Butler Children’s Orchestra

Rite at Stonehenge (composed by Elliot Del Borgo) Kabuki Dance (composed by Richard Meyer) Classical Bash Allegro (composed by Shinichi Suzuki) [Read more...]

Around the Blogosphere

Doug Chaplin highlights a news article about a study which shows that fundamentalists don’t know the Bible better than others, and that reading the Bible more doesn’t lead one to vote for a particular party. Is anyone surprised…apart from fundamentalists?Liberal Pastor discusses what it means to be a Progressive Christian. I hope Mystical Seeker and [Read More...]

Don’t Click, Just Wait For The Check

Don’t fall for the following hoax/scam/phishing attempt. The IRS will send you your check, you don’t need to click on the link in this e-mail if you received it. The link goes to Clearly that isn’t the IRS web site. Be patient. Your check will come. If you fall for this hoax, however, you [Read More...]

LOST Appendix

This past week’s episode of LOST may not have had as startlingly obvious revelations as the episode immediately before it, but what it did reveal, and the hints that were subtly placed, are worth noting. Someone has said rather woefully that this might be the happiest we’ll ever see Kate and Jack. Presumably we witnessed [Read More...]

Challenge to Anti-Intellectual Christian Fundamentalists

Here’s a challenge to those Christians who denigrate scholarship as causing confusion and inappropriately asking questions and raising issues. Just read the Bible for yourself, without the aid of scholarship. Sounds simple, right? Sounds like just what you wanted to do? Not so fast… If you are going to do what I’ve challenged you to, [Read More...]

PC Advisor Features My Solution

The UK Magazine PC Advisor has featured a solution I came up with to Vista’s infamous problem of a black screen after login. Although I like to think this blog is mainly about religion, theology, Biblical studies, evolution, creationism, LOST and Battlestar Galactica, on most days the vast majority of visitors come looking for solution [Read More...]

The Gospel According to Gaius

This is the message Gaius Baltar proclaimed to adoring followers at the end of last week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica: God loves only that which is perfect, and thus “you are perfect, just as you are”. There would seem to be at least some truth in what Gaius proclaimed. If we cannot come face to [Read More...]

Everyone Can Be The Next Of Kin

If you are reading this, and are not a regular reader, you’ve presumably come here hoping that you may in fact be the next in line to a fortune. You aren’t. Lots of people get the same e-mail, which is an attempt to scam you out of personal information and eventually money. Think about it, [Read More...]

LOST Theories

The producers of LOST recently commented on theories submitted by fans. Below are the ones that got an “A”. The last is particularly on the right track, apparently, in unspecified ways. Click the link above for the rest of the theories, the whole article, and more! [Also see here for a discussion of the hieroglyphics [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

N.T.Wrong tells how you can write about the evils of fundamentalism and win $5,000.Faith and Theology discusses the doctrine of Scripture and the case of Peter EnnsScience Avenger explains the difference between secular and atheistic.Playing Chess With Pigeons discusses the famous embryo drawings by Haeckel and the misunderstanding of them in creationist circles.John Pieret addresses [Read More...]

Praying Parents Praiseworthy?

I’ve gotten involved in a conversation with Nick Norelli about the couple who prayed for their child but did not seek medical assistance, with the result that the child died. Somehow we need to sort this issue out from a legal perspective. Parental negligence cannot be left open to justification by appeal to religion. From [Read More...]

“The Bible Is Not To Be Questioned”

The blog Think Christian asks whether it is appropriate for a Bible teacher to question the Bible. A parent, angry about the appearance made by Kent Dobson in a documentary that raised questions but did not answer them, objected that “The Bible is never to be questioned!” My own feeling is that this slogan is [Read More...]

Steaming Mad

Here’s another phishing attempt that made it through my spam filter. I have no idea what “Steam” is, but I hope those who do know don’t fall for this hoax and part with their personal information. The link doesn’t take you where it claims to, and the e-mail address likewise shows that the e-mail isn’t [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Indiana made the front page of the New York Times today. It is a good day in the world when a Midwest state’s voter ID law makes the front page, I presume. That requiring people to show that they are who they say they are, when it doesn’t cost them anything, should have to go [Read More...]