Inerrancy: A Live Issue

Whatever one may say about the long-term prospects of inerrancy, it is clearly a live issue in the blogosphere. Here are a few of the posts that have resulted from, responded to or interacted with my recent post on the subject: Finitum Non Capax FinitiAncient Hebrew Poetry (whose post got a response from, among others, [Read More...]

Obama on the Bible: Protecting Isaac from Abraham

As president Obama, himself a Christian, continues to make decisions about stem cells and other matters that most Republican Christians disagree with him on, it is worth seeing again this speech about the Bible and American society given by Obama (HT The Rev’s Rumbles). I can’t think of a better example of why “the Bible [Read More...]

The Last Gasp of Inerrancy

In a recent book, G. K. Beale speaks of The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism. His choice of metaphor is evocative: he believes that inerrancy is like the solid land upon which the house of Evangelicalism is built. It is in danger of being eroded by outside forces, harmful elements. I’d like to suggest that [Read More...]


At Butler’s Christmas party last year I won two tickets to Stomp, and so I took my son to see yesterday’s performance. We both really enjoyed it – about an hour an a half of music, entirely percussion, and without the use of a single object that could officially be labeled an “instrument”. [Read more...]

Change Your Clocks

Don’t forget to change your clocks if you live in a place that observes Daylight Savings Time. It’s so much easier nowadays than it once was… [Read more...]

The End Is Rear

Someone found their way to my blog after searching for the phrase “proctology and eschatology”. Apparently some people really are fascinated by everything to do with the end. I’m guessing it was a typo and the person was actually looking for information on protology and eschatology. Still, that’s quite a typo! What amazes me most [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

“The religion that is afraid of science dishonors God and commits suicide. “ -–Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journal entry for March 4, 1831 [Read more...]

Crazy Blessed Assurance Train

Is it just me, or can you totally fit the words to the hymn “Blessed Assurance” to the music of “Crazy Train”? On a not unrelated note, last weekend we got to hear a wonderful performance by Rachel Barton Pine, who, in addition to being a phenomenal classical violinist, also plays crossover renditions of heavy [Read More...]

LOST LaFleur

I won’t say too much about last night’s episode of LOST, except that using time travel to put some of the main characters in the time of the Dharma Initiative is a brilliant move. Either it allows the writers to tell a back-story that is necessary in order to resolve mysteries from earlier seasons without [Read More...]

Sinful Nature and the Changeling

The reading for this past week’s Sunday school class was Romans 5, to provide an opportunity to bring our last two topics (Jesus’ life and work, and evolution) together. We didn’t actually discuss the evolutionary aspects to any great extent, but we did focus on the question of what is meant by the “sinful nature” [Read More...]

Partial Knowlege, Totally Dangerous

We human beings have a tendency to take what little information we have and extrapolate from it into a worldview that guides our lives and our decisions. Perhaps that is inevitable. What makes it particularly pernicious, however, is our tendency not only to make generalizations based on our limited knowledge, but to then affirm with [Read More...]

LOST Magick

Through a round-about sort of way, I’ve happened across some interesting points of intersection between the TV show LOST and the writings of Aleister Crowley. Among Crowley’s writings are The Book of the Law (a book with a similar title featured in an episode of LOST) and an account of “The Lost Continent of Atlantis” [Read More...]

1 Martie

For those who have a special Romanian woman in their lives, don’t forget to get her a martisor, as tomorrow is March 1st. And flowers. Just a friendly reminder! [Read more...]

Of Probabilities, Talpiot Tombs and Jesus Ossuaries

Most people are aware of the discovery of the tomb in the Talpiot suburb of Jerusalem containing an ossuary apparently inscribed with the name Jesus son of Joseph, which was the focus of a documentary not that long ago. Scholars and other well-informed individuals know that the tomb in question was in fact excavated in [Read More...]