Sharing Powerpoints

I’ve had requests from students in the past, asking me to make my powerpoint presentations available to them. But this is the first semester that I’m seriously considering doing so. I wonder whether other educators and students who read this blog have feelings about and experiences related to this subject that they might be willing [Read More...]

If Jesus Came Today, He Wouldn’t Be a Christian

The title of this post isn’t a statement by me, but the title of a song, if you can believe it, by a band called Obadiah and the Minor Prophets: The lyrics are really interesting: I love Jesus And Jesus loves me I know all about him Because I’ve got a PhD Studying Religion and [Read More...]

The Clone Wars: Teaching as Learning

Today I saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars with my son, at a matinee showing. We were the only ones there. I am not sure whether that has to do with the nice weather or the at best lukewarm reviews the animated film has received, but I was surprised. The movie is movie certainly has [Read More...]

Christian Fundamentalism Views Revelation as a Mean Joke

According to the majority of Christian fundamentalists, the Book of Revelation is about the future (perhaps distant, perhaps near and already begun). Our future, that is, and not merely the future from the perspective of the time in which it was written. Yet they appear not to have thought through the implications of treating the [Read More...]

Sunday School

I’ve just posted a brief recap of what we covered today in my Sunday school class, as well as what we’ll be doing next time. I tried to move forward in as open-ended a fashion as possible, and I think the topics we touched on ended up being a bit too scattered. Hopefully by looking [Read More...]

Intelligent Design Can’t Get Off The Ground

Yet another great illustration of the relationship between science such as evolution and pseudoscience such as intelligent design from Sneer Review (click through to see the full-sized version): Evolution is at 2146 meters and rising. Intelligent Design can’t get off the ground. [Read more...]

Creation/Evolution of a Vice-Presidential Candidate

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who will become vice president if John McCain is elected president, has spoken in the past about her views on creation, evolution and science education. Those interested in these issues will want to take a look! [Read more...]


As I’ve been finishing off the manuscript of my book on the burial of Jesus (which should be available from Booksurge in a few weeks if the process goes smoothly), I started thinking (as I often do) about LOST. On LOST, Jack begins catching glimpses of his deceased father. Eventually he finds the empty casket. [Read More...]

Keep Teaching The “Controversy”

Martin at Sneer Review has posted another installment in his “Teach Both Sides” series of posters. Don’t miss the DNA code in the background! [Read more...]

Blog the Controversy

There may not be a genuine scientific dispute over evolution as such, but there certainly is dispute from those outside of the relevant natural science about whether there is a dispute. Here are just a few recent posts related to evolution on blogs I read: Jason Rosenhouse continues his coverage of the Sixth International Conference [Read More...]

Classes Begin

Classes begin today here at Butler University. This semester I’ll be teaching The Bible, South Asian Civilizations (a core curriculum Global and Historical Studies course), and Heresy (which is, in essence, a course about early Christian extracanonical literature and the debates about and development of doctrine in the early church, but that doesn’t have quite [Read More...]


Sometime yesterday I had my 150,000th visit to this blog, counting from the time I moved it to Blogger in June of last year. Thanks to all visitors who’ve made this such a fun and interesting experience so far! [Read more...]

Teach the Controversy

Although I think the cartoon (actually it would be better to call it a poster) I’m about to share speaks for itself, it makes a key point that should not be missed about how Intelligent Design goes about its business and tries to achieve its aims. I can’t imagine anyone taking seriously in any other [Read More...]

Evolution and Indoctrination

Many have blogged about the recent New York Times pieces on evolution and science education (see, among others, Science & Religion Today, A Blog Around the Clock, Thoughts in a Haystack and Antiquitopia). I was rather dismayed by Jim West’s depiction of it as about “indoctrination” into evolutionary thinking. I cannot be too critical, since [Read More...]