LOST Mothers of the Chosen

My viewing of season 1 of LOST continues. The episode “Not Raised By Another” shows again just how much of later developments were indeed in mind early on. We’ve already been told that the finding of “Adam and Eve” in the caves was an important clue intended to ensure that, whatever twists and turns might [Read More...]

The One

The One is the invisible Spirit. We should not think of it as a god or like a god. For it is greater than a god, because it has nothing over it and no lord above it. It does not exist within anything inferior to it, since everything exists within it, for it established itself… [Read More...]

LOST and Solitary

I have now got up to watching some episodes from season one of LOST that I had never seen until now. “Solitary” is familiar from flashbacks later on, but it was still interesting to watch it for the first time, and see how they set up viewers with ambiguities and false trails (as, for example, [Read More...]

The Beatitudes Bloopers Reel

“Action,” said the director. “Blessed are the rich, for they have been blessed by God,” Jesus spoke to the camera. “Blessed are the poor, for through their donations in the hope of miracles, rich preachers can travel conveniently in their own jet plane. Blessed are those who suffer not, for they are clearly blessed by [Read More...]

The God Samaritan

Here’s a parable from unorthodoxology: The old Baptist preacher had been around long enough to know a fraud when he saw one. And he had grown tired of listening to this one regaling audiences in the shade of a pecan grove with fanciful tales of God that lacked any proper exegesis and rational hermeneutical lens. [Read More...]

Ron Moore Lectures on Religion in Battlestar Galactica

Ron Moore lecturing on religion in Battlestar Galactica. Need I say more? HT Galactica Sitrep [Read more...]

Mandaic Dictionary Preview

There is a free preview on Google books of the Mandaic dictionary by Majid Fandi Al-Mubaraki et. al. It is extremely limited compared to the out-of-print Drower and Macuch Mandaic dictionary, but at least there are other ways of getting access to this one than inter-library loan! I must say that am extremely grateful to [Read More...]

A True Story vs. The Whole Story

It is well known that the best lies are true ones. That’s why fundamentalists, like the Devil in the temptation story in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, pepper their claims liberally (if you’ll excuse the pun) with Bible verses. A great example of this is the e-mail currently circulating about how Barack Obama removed [Read More...]

How Gods Are Made

Who speaks of god and conceptualizes an idol, which can profit him nothing? He and his kind will be put to shame; eloquent speakers are nothing but men. Let them all come together and take their stand; they will be brought down to terror and infamy. The preacher takes a texts and works it into [Read More...]

Hidden Agenda?

At a business meeting at church recently, the agenda for the meeting was distributed, together with other papers and documents. I put mine out of sight under a table, and quipped “Now it’s a hidden agenda”. OK, so it wasn’t funny. But a commenter on the _awakening blog, where my post about fundamentalism being fundamentally [Read More...]

When Christians Disagree

Tomorrow the Sunday School class I teach at Crooked Creek Baptist Church will finish working through the Gospel of John. A week from then we’ll begin a new series for which the title is “When Christians Disagree: Dealing with and delighting in our differences”. I posted a draft of the idea a while back here [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Benjamin Franklin)

“I think vital Religion has always suffer’d, when Orthodoxy is more regarded than Virtue. And the Scripture assures me, that at the last Day, we shall not be examin’d what we thought, but what we did; and our Recommendation will not be that we said Lord, Lord, but that we did Good to our Fellow [Read More...]

LOST Tabula Rasa

I’ve begun watching LOST Season 1 on DVD. There are actually episodes I have never seen, since I started watching LOST somewhat late, and so while I’ve caught up on all episodes from season 2 onward, there are a few in season 1 I will finally watch for the first time. The first episode after [Read More...]

THX 1138: You Can’t Survive Outside The City

I just recently watched THX 1138 for the first time, the movie George Lucas wrote and directed before he made Star Wars. Like all good science fiction, it is thought provoking, especially once one gets to the ending. If you’ve never seen it and plan to, consider this a spoiler warning. Go watch it. This [Read More...]