Letter from Satan to Pat Robertson

I think this letter (supposed to be from Satan addressed to Pat Robertson; the actual author is Lily Coyle of Minneapolis) is worth sharing: Dear Pat Robertson, I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks [Read More...]

Dollhouse at the End of the World

It has been clear for the last few episodes why Caroline/Echo was so important, and it is nice to see that her specialness, and the notion that the use to which the technology was being put in the Dollhouse wasn’t the real purpose for which it was being developed, are now being brought to the fore. [Read More...]

A Better Metaphor and Theme Song

Instead of the slippery slope metaphor which is problematic in so many ways (see my previous post), how about instead we talk about our investigation of possibilities, with an openness to being educated and changing our mind, as a “dance on a volcano”? There’s even a perfect theme song: [Read more...]

There Is No Slippery Slope

There is no slippery slope. One of the most common arguments used by “fundamentalists” (or whatever one may wish to call those who claim to accept the Bible as inerrant and that it is all to be accepted and believed) is that rejecting their view of the Bible puts one on a “slippery slope” down [Read More...]

He’s Back!

If you have missed Daniel Kirk’s blog Sibboleth, you’ll rejoice at this good news: he’s returned to blogging! http://storiedtheology.com/ http://jrdkirk.com/ Welcome back to the biblioblogosphere, Daniel! [Read more...]

Jedi Cat

Today in my Religion and Science Fiction class I got students to make tests posts on the course blog. I hope that, in addition to serious substantive posts related to the course and useful links, we’ll also post relevant science fiction humor. I’m going to hold off for a while, since not everyone in the [Read More...]

SBL World of the Bible Survey

Let me join the many other SBL members who have shared this on their blogs. The Society of Biblical Literature would like as many people as possible to complete a very brief survey related to their World of the Bible website project. Here is the information about the project which was sent out: The SBL [Read More...]

The Next Big Thing: 1D Movies

Although potentially open to criticism by geometrical literalists, this video will be considered entertaining by most others (HT Experimental Theology): If after watching you still think you prefer 3D, Phil Plait shared that there is a Hubble movie that will be released in IMAX 3D. In my Religion and Science Fiction class, I thought about [Read More...]

From Herod To Haiti

Yesterday I joined a chorus of voices pointing out that there are Biblical texts at odds with the spirit of Pat Robertson’s blaming of the earthquake in Haiti on things the Haitians presumably had done to deserve divine retribution. My point was not to say “Pat Robertson’s view isn’t the Biblical one, this one is [Read More...]

Brit Hume Causes Controversy With Suggestion That Pat Robertson Should Convert To Christianity

I thought this bit of faux news from The Piety That Lies Between simply had to be shared with a wider audience. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Who is the Wisest? Jesus, Solomon or Pat Robertson? (Biblioblogging and the Haitian Earthquake)

Pat Robertson seems to think he is wiser than Jesus. While Jesus is depicted in both the Synoptics and John as questioning a simplistic link between “worst suffering” and “worst sinners,” Robertson claims for himself the authority to interpret plate tectonics and thus seems to claim a wisdom and insight (and perhaps even an authority) [Read More...]

Archaeological Find of the Century: Letter Written By King David

+Wrong is back, reporting an important archaeological discovery, perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of all time: a letter David wrote to his mother soon after killing the giant Goliath. Those with trouble identifying satire may wish to refrain from clicking on the link. Everyone else definitely should and will enjoy the post! [Read more...]

Star Wars A Cappella

There’s clearly going to be a lot of geeky humor this semester within and around my religion and science fiction class – and I’m not going to be responsible for all of it. For instance, I had the following video pointed out to me today: it is lyrics about Star Wars sung a cappella to [Read More...]

Knowledge Resources Online

Both Nijay Gupta and Roger Pearse pointed to a list of the Loeb Classical Library volumes which are available online for free. Doug Mangum gives an update on the Khirbet Qeiyafa ostracon inscription. Biology in Science Fiction joins in the discussion about religion and sci-fi. Richard Dawkins answers the common creationist question (which shows a [Read More...]