The Development of Christology

Mike Kok has elaborated some thoughts (which began in a comment over here on Exploring Our Matrix a couple of months ago) about the development of Christology. He offers a threefold categorization of scholarly views. Do take a look and join in the conversation – and if you can figure out which category I best fit into, [Read More...]

Reconstructing Tenth-Century Hebrew Morality

While Christianity Today does a good job of reporting on the Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon, Fox news offers viewers no understanding of the nature of the find, the uncertainty about how the fragmentary text should be translated, or anything else that might be called accurate, nuanced reporting: Having said that, I’d be delighted if viewers [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Marilynne Robinson)

“Myth is never plausible narrative. It asks for another kind of assent. To anyone for whom it does not strike an important equipose, it seems absurd. The myth of the Fall makes it possible to think of humankind and the world as at the same time intrinsically good and intrinsically evil. Those to whom this [Read More...]

Two Naked Powers in the Bible

The title of this post is a misleading mash-up – what I want to draw attention to is a video posted at The Naked Bible which suggests that the idea of “two powers” or “two Yahwehs” can be traced back to within Scripture itself. Not everyone will relate to the speaker’s starting point (which relates [Read More...]

The Next Biblical Studies Carnival

The next Biblical Studies Carnival will be at Abnormal Interests, and should thus be abnormally interesting. Star submitting your posts soon! [Read more...]

Brand New Sci-Fi Religions

There’s an article that just appeared over at IO9 about the religions invented for various science fiction stories. [Read more...]

Taking LOST Addiction to New Heights

Buddy TV has an article on how to tell if you are addicted to LOST. DocArtz shared Sky1′s LOST Initiative. And The Onion news reports that the final season promises to make LOST fans even more annoying than ever before:′Lost’%20Promises%20To%20Make%20Fans%20More%20Annoying%20Than%20EverFinal Season Of ‘Lost’ Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever Lost Initiative [Read More...]

Visiting Israel

One of the things I’m already looking forward to doing with the professional development funds connected with the endowed chair to which I’ve been appointed is travelling to some places I’ve long meant to visit, in particular places connected with the New Testament. Turkey is already on the radar, but even higher up on the [Read More...]

Someone’s In Trouble

A lot of the same keywords tend to bring visitors to my blog. But I saw one today that I hadn’t seen before: “how to makeup for missed anniversary” Boy, that guy’s in trouble – and I’m pretty sure makeup won’t make up for having missed it… [Read more...]

While We’re On The Subject

Art Boulet has reprinted Peter Enns’ review of Greg Beale’s book on inerrancy. (I also reviewed it here a while back). [Read more...]

Letter from Satan to Pat Robertson

I think this letter (supposed to be from Satan addressed to Pat Robertson; the actual author is Lily Coyle of Minneapolis) is worth sharing: Dear Pat Robertson, I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks [Read More...]

Dollhouse at the End of the World

It has been clear for the last few episodes why Caroline/Echo was so important, and it is nice to see that her specialness, and the notion that the use to which the technology was being put in the Dollhouse wasn’t the real purpose for which it was being developed, are now being brought to the fore. [Read More...]

A Better Metaphor and Theme Song

Instead of the slippery slope metaphor which is problematic in so many ways (see my previous post), how about instead we talk about our investigation of possibilities, with an openness to being educated and changing our mind, as a “dance on a volcano”? There’s even a perfect theme song: [Read more...]

There Is No Slippery Slope

There is no slippery slope. One of the most common arguments used by “fundamentalists” (or whatever one may wish to call those who claim to accept the Bible as inerrant and that it is all to be accepted and believed) is that rejecting their view of the Bible puts one on a “slippery slope” down [Read More...]