Global Who’s Who

It is nice to receive an e-mail that actually uses my name from a “Who’s Who” organization for a change (although still not as nice as not receiving any e-mail from such an organization at all). At least they are learning that if you want to persuade someone that they are being singled out for [Read More...]

Sci-Fi and Other Connections

Although there has always been a fan base that has discussed science fiction worlds in detail, exploring the mythology, drawing connections between episodes/movies, and complaining about continuity errors, the present day provides far more opportunity to do that, with blogs, discussion boards, and countless other forums for interaction. IO9 has some speculations about connections between the [Read More...]

The End Of Time, Part Two

Even before I saw the second half of this episode, I loved the irony of the title. It provides a great illustration of one of the difficulties in telling time-travel stories, and an even greater difficulty of making sense of an allegedly timeless deity encountered in and through history and/or stories. How can the “end [Read More...]

A Closer Look At The LOST Supper

The DocArtz blog has a clearer picture of the LOST “Last Supper” image, as well as a careful discussion of its details and comparison both with Da Vinci’s most famous one as well as more recent imitations. [Read more...]

Gods, Gospels, and Gotta Think of a Third “G”

Let’s start with Faithful Progressive’s post explaining that the personal God rejected by the “new atheists” isn’t the God he believes in. On a related topic, Martin LeBar has a post about Alister McGrath’s response to Richard Dawkins. Roland Boer thinks that John Loftus is still a theologian. John Loftus shared a thought experiment about [Read More...]

A Day In The Sidebar

It seems I've spent the day 'in the sidebar' today – writing comments and reading what others have written in comments here or on their own blogs. So let me encourage readers to check the Google Reader sidebar or the recent comments sidebar. I and others have written a lot of interesting things today – [Read More...]

#1 Biblioblogger Spot Now Open?

I tried to find a humorous headline for what is in fact a sad (or at least bittersweet) bit of breaking news. Apparently Jim West has decided to stop blogging. This has occurred before, if I’m not mistaken, and I suspect that if John Loftus gets too close to the number one slot, Jim may [Read More...]

Atheists and Pantheists and Panentheists – Oh My!

John Hobbins asks if I’m a pantheist. Well, am I? If I am, then so have been many mystics in the Abrahamic faiths, who have affirmed that there isn’t really any other reality than God or other place to be than within God. I prefer the term panentheism but it is admittedly a fine line. [Read More...]

Happy New Year!

[Read more...]

We’re All #1 Meme

To end the old year/begin the new year right, I thought I’d provide a fun antidote (or at least supplement) to the atheist/Christian biblioblog rankings kerfuffle. Different systems assess different things and rank differently, which could potentially lead to arguments over who is really ranked this way or that. On the other hand, we’re all good at something. [Read More...]

Total Eclipse of the Literalists

I’m not sure if this video is a useful illustration of the dangers of literalism. But it offers lyrics that literally describe what’s going on in the video for “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and I think you’ll find it funny: HT 3quarksdaily [Read more...]

The LOST Supper

Fans of Battlestar Galactica will remember the Last Supper photo taken in connection with that show. Now LOST has joined in what may well become a sci-fi tradition: [Read more...]

The War On New Year

Since the war on new year shows no sign of abating, I have decided to repost a blog entry of mine from this time last year which addresses the subject: Apparently the forces of darkness are mounting an attack, this time on the Christian holiday of New Year’s Day, which commemorates and worshipfully celebrates the [Read More...]


I saw Avatar (in 2D), and although I understand why it has been criticized for engaging in a romantic orientalist (or perhaps even racist) view of the encounter between “primitive” and technologically advanced, the detail with which the beautiful world of Pandora was created largely made up for it, in my mind. (A recent carnival [Read More...]