Bible And Creation Around The Blogosphere

There are a few posts around the blogs on subjects of interest. Scot McKnight discusses going beyond the Bible…biblically. Martin Shields touches on inerrancy. Nathan MacDonald asks if Genesis 1 is a polemic. Jared Calaway looks at variations of creation in Genesis 1. Science and the Sacred discusses barriers to acceptance of evolution among evangelicals. [Read More...]

Not Quite What John Wrote

“Jesus did many other signs that were not written in this book. But these things have been written that you may, when you live in a culture in which stories of miraculous births are no longer told about everyone who is considered significant, you may believe that it happened nonetheless in the case of Jesus, [Read More...]

Intertextuality in the New Testament on Sunday

As many of us gear up for the Society of Biblical Literature conference in New Orleans, I did want to mention that my paper will be as scheduled in the online program, which differs at this point from the printed programs sent through the mail: Intertextuality in the New Testament (22-223a; originally listed as 21-322)11/22/20091:00 [Read More...]


As the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting approaches, blogging has had to take a back seat slightly to preparations for that. Apologies for the lull. I also learned in the past few days that for most of the first part of the conference (Friday through Sunday) my Butler e-mail account will be unavailable, since [Read More...]


This is a test. If you are reading this, congratulations – you passed! [Read more...]

Connecting the Dots Around The Blogosphere

There are several posts that I’ve read recently that seem unrelated. But perhaps some reader can connect the dots. First, there is a post on the Doc Artz blog about the experience of rewatching episodes from season 1 of LOST. The post admires the ways in which things that were once simply details the significance [Read More...]

Christmas Card For Bloggers

This really needs no commentary (HT Wheat Among Tares)… …but just in case you can’t make out the caption, it is “Oh, I am so blogging about this.” [Read more...]

Another Conservative Christian Repudiation of the Bible

It never fails to amaze me how, time and again, conservative Christians will, in the name of “the Judeo-Christian tradition,” “Christianity,” “faith,” or even the Bible itself, repudiate things that the Bible in fact says, and says in places quite clearly. The most recent case in point is Steve Kellmeyer who says that Islam is [Read More...]

Free Scholarship

I continue to be amazed at how much excellent scholarship is available for free online. There are some I’ve mentioned in the past, but among those made available (or about which I learned) very recently are the following: The 2009 SBL papers (thanks to Michael Halcomb)Tyndale Press MonographsA lengthy list of open access journals in [Read More...]

Reviews of The Only True God

I just learned that two more reviews of my book The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context have appeared. One is more of a summary than anything else, and it is by Patrick Madigan in Heythrop Journal.The second is by Vlad Todor at Concrete Academic, and offers a thoughtful evaluation not [Read More...]

Igudesman and Joo

The combination of musical ability and humor can be wonderful. I thus thought I’d share a video that I had seen before (and in fact shared on this blog more than a year ago) but which a commenter reminded me of today and which I think is worth sharing again: There are other videos by [Read More...]

Missing Pages From The Self-Consciousness Of Jesus

It seems to me that there is something appropriately symbolic about the state of affairs I’m going to describe. There is an important article by John A. T. Robinson, “The Last Tabu? The Self-Consciousness of Jesus” which I was trying to locate a copy of. It is available in the Google Books preview of a [Read More...]

More Online Lectures

Having decided to see where some of the videos of lectures that other bloggers shared were coming from, I found the University of California YouTube channel, which includes such lectures as the following: Fr. George Coyne, “Evolution of Life in the Universe” Ronald Cole-Turner, “The Genetic Revolution and Designer Babies: Moral and Religious Implications” Bart [Read More...]

Missing Books, Missing Pages

Rather frustratingly, I noticed today that a copy of John A. T. Robinson’s The Priority of John which I bought years ago in the UK has some printing errors and as a result is incomplete. I also seem to be unable to find my copy of James Dunn’s The Evidence for Jesus (which can be [Read More...]