Elsewhere On Campus During The Lecture…

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John Walton at Butler University: Thank You To All Who Attended!

Thank you to everyone who attended tonight’s lecture by John Walton on Genesis 1 and ancient cosmology at Butler University. I was really pleased with the turn-out, especially when there was the NCAA tournament game taking place at the same time. And congratulations to Butler’s team for winning – I know it wasn’t your fault the game [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Lawrence Kuhn asks whether intelligent aliens would undermine God.Jesus Creed has part 2 of “The Challenge of Adam” which includes two videos by Peter Enns.Gordon Glover offers the latest installment in the Design Detective video series. Unreasonable Faith suggests that N. T. Wright’s interpretations can be too clever by half.Eric Reitan has been interviewed at [Read More...]

Daniel Dennett. “Where Am I?”

This classic piece of philosophical science fiction by Daniel Dennett, “Where Am I?“, is the reading for my Religion and Science Fiction class for Friday. It is a valuable piece in its own right, but also nicely illustrates how science fiction can be useful to philosophers and other thinkers as thought experiments to help us [Read More...]

Ravel Archive

There is more by Ravel on the Internet Archive, but here are a few samples… Daphnis and Chloe Suite No.2 (Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy) http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.0.5.swf?0.7942708843806401 Another recording of the Daphnis and Chloe Suite No.2 (because it is such a wonderful piece – I wish there was a recording of the whole ballet on the Internet Archive!) by [Read More...]

What Widmore Wants: What He LOST

Just a quick LOST-related thought. I think that most discussions of this season have neglected key insights from last season, such as that Widmore and Hawking may both have been acting in order to prevent the death of their son, Daniel Faraday. As far as Widmore can tell, the attempt was unsuccessful. And so perhaps he [Read More...]

From The Archives: Why I Am A Christian

This is a repost of a blog post from 2007, which is apparently so long ago that it is hard to find even if you specifically search for it by its title. So I’m reposting it, since someone asked me this question again recently… One criticism I have of Bertrand Russell’s famous essay, “Why I [Read More...]

Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and a Miracle

Views on ancient narratives and miracles change. From the perspective of modern readers, the fact that Sarah conceived when she was old is interesting but does not seem miraculous. What seems like a miracle to modern readers is Sarah thinking that her husband sleeping with another woman was a good idea! (Tonight I took over [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Sabio Lantz continues his series on The Burial of Jesus, this time comparing accounts of the death of Jesus and the Buddha.Scotteriology continues a series on whether higher criticism destroys the Bible.Cryptotheology shares a video featuring Ian Paul of St. John’s College Nottingham explaining apocalyptic literature.Loren Rosson continues the discussion of faith in/of Christ in [Read More...]

Lost? Don’t Stop Believin’!

Jeremy at Hacking Christianity has two posts on doubt, one related to the On Faith series about clergy doubt I mentioned yesterday, the other about the character Richard Alpert on LOST. And here’s some music to listen to while you ponder this topic:http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/common/swf/wgv_st_player.swf [Read more...]

Doubt and Disbelief in the Pulpit

The Washington Post’s “On Faith” section today has multiple voices and perspectives on a topic that doesn’t get discussed directly often enough: What ought clergy to do who no longer hold to the tenets of their denomination? (Assuming their denomination has doctrinal tenets, of course!) [Read more...]

LOST Answers

Now that’s more like it. Tonight’s episode provided answers, real answers, satisfying answers. Well, sort of.  OK, not really, but it is still heading in a satisfying direction. [SPOILER ALERT] As we learned at the end of the last episode, Charles Widmore has returned to the island by submarine. In today’s episode, we learned that [Read More...]

Dunn’s Latest Book Ordered

I went ahead and ordered Jimmy Dunn’s latest book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?, from the UK, rather than wait several more months for its release in the US. I’ll say more about it once it arrives! [Read more...]

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

On the NASCAS list-serv today there was an e-mail about the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, which is yet another fantastic attempt to preserve, digitize and make available a wide range of manuscripts of interest to scholars in a wide range of fields. [Read more...]