Advice for those buying a used religion

This is a repost of something I wrote on my old blog about Carl Sagan’s The Varieties of Scientific Experience, which are essentially a transcript of his Gifford Lectures. Sagan’s approach to religion is so thoughtful, level-headed, and rational that it is tempting to advocate “Saganism”, an approach to truth that is open to both [Read More...]

Lightweight Atheists Pummeling A Corpse

The new atheists. Others have called them “soft-core atheists” and “amateur atheists”. What follows is a review of two books by theologians critical of the “new atheism”, and one book by an atheist whose writing and vision have more substance than that of the “new atheists”. I love reading books simultaneously that complement or contrast [Read More...]

Science Fiction News

This post includes a round up of some of today’s blogging about Expelled, a premiering today that claims to be about science and sounds likely to be mostly fiction. Higgaion has several posts about Expelled, as well as one about religion and science in the new X-Files movie, subtitled “I want to believe”. He also [Read More...]

Earthquake Headline Suggestion

The headlines always say things like “Earthquake Rocks Midwest”. So if you are a journalist, newspaper editor or reporter looking for a more interesting title, remember that it would be equally true to write “Midwest Rock Earthquakes”! [Read more...]

Earthshaking Event in Indiana

I’m not known for being a literalist, but this morning we did have an earthshaking event. This morning’s earthquake registered 5.4 on the Richter scale, apparently, and the epicenter was in southeast Illinois. The vibrations woke my wife and I up. We both realized it was an earthquake fairly quickly, but she was certain first, [Read More...]

Yoko Ono as Kali, Stomping on Ben Stein

A student of mine has created an image of Yoko Ono as the Hindu goddess Kali, standing on Ben Stein’s chest: Priceless… [Read more...]

Around the Evolving Blogosphere

Abnormal Interests and Notes From Off Center respond to a very strange question about evolution asked by Jim West. Jim has moved on to other subjects. Thoughts in a Haystack discusses a Bible-toting science teacher. Amused Muse has an Expelled round up. Further Thoughts covers a news story making the rounds in the blogosphere, which [Read More...]

Ben Stein: Judged and Expelled

Ben Stein’s worst nightmare… NOTE: Any resemblance to any other photograph of Ben Stein is completely coincidental. [Read more...]

Around the Blogosphere

The discussion on whether Jesus was wrong, and if so what the implications are, continues at The Busybody. J. C. Baker has a post on blogging and the academic job search. There is an Expelled plagiarism “paternity test” (HT Further Thoughts, Stranger Fruit, ERV, The Austringer and Panda’s Thumb). Open Parachute has a nice round-up [Read More...]

Confidential Transaction (I’ll Pass On The Villa, Thanks)

Do people actually fall for the sorts of e-mails that I sometimes share, like the one further below? Are people really able to convince themselves that if they share personal data with a stranger, they will get money out of the deal rather than getting ripped off? Would you buy a villa for a stranger? [Read More...]

Krister Stendahl

The Lead has broken the news of Krister Stendahl passing away. This was apparently sent by the dean at Harvard Divinity School: To the HDS community– It is with immense sadness, but also with immense thankfulness for a singular life wonderfully well-lived, that I write to inform you that Krister Stendahl, our beloved friend, teacher, [Read More...]

Definition of the Day

Attributes of God A-trih-byoots-uhv-gahd n.—Those qualifications we look for in a deity or spouse but secretly think describe ourselves. —from Crazy Talk: A Not-so-stuffy Dictionary of Theological Terms, Rolf A. Jacobson, Editor (Augsburg Fortress, 2008) [Read more...]

Making Authors Errant For The Sake Of Inerrancy?

As I work through assignments related to the infancy narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, I am surprised how many students quote other sources claiming that Matthew gives Joseph’s genealogy while Luke gives Mary’s. There is only one major problem with this suggestion: it isn’t what these Gospels say. Both give genealogies that [Read More...]

Expelled Exposed

I’ve just learned that the web site of the NCSE’s response to the movie Expelled is now “live”. It is called “Expelled Exposed“. Take a look! [Read more...]