Doubts, Passions, and Hates (Reflections by John Hobbins)

(Second question for John Hobbins) What one historical or interpretative question related to the Bible or Christianity most troubles you? How do you deal with it? ANSWER: I hate it when people take something like feminism or patriarchy and pass it off, in the name of God, as the gospel. I hate it when people [Read More...]

Relating Pastoral and Academic Work (Reflections by John Hobbins)

(First question for John Hobbins) How do you go about relating your academic interest in Biblical languages and interpretation to your pastoral work? How do you understand the responsibility of Christian academics specialized in Biblical studies? What is involved in trying to “avoid ruining old churches” as an academic and a Christian? I remember someone [Read More...]

Three Questions for John Hobbins

John Hobbins of Ancient Hebrew Poetry recently began a meme/blogathon in which two bloggers take turns asking each other up to ten questions. He went easy on me and asked me three, and I’ve since returned the favor. His answers will be found in the next three posts: (1) Relating Pastoral and Academic Work(2) Doubts, [Read More...]

History Ancient and Modern

Undeception has shared a great chart (from Lawrence Boadt’s book Reading the Old Testament) contrasting the aims and methods of ancient Hebrew historians with those of modern Western ones: [Read more...]

Help Needed In Louisiana

Louisiana has had it tough, and the last thing they need is for science education in the state, and as a consequence investment and support from those who value science and education, undermined. Yet a bill is in the process of becoming law in Louisiana that uses weasel words and slippery language to try to [Read More...]

Lack of Respect

(HT Unreasonable Faith) [Read more...]

Lying for Jesus? (Skepticism around the Blogosphere)

Lying for Jesus takes on dubious apologists’ claims (HT Debunking Christianity). Christians should listen to such critics, since no Christian should accept claims simply because they support their presuppositions. Jesus challenged the presuppositions of his followers regularly, and so if anything, the appropriate Christian approach is to be wary of teachers whose claims “tickle the [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Not St. Matthew 18)

“Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! Wherefore if thy neighbor’s hand or his foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them away; and if thy neighbor’s eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it [Read More...]

Ken Miller on the Colbert Report

No commentary needed… [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica Finds Earth

In the mid-season “finale” of Battlestar Galactica, entitled “Revelations“, there were indeed amazing revelations made. The identities of four of the final five become known to Cylons and humans alike. And as a result, both groups find Earth. It is a wasteland, still tainted by radiation, the landscape littered with the ruins of a civilization. [Read More...]

Another Who’s Who Scam

Today I received another solicitation to be included in a Who’s Who volume. This time it was Madison Who’s Who. As I have said before, this is nothing more than a solicitation of money in exchange to print your name somewhere. No prestige, no personal assessment of your achievement, is involved. Note the generic “Dear [Read More...]

How I Know Barack Obama Is NOT The Antichrist

There has been a lot of discussion around the internet about whether Barack Obama could be the antichrist. I hope this post will address this issue from the perspective of serious study of the New Testament rather than the popular ignorance that all to many gullible Christians in our time seem to be taken in [Read More...]

Whispering the Doctor’s Name

I just got caught up and watched the two-part Doctor Who episode(s) “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead“. We’ve been given snippets of hints at the Doctor’s identity before – in one episode in the Tom Baker era, an old acquaintance knew him by the name Theta Sigma – which is the [Read More...]

Quote for Fathers’ Day (Mike Rutherford)

With my family all around me I’ve all the riches I can hold I’m a beggar Sitting on a beach of gold (Mike and the Mechanics, “Beggar on a Beach of Gold“) [Read more...]