitive, comprehensive list of terms related to, based on, or puns of Deuteronomy. Take a look. It’s not simply fantastic, not simply hilarious, it is truly deuteronomaniacal! [Read more...]


I tried, I really did, to go along with the scholarly preference for referring to the work that runs from Joshua through 2 Kings, the Former Prophets as it is designated in the Jewish canon, as the “Deuteronomistic History“. But I’ve decided to go with “Deuteronomic History” not only because “Deuteronomistic History” is cumbersome (and [Read More...]