Will The Only True God Break Joel’s Blog?

Joel Watts has been giving away free books to commenters, encouraging people to “break his blog” by leaving lots of comments, each constituting an entry to win. The current contest (the third) gives you a chance to win a copy of The Only True God! [Read more...]

LOST: Guyliner and Smoke Monster in Sexy Telenovela

The latest LOST Untangled And the latest LOST Slapdown Both offering humorous takes on the latest episode, Ab Aeterno. [Read more...]

The Best and Worst of Religion and Sci-Fi Today

Let’s get the worst out of the way first. Scott Bailey found this video: I don’t know what to say about it except that it is clearly at the intersection of religion and sci-fi, and nothing has ever made me want to run screaming from that intersection they way this video did. But there is [Read More...]

Finding God in LOST Pits Me Against James Cameron

Butler University has been making basketball headlines, but it also issued a press release on “Finding God In Lost.” That press release got picked up and used in an article that pits me against James Cameron! Apparently it isn’t only expertise in archaeology that allows you to take on James Cameron - blogging about LOST can serve [Read More...]

Butler Bulldogs in the Final Four!

Butler University’s basketball team has been going strong, and today they won against Kansas State and secured their place in the Final Four. Well done, Bulldogs! Download your own tournament poster here.For more information visit Butler’s athletics home page. [Read more...]

Return to a Chastened Modernism

I know I already shared a “quote of the day” but these words from Ken Schenck seemed worth passing along: “Postmodernism as it has trickled down to the common person has been used to legitimize tribalism of all sorts, and only a return to a chastened modernism and sense of objectivity will give us an [Read More...]

Books for St. John’s University in Tanzania

A very good friend of mine recently moved to Tanzania to teach at St. John’s University. Their library has a real need for books, and he has created a wish list on Amazon.co.uk with books the university’s library needs. I thought I would share it, in case there are blog readers interested in supporting theological [Read More...]

Proof I Am A Nerd?

I believe that Robin Parry has provided clarity on this important matter. Based on his diagram, I believe I have managed to achieve a reasonably well-balanced nerddom….but maybe that is just me trying to persuade myself that I’m not a dork? [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Steve Wiggins)

“Bible believers do not believe in the Bible. They accept the message they wish to hear, that God loves those who are rewarded with wealth, but the message of Amos they have little time for. They miss the part where the prophet calls them cows of Bashan that are fat for sacrifice. Yet when they [Read More...]

Church Humor in Cartoons and Signs

There were a few gems shared recently on blogs I sometimes read. re vis.e re form shared this: And Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet shared one of many of the UK’s most famous Wayside Pulpit signs. I’ve made this attempt at humor myself, without remembering when and where I first came across it…  and [Read More...]

In The Mail

A copy of the latest book by James D. G. Dunn, Did The First Christians Worship Jesus?, arrived in the mail today. I ordered it from the UK. I’m eagely looking forward to reading it – and not only because the index indicates there’s substantial interaction with The Only True God. [Read more...]

Jesus and History around the Web

Several articles and blog posts have popped up in the past day or so about Jesus and history. These two links seemed particularly worth sharing… Biblical Archaeology Review is offering a number of articles by a variety of scholars and authors, under the heading 24 Hours That Changed The World. Brian Bethune writes an article for Macleans about what historians can and [Read More...]

Robot Rights and Responsibilities

It is interesting that, on a day that my Religion and Sci-Fi class was talking about robot rights, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster posted photos from a protest demanding equal rights for gay robots: With rights come responsibilities, and so here is a link to a blog post from 2007, about the first [Read More...]

La Bergamote

I had a wonderful time in New York City. In addition to enjoying having the opportunity to teach on Acts as well as compare Lukan and Johannine Christologies, and to meet with GTS students and faculty, it was nice simply to be back in New York. Yesterday morning I had breakfast at a wonderful little [Read More...]