If You Get The Flu 4

If you come down with the flu and are looking for some in-home entertainment, try watching Animusic. Many of the clips from both Animusic and Animusic 2 can be seen either on the Animusic web site or on YouTube: [Read more...]

If You Get The Flu 3

If you come down with the flu, try taking the impossible quiz. [Read more...]

The Next Biblical Studies Carnival

The next Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted at Hebrew and Greek Reader. They are not only asking for submissions, but for input on whether people prefer there to be as many posts as possible or a select few. Let them know what you think! [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Mystical Seeker)

“The Bible is a starting point, not an end point. It is instructive for not just the things it got right, but for the things it got wrong as well. Part of the process of discovery is learning from past mistakes, and if religion is a journey towards the mystery, then part of understanding the [Read More...]

If You Get The Flu 2

If you come down with the flu, why not download the Pimsleur Hungarian course, stick it on your mp3 player, crawl into bed, and don’t get up again until you’ve learned the basics of the language? If Hungarian isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always Swahili, Vietnamese, Czech… Speaking of cups of tea, those are [Read More...]

Jesus the Anti-Christ? Jewish ‘Messianic’ Texts from a Christian Perspective

OK, the title of this post is a bit too provocative – perhaps I really do need to forego blogging until I’m feeling better. But Rob Reid posted on the topic of Messianic prophecies, challenging those who claim that there are “hundreds of predictions about Jesus in the Old Testament” to show precisely what was [Read More...]

If You Get The Flu

If you get the flu, what should you do to give yourself a chance to rest while also avoiding boredom? Why not go to Hulu and watch the classic epic original television series Battlestar Galactica? Admit it. It has been way too long since you’ve watched it, and Colonial Viper pilots have the coolest uniforms. [Read More...]

Interpreting Evidence

Kris Komarnitsky sent me a copy of his book Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What Happened In The Black Box? a while back for me to review. Since I’m falling even further behind as a result of this flu, I thought I’d link to his very recent piece that is part of a dialogue between him and [Read More...]

Do-It-Yourself Alternative Book Launch Event

Because of the flu, I’ve had to postpone the book launch event for The Only True God that was scheduled for this Wednesday (i.e. tomorrow) at 4pm. For those who had their hearts set on being there, here are some steps you can follow to hold your very own DIY book launch event. Step 1: [Read More...]


Until further notice, please consider any posts made on this blog as the incoherent rantings of a blogger deranged by fever. If you are already accustomed to regard posts on this blog in this way, please feel free to disregard this message. [Read more...]

The Shameful Truth About Male Bibliobloggers

I have too much respect for the women among bibliobloggers to not admit publicly the truth about their fellow bibliobloggers who are men, a truth that we’ve been conspiring to cover up. The truth, as shameful as it is to admit, is this: Lately women bibliobloggers have observed the underrepresentation of women among bibliobloggers, and [Read More...]

How To Solve any Computer Problem

I’ve been meaning to share this gem (HT Clayboy, who got it from XKCD) for some time… HT also to Sean the Baptist who reminded me about this. [Read more...]

Women’s Wisdom in the Biblioblogosphere

I’ve been following the discussion of women bibliobloggers with great interest, but have also been hesitant to jump into the fray, largely because of being in two minds about the matter. (Please note that, should my contribution to the discussion be deemed anything other than a wise and insightful perspective that brings clarity and resolution, [Read More...]

Review of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Six

Proposition six picks up where the previous one left off, emphasizing that the fourth, fifth and sixth days in Genesis 1 are about the installation of “functionaries”. Here too, one finds problems from a scientific perspective if the focus is on material creation, and not problems that have to do with evolution. The text says [Read More...]