Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Ten

The tenth proposition is perhaps the crux of Walton’s argument and the most crucial for those who take a high view of Scripture. He argues that Genesis 1 does not merely focus on function rather than material creation, but it is not about material origins as well. His argument includes not only pointing out the [Read More...]

Facebooking for the Tenure Track

There’s an interesting piece up at the Chronicle for Higher Education with this title. Those who engage in Facebooking, blogging, and various other sorts of public online activities will probably find it useful. [Read more...]

ARAM Conference on Astrology in the Near East

I just received a notification about a future ARAM conference that may be of interest to some scholars who read this blog: Dear Colleague, ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies is organizing its Twenty Ninth International Conference on the theme of Astrology in the Near East, with a special focus on the use of the Zodiac [Read More...]

Not to be confused with any other epic

Just for clarification, the epic I posted recently on my blog should not be confused with any other epic with a similar-sounding title. It is not the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is the story of what happened to two men after they found that it was illegal for them to get married in the state [Read More...]

Scriptural Evolution

There are two recent posts that appeared on blogs I read within the past few hours, and it seemed more interesting to set them side by side under a single heading than to mention each in a separate post. First, Stephen Carlson blogs about the ending (or lack thereof) in Mark’s Gospel. On the whole [Read More...]

Webcast Announced: The World Before Darwin

The National Center for Science Education sent this announcement: Hear the distinguished historian of science Everett Mendelsohn describe “The World Before Darwin” on-line! From 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. (Eastern) on September 16, 2009, Mendelsohn will deliver the inaugural lecture of the 150th anniversary Origin of Species lecture series, hosted by The Reading Odyssey and the [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Nine

Having argued for his previous points about the temple and the cosmos, Walton’s “Proposition 9″ is that the seven days in Genesis relate to the inauguration of the cosmic temple. It has long been hypothesized that the ancient Israelites may have had a New Year’s festival akin to other peoples in the ancient Near East, [Read More...]

The Epic of Gilgawest: A Myth of Biblioblog Origins

In the beginning, there was Jim Davila. And the blogosphere was formless and void, and NT Wrong was fishing [NOTE: some manuscripts provide a different spelling here] in the darkness. And while Jim was still contemplating what to call that which he was about to inaugurate, Mark Goodacre said “Let there be blogging”. And there [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World Of Genesis One, Part Eight

Having established that ancient readers would have associated divine rest with a temple as the locus of that rest, Walton now moves on to the theme of the cosmos as divine temple. Readers of the New Testament and other ancient Jewish literature may already have a significant background against which to appreciate this point. In [Read More...]

Wine To Water

James Tabor drew my attention to another endeavor to help provide people with clean water. This one is focused on Cambodia, and is called Wine To Water. It focuses on providing wells, but ones made by locals using local materials so that it can be fixed when it inevitably breaks. Embedded video from CNN Video [Read more...]

Water Is Life

I recently had drawn to my attention the work of a charity called “Water Is Life”, which is working to address issues of illness caused by lack of clean water through the development and distribution of a filter straw through which one can drink safely. It seems to me a clever and helpful way of [Read More...]

Discovering Alex Jones: The Failure of the New World Order and the Problems with Americacentric Biblical Interpretation

I am incredibly proud of my wife for having dealt with a telephone call from a concerned cousin with a great deal of patience while offering wise yet direct answers (as well as questions). The phone call related to the end of the world and the “information” that the cousin in question had been getting [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Seven

Continuing blogging through The Lost World of Genesis One, Walton’s “Propoosition 7″ takes us to the heart of his understanding of the Genesis account of creation in seven days. Walton begins by comparing how he believes ancient readers would have understood Genesis 1 with typical modern understandings, and writes “The difference is the piece of [Read More...]


I was going to call this post #11 in the “If You Get The Flu” series, and recommend inventing a holiday. My pastor has declared 09/09/09 “Exaggeration Wednesday”, even though he’s been told a million times not to do that sort of thing. The best explanation I’ve heard of the day’s significance, however, is that [Read More...]