Half Human On His Mother’s Side

When they hear the title of this blog post, Doctor Who fans will undoubtably think of the Dr. Who television special which claimed that the Doctor was half human – a notion then dropped from the canon of the show, unless I’m mistaken. Classicists may think of any number of demigods from classical mythology. But [Read More...]

Every Star Shall Sing A Carol

An increasing number of people are finding their way to this blog searching for keywords related to Sydney Carter’s Christmas carol, “Every Star Shall Sing A Carol.” It is definitely something that I’ll discuss in my religion and sci-fi class next semester. I thought I’d provide the YouTube video and lyrics that I found online, [Read More...]

Hurley, Dude!

LOST fans will appreciate this video, which compiles all the times Hurley says “dude.” It then provides a statistical analysis, include calculations by season and DPE (“dudes per episode): HT Dispatches From The Island [Read more...]

The Only True God in Paperback?

Some of you probably would love to own your own copy of The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context, but let’s face it, hardcover academic books are on the expensive side, and some of you are not made of money. (Note to readers who are made of money: Please do send [Read More...]

Hard Act To Follow

The Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity shared this innovative church advertisement: The church responsible for the ads is a progressive Christian congregation, which said that the ad “is designed to challenge stereotypes about the way that Jesus was conceived, and get people talking about the Christmas story.” You can listen to the podcast online on [Read More...]

Young Earth vs. Ancient Culture Smackdown in The Onion

The Onion is often hilarious, but I wonder whether people who are not Bible geeks like me will find this article from today as amusing as I do. The headline reads “Sumerians Look On In Confusion As Christian God Creates World.” Enjoy! [Read more...]

Dr. Jim at the Cutting Edge of Homeopathic Scholarship

Dr. Jim Linville’s blog is always entertaining, but I particularly want to point out two recent posts related to homeopathy: First, there is a “homeopathic blog post” from last month, in case you missed it. Then, today Jim shared an announcement about a homeopathic degree program that many will find interesting. [Read more...]

Indexed Oral Tradition

The blog Indexed is famous for its humorous Venn Diagrams, which I assume we’ve all seen at some point. But I didn’t know that it not that long ago made an attempt to intersect with the biblioblogosphere – and perhaps not entirely successfully. But this chart may at least stimulate discussion – what do you [Read More...]

NOT How I View The Relationship Between Science and Faith

The image below does not reflect how I view the relationship between religion and science. But it is funny nevertheless, and it does reflect the views of some people. HT Eric Michael Johnson, who shared it in a post that is worth reading, focusing on an example of how critics of evolution demonstrate their lack [Read More...]

Messianic Cause and Effect

Academic discussions of the subject of the place of Jesus’ birth has been spreading Christmas cheer throughout the biblioblogosphere. Mark Goodacre’s podcast started it off, and Doug Chaplin, +Wrong and I all responded in different ways. The +Wrong discussion is particularly interesting since it offered examples of individuals who became known as “NAME 0f PLACE” [Read More...]

Checking Snopes

I wanted to check Snopes.com about a piece of e-mail Ben Witherington mentioned, but ironically, I could find an entry about it on Snopes… [Read more...]

Bucharest Madrigal Choir Sings Romanian Christmas Carols

I love Romanian Christmas music, and particularly love the Bucharest Madrigal Choir’s performance of them, and my favorite of all is O Ce Veste Minunata: Here are a couple of other gems of Romanian Christmas music performed by the Bucharest Madrigal Choir: [Read more...]

The Deuterowrongian Corpus

Since a commenter mentioned NT Wrong, I thought I ought to comment on what I think the new NT Wrong franchise represents, having quite possibly been involved in inspiring it. I think it is to the original NT Wrong what the Pastoral Epistles and other such pseudepigraphal works are to the authentic Pauline corpus – [Read More...]

Dollhouse: Trying To Be Its Best

What are we to do? Dollhouse keeps getting better and better, and it has been cancelled! I’m starting to wonder whether having a clear end-date for a show makes it better, keeps it focused, keeps the momentum going and helps to avoid aimless wandering? Maybe every show should have a “best before” date by which [Read More...]