North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy

Call For Papers: The North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and PhilosophyDate: Friday-Saturday, March 27-28, 2009Location: St. Francis University, Loretto, PATheme: “The Common Good”Deadline: 150 word abstract, February 13, 2009; complete submission, March 13, 2009Website: CALL FOR PAPERSWe cordially invite undergraduates to submit proposals on matters pertaining to philosophy and religion for the third [Read More...]

An Irish Priest, an English Rabbi, a Welsh Imam and a Panda walk into a bar…

In a book chapter on oral tradition, I want to make reference in a section heading to some stereotypical set-up for a joke, where certain individuals who make regular appearances at this point in jokes walk into a bar. Who should I use in this illustration? If this were merely for a British audience, then [Read More...]

The Blue Parakeet

Scot McKnight’s forthcoming book The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible (Zondervan, 2008) is spiritual dynamite. In the book, Scot treats the Bible with a combination of honesty and devotion that is remarkably powerful, and while some may find his approach troubling because it challenges their cherished assumptions, I anticipate and hope that [Read More...]

30 Pieces of Silver

Historians do not know whether Judas really betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. On the one hand, betrayal by a trusted disciple is unlikely to have been invented, any more than denial by a disciple who became a prominent figure in the later church. But the sum of money may be derived from Scripture [Read More...]

Judas and the Field of Blood

There is great difficulty fitting together the information in Matthew and Acts about Judas’ death and his connection with a field known as “The Field of Blood”. One has him buy the field, while the other has the authorities do so with his money. One has Judas fall headlong and burst open, the other has [Read More...]

Jesus and the Resurrection around the Blogosphere

Crypto-Theology asks whom Paul was referring to in 1 Corinthians 15, when he said some deny the resurrection of the dead. N. T. Wrong continues surveying the topic of visions of the resurrection. Phil Harland offers Jesus’ baptism by John as an event with a high probability of being historical. All those posts should be [Read More...]

Gods, Heroes and Terminators

I’ve just been catching up on some of the TV shows I like to follow. New seasons have begun, but I’ve only just managed to watch the Heroes season premiere and that of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which has already aired its third episode). Both seasons began with an increase in God-talk, all the [Read More...]

Things Unspectacular and Slightly Less Unspectacular

Iyov memed me and so I have to tell you six unspectacular things about myself. 1) In my first “band” (yes, the quotes are necessary), the drummer didn’t actually have a drum set and used to bang on a chair. 2) As a child my sister’s pet turtle ate my pet goldfish. 3) I’m the [Read More...]

Quote and Images of the Day

First, a quote from Steve Hammer, who writes for our local free newspaper NUVO: “The only logical rationale I can see for supporting the Republican ticket is if you belong to the subset of the population that wants to see the Book of Revelation come true in their lifetime and a vice president who can [Read More...]

Harrison Bergeron

I’ve been recommending to friends for a very long time that they see the movie Harrison Bergeron, but I’ve regularly heard from them that they couldn’t get hold of a copy. That will no longer be an issue. As was recently pointed out at SF Signal, one can now watch the movie online. (If the [Read More...]

Introductory Lessons in Aramaic

I just happened across Eric D. Reymond’s site Introductory Lessons in Aramaic. I know from keyword statistics that some people have found their way to this blog looking for just this sort of resource, so I thought I’d pass it on! [Read more...]

No One Takes The Whole Bible Literally

I’ve posted a clip on YouTube that recaps a key point that came up in our Sunday school class this past weekend, as well as in a recent blog post, namely that no one simply “believes the whole Bible” and “takes it all literally”. [Read more...]

The Burial of Jesus: First Amazon Review

My book The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith has received its first review on The review is in mediocre English and gives the book a mediocre rating. I’m still waiting for copies from the publisher to send to a few people who asked for review copies, as well as to some journals and [Read More...]

The [Euphemism] Post

I’ve been hesitant to dive into this particular subject. I want to keep my blog at its PG rating. At any rate, here is a post for those more reserved readers who wish to give my previous one a wide berth. I’ve posted on same-gender relationships before (more than once), most recently in conjunction with [Read More...]