From The Archives: What Did Jesus Mean?

I am still wondering about the saying attributed to Jesus in various forms in various Gospels (and in Mark, denied as a false accusation), “I will destroy this temple and in three days rebuild it”. That something like this was the earliest form is most probable, and it seems to be authentic. The big question [Read More...]

Lost Finales and Continuing Reviews

There is a post on the Doc Artz site with a delayed review of the Lost season 5 finale, and speculations about season 6 and the show’s ultimate end, interacting with many of the religious themes. It is definitely worth a look. Also of interest is Antiquitopia’s continuing review of Bauckham’s Jesus and the God [Read More...]

From The Archive: WWITTMYLYF?

The title of this post isn’t an abbreviation for something rude. It is an abbreviation for a question that I was asked some time ago and which I think it is important to ask, at least as a mental and spiritual exercise, since it can tell us a lot about what we really believe, what [Read More...]

The Angel of YHWH, Christology and Monotheism

Mike Koke has a post on a subject that is not a world away from the subject of my most recent book, and which interacts with a couple of other blogs that have touched on the subject. And so I wanted to highlight it, even though I’m on the move and my blog is currently [Read More...]

From The Archives: Four Questions

Someone on Yahoo! Answers asked the following questions: 1. Why do you believe in God?2. What’s the difference between Naive’ and Blind trust and Faith?3. Is it possible that religion is just a way for people to deal with lifeand non of it’s really even true?4. Is there really any such thing as pure and [Read More...]

From The Archives

The next several posts (the titles of which will be prefaced with “From The Archives”) will be posts made quite some time ago on this blog. I know there are a lot of new readers since this blog first started, and even since it moved to Blogger a couple of years ago. And so I [Read More...]

Science Fiction and Philosophy: A Review

Science Fiction and Philosophy: From Time Travel to Superintelligence, edited by Susan Schneider (Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), is a fantastic book that does not simply relate science fiction and philosophy to one another, but in fact shows that the two are significantly overlapping domains. Philosophy thrives on thought experiments, and has done since antiquity, as the [Read More...]

First Impressions of The Only True God

Mike Whitenton has received a copy of The Only True God and promises a review will follow soon. Another blogger also offers some thoughts and impressions. On related notes, Chris Brady posted on the question of a Targumic background to John’s Logos concept, while Joseph Hoffmann has a post on the Godhead brought to you [Read More...]

John On The Sudarion

I received an e-mail this past week about another subject, this time the reference in John 20:6-7 mentioning the cloth that had been on Jesus’ face. I suspect that one reason (perhaps the main or only reason) for the Gospel mentioning the detail is because it could be argued that, if someone had moved the [Read More...]

Evolution in a Christian Context

I had someone e-mail me recently with a question about whether Romans 14, with its teaching about the “strong” and the “weak”, provides good guidance for Christian who have come to realize that there are good reasons to accept biological evolution, and are now wondering whether to keep this to themselves or speak out about [Read More...]

Failing the Fundamentalist Final

For some reason yesterday I found myself imagining fundamentalists overseeing the final judgment, giving a “final exam” to make sure that only the truly saved get into heaven. It would have two questions: 1) Give your testimony of how you asked Jesus into your heart to become your personal Lord and Savior. 2) Construct a [Read More...]

My Five Books Meme

Jared Calaway has inflicted/blessed me with a meme that has been making the rounds in recent days. It was started by Ken Brown, and I thought I’d share what he wrote when he did so (since it includes both the rationale and the rules): As I’ve been preparing to apply for PhD programs, I’ve been [Read More...]

Inigo Montoya Addresses Fundamentalists

[Read more...]

Christian Nation Irony

It seems unlikely that at any point in the past the vast majority of inhabitants of the United States were devout Christians with a personal faith, as opposed to nominal Christians for whom their Christianity consisted largely of a “tribal identity” including churchgoing and assenting to some doctrinal beliefs and moral precepts. Does it not [Read More...]