The Dark Side of Christianity

I just watched Return of the Jedi again. It always gets me thinking. It seems to me that Christianity has a dark side, just like the Force. Like the Force, it is powerful, but its power takes on different characters depending on those who seek to use and experience it for good or evil ends. [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Ken Brown has been invited to join the Dharma Initiative. If you talk to Ken, tell him I’ve heard that a man named Sayyid Jarrah is looking for him. But seriously, do check out the Dharma Wants You site. If nothing else, it is one more thing to do to pass the time until LOST [Read More...]

A Great Question That Brought Someone Here

There have been and continue to be lots of great, insightful, amusing, and even bizarre keyword searches that bring people here. But this one is worth noting and reflecting on. Someone typed into a search engine: why didn’t god tell us exactly who the antichrist is? That is a marvellous question, one that has the [Read More...]

Happy Birthday, NASA!

Actually, I suppose today is more the day to celebrate NASA’s conception rather than its birth. But still, it is an important thing that occurred 50 years ago today. On this day in 1958, president Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the creation of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration into law. It is hard to imagine [Read More...]

Bucket List of the Evangelical Nation

The movie The Bucket List is a moving tale about two people who meet in the hospital, both having been diagnosed shortly before with terminal cancer, and given 6 months to maybe a year to live. I happened to watch the movie at just about the same time as I read and finished Christine Wicker’s [Read More...]

Obama Has Come, Just as the Prophets Foretold

I thought I had finished with the subject of Barack Obama, who for some is a Messianic figure, while for others he is the antichrist. Apparently not. The Times Online in the UK has a wonderful humorous telling of the ‘Obama Gospel’ in Biblical fashion, entitled “He ventured forth to bring light to the world“. [Read More...]

Data and the Skywalkers

Does anyone know if the religious themes of science fiction films and TV shows is going to be the subject of a panel discussion or other organized event at any upcoming conventions? I’m just wondering. I’d also be interested to know of any articles, books, documentaries or other projects in the works on this subject, [Read More...]

Best of Blogging Barack

Here’s a run down of my posts on Barack Obama so far: How I Know Barack Obama is NOT the AntichristTake The Barack Obama Blasphemy ChallengeLeft Behind With ObamaAround the Blogosphere (Barack Obama the Antichrist?)If Barack Obama is Anti-American, You Will Become a MillionaireObama Confesses to Being Hindu Muslim AntichristObama’s Faith…In Hanuman? I still get [Read More...]

Is the Bible “Biblical”?

Over at the Awakening blog they’ve been discussing my post “Fundamentalism: Fundamentally Unbiblical“. The discussion seems to have taken off, and some of you may want to peek in. If you enjoyed the original, you may want to check out the sequel! [Read more...]

Minnesota Coconut Growers

In a recent comment, Peter Milloy drew my attention to the web site of the Minnesota Coconut Growers. It was created to illustrate that having a web presence proves nothing. I’ve only been to Minnesota once, but it was in winter, and it was enough to make me pretty certain that it’s climate is, shall [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Christine Wicker)

“The idea that Evangelicals are taking over America is one of the greatest publicity scams in history“ (Christine Wicker, The Fall of the Evangelical Nation: The Surprising Crisis Inside the Church (New York: HarperOne) p.ix). [Read more...]

Be It Unto You According to Your Faith…In What You’ve Read On the Web

I’m trying to make it an aim of my introductory Bible class not only to give students an opportunity to think for themselves, but also to help them learn how to grasp what the scholarly consensus on an issue is, if in fact there is one. In a time when the information that appears at [Read More...]


P. Z. Myers has apparently followed through on his threat to desecrate a Catholic communion wafer. He subjected the Qur’an and Richard Dawkins’ book to the same treatment, just to be fair. Ken Brown has coverage and reflection from a Christian perspective. I don’t have time to write more at the moment – but don’t [Read More...]

What is an Atheist?

It is certainly true that much contemporary discussion between (and about) atheists and religious believers suffers from the tendency to assume that “God” means (and can only mean) one thing, usually the classic theism of Christianity as reduced into the understanding of popular Christianity today. Equally problematic, however, is a lack of clarity about what [Read More...]