Dancing Around The Truth

We have a purple tree in our yard. I would love to know what sort of tree it is. But I do know I find it beautiful. Is one sort of knowledge not lacking something without the other to complement it? Which is more important, if either? Or are both not important? On a comment [Read More...]

The Sound of Things to Come: Benjamin Linus Plays Rachmaninov

In case anyone was wondering, the piece Benjamin Linus was playing on LOST (in the episode “The Shape Of Things To Come“) was Rachmaninov’s Prelude in C# minor. It is a wonderful piece, which I once upon a time could just about make it through from beginning to end. The middle section is challenging to [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Last night’s episode of LOST? AMAZING! Scientist, Interrupted shares decisive considerations why Noah’s flood can’t account for fossil footprints. Chuck Blanchard discusses Christianity and evolution. Experimental theology discusses current intellectual debates. Iyov suggests that Nancy Pelosi got the Bible right even though she got it wrong. Internet Monk explains why saying you “simply believe the [Read More...]

A Time Traveller LOST in the Sahara Desert

Tonight’s return of LOST was absolutely amazing, possibly the best episode yet in the whole series in some ways. Things that were still speculation are now certain. Many more mysteries are set before us. Ben teleports to the Sahara Desert. He is wearing a Dharma Initiative jacket and retches, so whatever the method of travelling [Read More...]

Did God Really Say…?

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, used a “Biblical quotation” to support an argument. The hitch? The words, although eloquent and thought-provoking, simply aren’t from the Bible. What she claimed is found in the Bible is: ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

First, don’t forget: LOST returns tonight at a new time, 10 pm! A recent article on geomagnetism in New Scientist is interesting in view of the place geomagnetism has on the show. New Scientist also shares pictures from the Hubble telescope of merging galaxies. Now, on to other news. There is information about a debate [Read More...]

Review of Monkey Girl by Edward Humes

Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for America’s Soul by Edward Humes is an extraordinary book, allowing the reader to participate in the full details of the Dover Pennsylvania trial concerning Intelligent Design in a way that it seems likely that few even of those actually present would have been able to. The [Read More...]

On the subject of silence

An interesting convergence has occurred. My classes on the Bible will be having a discussion of the Bible and homosexuality on Friday. The same day is set aside as a day of silence, to commemorate the silence that many gays and lesbians impose upon themselves in order to avoid harassment or worse. I find this [Read More...]

Average-Sized Weeds at Stonehenge and the Antichrist President

Today we got up to the Book of Revelation in my class on the Bible. One student in his presentation mentioned the amusing argument at Rusty Brain identifying George Bush as the antichrist. The relevant section reads: George W. Bush = 666 in code. Here’s scientific proof. Take each letter of the alphabet and assign [Read More...]

Defining Stupidity and Combatting Ignorance: Video and Widget Highlights

Sandwalk points out a YouTube video with Ben Stein making statements about science that are not even wrong, they are wrong-headed. What’s the appropriate way to characterize such nonsense? On the one hand, I once held young-earth creationist views, and I would like to believe that it wasn’t the case that I was simply stupid. [Read More...]

Darth Pantera

Cobalt had a better suggestion than mine (although something not unlike the scene she suggests did cross my mind) for the new Jesus movie by Paul Verhoeven. I took the liberty of retroverting it to a closer form to the original… Pantera: Mary never told you what happened to your father.Jesus: She told me enough! [Read More...]

A Post Mostly About Non-Stupid Creationists And Fictional Jesuses

Henry Neufeld asks whether creationists are stupid. This is a key question that is asked too often. Plenty of intelligent people are creationists, and a not-insignificant number of those are young-earth creationists or proponents of intelligent design. Treating people as though they are stupid rarely helps the educational process. Many people are misinformed or uninformed, [Read More...]

Re-Thinking Christianity

Here’s another book review from the older version of my blog. Keith Ward’s book Re-thinking Christianity provides a useful compliment to his earlier book What the Bible Really Teaches. The former book discusses the Bible and shows how its teachings are misconstrued by fundamentalists, and how fundamentalist claims to take the Bible literally are simply [Read More...]

The Biologic Institute

The web site of the Biologic Institute has at long last gone live. I think that, rather than being immediately ridiculed, this endeavour should be encouraged. Rather than fighting in the battle for public opinion, let’s see if those involved in this institute can produce real science that produces results that can command general assent [Read More...]