Jewish Publication Society Audio Bible

The Jewish Publication Society announced today that it has completed recording the JPS Bible in audiobook format. In connection with this, they are making podcasts available to listen to for free on their web site. Here’s the full press release: JPS & JBI PROUDLY ANNOUNCE GROUNDBREAKING RECORDING OF THE COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLEPhiladelphia, PA – For [Read More...]

Ned Flanders Goes To The Museum

Here’s a classic clip of a scene from The Simpsons focusing on evolution and creationism. I have to admit I laughed out loud at the “soundtrack” for the creation exhibit… simpsons creationism vs evolutionby PigLips HT Daniel Florien [Read more...]

Evolution is Real Science

The Panda’s Thumb shared some videos that provide very useful explanations of aspects of evolutionary biology, highlighting in particular how evolution has led to fruitful hypotheses, explanations and discoveries in biology, genetics, and other related fields. Here’s one example: [Read more...]

YouTube as a Resource for Keyboard Players

As I posted on Friday night, the Cinema Show solo is coming along, and so all that’s left is to keep practicing it. Presumably the place to go next is the keyboard solo from In The Cage. I actually tried learning it by ear many years ago, and I’m surprised that at key parts I [Read More...]

Be The Angel

The comment below left on a recent post deserves to be highlighted in a post of its own: I had heard the interpretation several times before that, despite the praise for Abraham in the text, the fact was that Abraham FAILED the test, that God wanted Abraham to make the ethical choice and refuse the [Read More...]

More Monotheism

I have only begun to listen to it, but there can be no doubt that the recent episode of the UK radio program Unbelievable, which features Richard Bauckham and James Crossley discussing monotheism and Christology in earliest Christianity, is worth listening to. Click here to listen! [Read more...]

Early Jewish Monotheisms

I am delighted to be able to highlight further developments related to the Early Jewish Monotheisms project based at the University of Goettingen. The project is directed by Nathan MacDonald of the University of St. Andrews. Here’s the project description from its web site: The origins and development of monotheism in ancient Israel has been [Read More...]

Evolution Links

The National Center for Science Education regularly shares interesting links. Ones I found particularly noteworthy are the Vatican page with links related to biology and evolution, and the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Effective Teaching which focuses on evolution in the high school and college classroom. [Read more...]

Mandaean Heritage In Jeopardy

The Mandaean Associations Union has posted several articles and updates over the past few weeks, including this one about how the scattering of the Mandaean community of Iraq places their cultural and religious heritage at risk. [Read more...]

Audience for Biblical Scholarship?

Julia M. O’Brien has turned her attention to a broader form of a question I posed here recently. Her new article in The Bible and Interpretation addresses the angles from which authors and scholars seek to connect the Bible to concerns and interests of modern readers. [Read more...]

Advertisement for the Conservative Bible

Andrew of the blog The BWAIN (which stands for Blog Without An Interesting Name) shared this gem of an advertisement from Dr. Boli (surely the oldest blogger in the world today): [Read more...]


One of the new songs the musicians and singers at my church have begun working on recently is Chris Tomlin’s “Indescribable“. I’ve liked the song ever since I first heard it on the radio, although I’ve sometimes joked that it might have been more appropriate if the lyrics had been just the word “indescribable” and [Read More...]

A Canadian Perspective on the Conservative Bible Project

An article has appeared in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail about the “Conservative Bible Project”, the subject of much discussion in recent weeks. It includes a couple of quotations from me (Shawna Richter, the article’s author, interviewed me about the topic; as it happens, it was from her that I learned of Stephen [Read More...]

Am I Wrong To Assume The Bible Is Interesting?

I still find it challenging to teach about the Bible in a context in which students who sign up for the classes have varying degrees of interest and prior knowledge, and extremely different assumptions about the Bible and likewise expectations from the class. One can’t assume either skepticism or faith, that students will assume the [Read More...]