Free International Critical Commentaries

The newer batch of ICC commentaries on the Bible are fantastic and are, not surprisingly, not available for free. But the earlier series, many volumes of which remain valuable in spite of being nearly a century old, can now be found on the Internet Archive. Turning to these volumes is far better than merely browsing [Read More...]

Ending Palin’s Apocalypse

This post has just one aim: to drive the annoying video about “Palin’s Apocalypse” off the bottom of the screen and safely into the realm of “older posts” where visitors to this site will not be forced to hear it begin every time they visit. Those who want to find it can always find it [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Tina Beattie)

“Those of us who care for the integrity of religious faith have a corresponding duty to resist religion’s power” (Tina Beattie, The New Atheists: The Twilight of Reason and the War on Religion (Maryknoll: Orbis, 2007) p.145). [Read more...]

Post 1000!

This is the 1,000th post, and so I decided not to have it be about anything else other than the fact that this is the thousandth post. Thank you for reading! Of the 1,000 so far, which is your favorite? [Read more...]

What Would a Maverick Do? Watch Saturday Night Live!

Saturday Night Live’s version of the debate. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy! –><!– HT Shuck & Jive [Read more...]

Jesus the Magician?

I wonder how many people outside of New Testament scholarship will remember that there was a book by Morton Smith some decades ago entitled Jesus the Magician. It may get a second look, now that a magical bowl has been found that supposedly refers to him (Jesus, that is, not Morton). In fact, the bowl [Read More...]

Songs for Progressive Christians

Progressive Christians are always looking for songs appropriate for communal worship, songs that do not use turns of phrase that do not really express a progressive Christian outlook. One of the best worship songs I know of this sort is called “I Will Speak Out“. Here are the lyrics: I will speak out for those [Read More...]

Fundamentalist Failures

This post highlights a couple of less well-known fundamentalist groups which failed to make a major impact, but which may nonetheless be of historical interest. 1. Biblical Antipunctuationism There is no punctuation in either ancient Hebrew or ancient Greek, and thus there is no punctuation in our earliest manuscripts of the Biblical texts. The Biblical [Read More...]

Keith Ward, The Big Questions in Science and Religion

I’ve been reading Keith Ward’s latest book, The Big Questions in Science and Religion (West Conshohocken: Templeton Foundation Press, 2008), with a view to reviewing it on this blog. I’m now reaching the conclusion that the best approach will be to blog about it chapter by chapter, since each chapter deals with such a “big [Read More...]

Music For 8 Year Olds

Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a concert by the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. I didn’t realize I would know several people in it, including my son’s current violin teacher and the teacher of his first teacher. I only found out about the concert yesterday, and quickly made plans to attend. The main reason [Read More...]

Ironic Quotes of the Day (Roger Olson)

“The irony should not escape us. Many conservative Christians oppose biological evolution while implicitly and unconsciously promoting a form of social Darwinism” (Roger E. Olson, How to Be Evangelical without Being Conservative (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008) p.137). “Luther is a hero to most conservative evangelical theologians. But the ironic tragedy is that too often they [Read More...]

Palin’s Apocalypse

The following video from the American News Project highlights the religious beliefs typical of the Assemblies of God tradition with which Sarah Palin is connected, and the need for voters to ask her about beliefs which have political ramifications. Many were, I am sure, pleased to learn that her understanding is not that it is [Read More...]

The Guild of Biblical Minimalists

Apparently I have been granted the sublime honor of being considered an associate member of the “Guild of Biblical Minimalists“. New Testament scholars cannot be full members, since we have too much useful historical material in the texts we study for it to be possible for us to attain to full-blown minimalism in our field. [Read More...]

Tina Fey Debates Joe Biden

I’m watching the vice presidential debate. While McCain’s running mate is coping better than I expected (although just as I tuned in, she was saying that she isn’t going to answer the question posed but focus on something else she thinks is more important), I still can’t distinguish her clearly in my mind from Tina [Read More...]