Science and Religion Around the Blogosphere

(Or “Einstein the Atheist Wraps Anti-Evolutionists in Poison Ivy Flagella”) Those who claim evolution makes no predictions need to go roll around in poison ivy. For some, experiential learning works best. Mark Perrakh talks about what bacterial flagella really look like. Doppelganger asks if what is good for the Haeckel is also good for the [Read More...]

Has Science Made Belief In God Obsolete?

Metanexus has made a lengthy excerpt from Keith Ward’s latest book, Big Questions in Science and Religion, available online. Although it may be less than persuasive as an argument for theism, it certainly shows the limitations of materialism and the continued viability of religious worldviews. [Read more...]

Who’s in charge on LOST? The Producers!

Here’s the latest from LOST’s bosses about the mysteries of the show (HT SF Signal). If it reveals nothing else, is shows Plenty of Nothing to be wrong about LOST. And if you don’t know what LOST’s J. J. Abrams’ latest project is, you definitely need to pay a visit to IO9. There’s also a [Read More...]

Job Announcement for Science-Lovers

The National Center for Science Education, a non-profit organization that defends the teaching of evolution in the public schools, seeks candidates for a position in its Public Information Project. Staff members in the Public Information Project provide advice and support to local activists faced with threats to evolution education in their communities. They also provide [Read More...]

Of the line of David?

After church today, someone asked me why we say that Jesus is “of the line of David” when Joseph was his step-father. It was an insightful question, one that inattentive readers of the Bible often fail to even raise. The irony, I replied, is that two incompatible genealogies for Jesus are preserved in precisely those [Read More...]

LOST: Who’s in charge here?

In last week’s episode, Ben seemed to be resigned to destiny having passed the baton from him to John Locke. But hopefully all fans have learned not to take anything Benjamin Linus says at face value. He might well be playing Locke, and still doing what Jacob wants. We’ll have to wait and see. If [Read More...]

No One Believes That The God Of The Bible Exists Anymore

The title of this post is not a complaint; it is merely an observation. No one confronts the representatives of another tradition with a contest to see which one’s deity will send fire from heaven as Elijah did. No Christian blogger claims that those who comment negatively will be struck with blindness for doing so, [Read More...]

Who LOST The Temporal Cold War?

As this season of LOST progresses, we are having more and more revealed to us about the nature of the show. It seems that it is, in essence, about two opposing forces for whom time is not an issue. The title of this post alludes to Star Trek: Enterprise, which had as a major theme [Read More...]

Scientists’ Responses Solicited

I received the following e-mail from someone who is certain that I have “faith” in evolution, as opposed to being persuaded by the evidence, as well as by the evidence of the fact that those who study the evidence in depth are persuaded by the evidence. Rather than engage in a futile discussion, I invite [Read More...]

Intelligent Design Research Identifies Designer

Recent research on the flergeller componentry of bacteria has succeeded in spotting the designer at work. Take a look! I assume this is also a parody…but then again, reality and parody are sometimes hard to distinguish when dealing with many popular forms of creationism… [Read more...]

Grades are in, let summer begin!

Now that grades are in there is time to read… John Pieret today highlights some apocalyptic exegesis. Anyone remember the booklet 88 Reasons Why The Rapture Will Be In 1988? If not, don’t worry, this generation is going to have its own version.First Things reflects on theodicy and yet more natural disasters.Vridar continues responding to [Read More...]

Quotes of the Day (Don Cupitt)

“If faith in divine providence were the empirical belief that at least the great majority of good people have happy endings, and at least the great majority of bad people come to sticky ends, then one can only say that such a belief is too absurd for anyone to hold and too absurd for anyone [Read More...]

Evolution of the Eye

Henry Neufeld is one of many drawing attention to the video on the evolution of the eye at Expelled Exposed… Hyphoid Logic spotted a news item about good science education near to me here in Indiana.Mystical Seeker has been following a conversation in which the atheists seem (as so often is the case) to share [Read More...]

Quotes to make you Question…

Here are two quotes from around the blogosphere. The first was posted by Liberal Pastor in a discussion that I’ve also been involved in on a biochemist’s blog: Joining this debate late. I am one of those liberal Christians. I do not in any way believe in a supernatural God. Am I an atheist? Perhaps [Read More...]