Christmas Sci-Fi Style (Or Not, As You Prefer)

First, we have a clip from a Klingon version of A Christmas Carol: HT IO9 Then, there’s Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas by John Williams, famous for his sci-fi scores: Then there is this great image of a flying collision from TheoFantastique: If you came here looking for something related to the New Testament, I won’t [Read More...]

Gotta Whole Lotta Links

Peje Iesous shared a link to a huge collection of recorded lectures by scholars to be found at Text, Community and Mission. Jim West noted that the latest SBL Forum has been posted – it is great to see The Planet of the Apes featured again (if you want to know why, you’ll just have to go [Read More...]

Christmas Letter

I’m working on my family’s annual Christmas letter. I’m sure this song I saw on the Jay Leno Show sums up well the sentiment of all who receive it: [Read more...]

Diglotting and Debunking Jesus Mythicism

Two posts have appeared recently in the biblioblogosphere relating to the viewpoint that Jesus was originally a mythical figure who was later historicized. First, John Loftus offers thoughts on Earl Doherty’s views. Then, even more recently, Diglotting offered a recap of Robert Price’s chapter on the subject in a recent book, as well as James [Read More...]

Via E-Mail

The Center for Progressive Christianity sends regular e-mails, and today’s had so many interesting articles that I thought I’d share the links. First, there’s Jim Burklo’s “O Little Town” which fits the music but reflects the modern situation in Bethlehem far more than the original carol. (And as for Nazareth, presumably you’ve already heard from [Read More...]

Not The Answering Machine Message from Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia

Once again an e-mail is circulating, this time one claiming to provide a recording of an actual answering machine message from Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia. It isn’t (as one can learn on Snopes, it is a rehash of an e-mail/video that circulated once before some years ago). So by all means enjoy the [Read More...]

Grades Are In!

I’ve submitted my final grades. I just need to post the separate grades for finals/essays, so that students can figure out why they got what they did, and then all the loose ends will be effectively wrapped up for the semester. For others who, like me, may be feeling a bit worn out after the [Read More...]

Religion Doesn’t Poison EVERYTHING

I left the following comment at Why Evolution Is True (, and thought I'd share it to hopefully stimulate discussion here as well: Let's consider an example of what is purely a belief, not a belief about what is or isn't factual. Some of us believe that human lives have intrinsic worth; some people do [Read More...]

This Year’s Multi-Cultural Generic ‘Holiday’ Play

The Bizarro cartoon above is a favorite of mine, and I have a copy I cut out from the newspaper on my office door. We actually had an interesting if brief discussion of the celebration of Christmas in public schools this evening at my church (in the context of an activity involving Play-Doh which the pastor [Read More...]

Silent Night

Here’s a performance from today, by a duo that by now needs no introduction… [Read more...]

The Only True God In The Review of Biblical Literature

A review of The Only True God written by Lori Baron has appeared in the Review of Biblical Literature. [Read more...]

The Messiah-Maker

Jim Davila shared a link to an article by Geza Vermes about the Testimonium Flavianum, the more famous and more detailed of Josephus’ two references to Jesus. While some still think that the whole thing may be a later insertion by Christians, the consensus seems to be moving in the direction of there having been an [Read More...]

I Saw Jesus Killing Santa Claus

Polycarp and Bible Shockers linked to two different news clips about this story. Here’s the one that could be embedded: [Read more...]

Ready To Get Plastered

As if the struggle to get exams and essays graded, and final grades calculated and submitted by Tuesday morning, were not enough, the university has scheduled my department for wall repairs beginning Monday. Jordan Hall, where my office is located, has had issues for decades with leaky roofs and bulging and crumbling walls. So I’m [Read More...]