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Here are highlights from today’s Clergy Letter Project e-mail: Download a free copy of Science, Evolution and Creationism as a pdfEvolution Resources at National Academies Michael will speak at a Darwin Day event held by the Center for Inquiry in Indianapolis on March 20th Updates on the Clergy Letter Project web site include more news [Read More...]

In The Cage at the Shrine Auditorium

Wolfgang’s Vault added another concert, Genesis performing at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, January 24th, 1975. Here’s a sample: [Read more...]

Violin Archive

There is a lot of great music in the Internet Archive: Bartok’s Violin Concerto No.2 played by Yehudi Menuhin Ernest Bloch’s Violin Concerto played by Josef Szigeti Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No.1 played by Josef Szigeti Poulenc’s Sonata for Violin and Piano Aram Khachaturian’s Violin Concerto (performed on violin and piano) [Read More...]

Michael Zimmerman on the Catholic Equivalent of Biblical Literalism

I didn’t manage to blog about Michael Zimmerman’s latest blog post until now. It is a challenge to Rick Santorum to heed his own church’s teachings about evolution. Here’s an excerpt: The Pontifical Academy itself, on January 24, 2009 issued a statement arising from the meeting that is as powerful as it is clear. “It [Read More...]

Rabbinic Sources – With Caveat

I’ve used the site Come and Hear in the past as a useful place to look things up in the Talmud. But I never before noticed the caveat on the front page, offering those who are easily offended an alternative site to go to. Take a look – I think you’ll be as amused as [Read More...]

LOLCatz Keys To LOST

As we prepare for another episode full of the symbolism of white and black, darkness and light, here are a couple of images that may shed light on the show’s mysteries… [Read more...]

Star Trek Meets LOST

I had seen this before, but someone recently reminded me about it, and I don’t remember if I ever shared it here… [Read more...]

Sibelius Archive

Not all composers whose music I would like to be able to share here (or listen to myself) are well represented at the internet archive. But one who is is Jean Sibelius. Here are a few of his more famous works: Violin Concerto (performed by Jascha Heifetz) Symphony No. 5 (Cleveland Orchestra, Artur Rodzinski) [Read More...]

Google Ads

I’ve decided to try turning on Google Ads for this site. I hope it won’t be a nuisance. It just seems like something that has become fairly standard, and which it might in fact be foolish not to switch on. Or perhaps the foolish thing is to switch it on? Does anyone have strong feelings about it [Read More...]

“The best use of Christian mythology since the Bible itself”

The title comes from one of two posts on the DocArtz blog about religion in LOST. Fans will want to take a look: Measuring Evil: Sacred Scales and Final Judgments in “Sundown” The Candidates: A Reflection and Projection [Read more...]

Daniel Kirk Reviews The Only True God

Daniel Kirk has just posted a review of my book The Only True God. Do take a look! [Read more...]


Daniel McClellan shared a link to a web site with publications by Emanuel Tov which he has made available freely online. My first attempts to get there didn’t work. As it turns out, the site is “optimized” for Firefox, which seems to mean it won’t load with Internet Explorer. So I’ve installed Firefox. In the [Read More...]

Keener Quote

Matthew Montinoni shared the following quote from Craig Keener’s recent book, which I thought worth passing along: Indeed, to assume from silence that Paul did not know the Jesus tradition because he does not cite it more explicitly and more often is almost analogous to assuming that the writer of 1 John was unaware of [Read More...]

Larry Hurtado: How Did Jesus Become A God?

HT Polycarp [Read more...]