Jim West’s Best Blog Posts Of 2009

Click here for a list of Jim West’s best blog posts of the year! [Read more...]

LOST University

I have got to find a way of integrating this into my class next semester. Alas, I don’t have Blu-Ray capacity (at least, not yet)… [Read more...]

Kent Hovind’s “Doctoral Dissertation”

The scare quotes in the title are necessary. This could be a hoax, of course, but a document that purports to be Kent Hovind’s “doctoral dissertation” is making the rounds. I couldn’t get the links at WikiLeaks to work, but this site has it. A Simple Prop has a photo of the “university” from which [Read More...]

Jesus from Nazareth

Most readers will already be aware of the NT Pod podcast on the question of Jesus’ birthplace by Mark Goodacre, and the response from Clayboy. I thought I’d chip in with my $.02 worth. For me, the fact that Jesus was known as “Jesus of Nazareth” (such designations indicated one’s place of birth, as the [Read More...]

Belief and Beliefs around the Blogosphere

One of the interesting-looking books I picked up at SBL this year was Paul Was Not a Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle by Pamela Eisenbaum. I have not read it yet, but Religion Dispatches has an article by her that gives some indication of the points made in the book. Henry Neufeld [Read More...]

Skynet Apologist

I watched Terminator Salvation this evening, and despite what might be considered a corny ending with a confusion of the metaphorical and the literal, it had enough that was good to make it enjoyable overall. The commercials for the movie annoyingly gave away that one of the characters was a human-machine hybrid of sorts, but [Read More...]

Johannine Literature: Essential for Salvation?

Parchment and Pen has done it again – this time it offers a list of “essentials for salvation” followed by lists of other types of essentials and then non-essentials. What is most striking is that the essentials are a list of doctrinal beliefs. According to the New Testament, Jesus himself taught that the two greatest [Read More...]

Wrong, Wrong

With a new regeneration of NT Wrong in the blogosphere, it is time to give him or her a proper blogger’s welcome. And we all know how that is done, don’t we? By pointing out that, as the saying goes, Wrong is wrong. It is of course true that we project our own ideals, beliefs, [Read More...]

Bibles Under Discussion

It seems that the op-ed piece I wrote about the Conservative Bible Project is currently the most viewed opinion piece on Yahoo! It is getting quite a bit of discussion there, as well as on the CS Monitor page on Facebook. And I was worried that the Conservative Bible Project was already getting to be [Read More...]

Liberalism’s Caped Crusaders?

Although I don’t recognize myself at all in John Hobbins’ depiction of “liberals” in the field of Biblical studies, I still thought I ought to share this photo of me and Ken Schenck from SBL this year. Perhaps others will see a resemblance that I have failed to… [Read more...]

The Syriac Interlinear Project

The Syriac Interlinear Project Call for Participation The Syriac Interlinear Project aims at producing a multi-tier interlinear edition of the Syriac Bible. The project is done with cooperation between Logos Software and Gorgias Press. The text of the New Testament is based on the British and Foreign Bible Society Edition, while the text of the [Read More...]


The faculty reading group I’ve organized has gotten a mention on the college’s web site. Thank you once again to all those who offered suggestions for books to read. We’ll meet to discuss the first of our books next week. In other news, The Only True God has been reviewed in ALA’s Choice Vol.47 No.4, [Read More...]

More on Conservatives, Liberals, and Scholarship

Entering into the discussion of conservatives and Biblical scholarship, Ken Schenck offered a detailed reflection. His most powerful point was about conservative publications as “innoculation” against other views. One doesn’t have to actually successfully make the case for this or that conservative viewpoint – it is often considered to be enough merely that there is [Read More...]

I Once Was LOST

(HT Doc Artz) [Read more...]