Bibles Under Discussion

It seems that the op-ed piece I wrote about the Conservative Bible Project is currently the most viewed opinion piece on Yahoo! It is getting quite a bit of discussion there, as well as on the CS Monitor page on Facebook. And I was worried that the Conservative Bible Project was already getting to be [Read More...]

Liberalism’s Caped Crusaders?

Although I don’t recognize myself at all in John Hobbins’ depiction of “liberals” in the field of Biblical studies, I still thought I ought to share this photo of me and Ken Schenck from SBL this year. Perhaps others will see a resemblance that I have failed to… [Read more...]

The Syriac Interlinear Project

The Syriac Interlinear Project Call for Participation The Syriac Interlinear Project aims at producing a multi-tier interlinear edition of the Syriac Bible. The project is done with cooperation between Logos Software and Gorgias Press. The text of the New Testament is based on the British and Foreign Bible Society Edition, while the text of the [Read More...]


The faculty reading group I’ve organized has gotten a mention on the college’s web site. Thank you once again to all those who offered suggestions for books to read. We’ll meet to discuss the first of our books next week. In other news, The Only True God has been reviewed in ALA’s Choice Vol.47 No.4, [Read More...]

More on Conservatives, Liberals, and Scholarship

Entering into the discussion of conservatives and Biblical scholarship, Ken Schenck offered a detailed reflection. His most powerful point was about conservative publications as “innoculation” against other views. One doesn’t have to actually successfully make the case for this or that conservative viewpoint – it is often considered to be enough merely that there is [Read More...]

I Once Was LOST

(HT Doc Artz) [Read more...]

Translating The Bible Is No Joke

The Christian Science Monitor contacted me at the end of last week, asking if I could re-write a blog post of mine about the Conservative Bible Project for use as an op-ed piece. Today it appeared under the headline “Translating the Bible is no joke. But what’s in a political ‘translation’?” [Read more...]

Return of the She-Bears

Readers will remember the interesting multi-blog exploration of the story of Elisha and the she-bears that was sparked off by David Ker on his blog Lingamish. Well, here’s a video I happened across that tackles (in places, quite literally!) that same story: I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read that story again with [Read More...]

Digital Theses

The Butler University library staff continue to work on making digital resources available, including undergraduate honors theses and graduate theses, on a range of topics in the natural sciences, the fine arts, and the humanities – including religion. Among the latter is the thesis Eugene Boring wrote for his MA at Butler back in 1963, [Read More...]

The Return Of The Dread Pirate Wrong

At SBL this year, I suggested to Mark Goodacre that NT Wrong ought to be maintained not as a single mysterious individual but more like a “franchize.” In a manner comparable to the famed Dread Pirate Roberts, the mantle of being Wrong could be something that might pass from individual to individual. That way the [Read More...]

The Only True God is Cheaper In Canada

Today I learned of another review of The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context. This one is by Maer dos Santos on his blog Ancient Wisdom Today. I also learned that Canadians can buy the book on Amazon for far less than their neighbors south of the border in the US. [Read more...]


I just finished reading Dan Simmons’ novel Hyperion and my only complaint is that I did not know sooner that the book was going to end with a cliffhanger, necessitating the reading of the sequel, The Fall of Hyperion (which I’ve started reading). I don’t necessarily mind an author doing that – but I do [Read More...]

Best Dollhouse Yet

I know it has already been cancelled, but tonight’s two-part episode of Dollhouse was the best so far. It had surprising twists and turns, revelations that led to new questions, as well as humor. It will be sad to see it go, but what remains before then promises to thrill and to entertain. And don’t [Read More...]

Gorgias Press Book Grant Applications for 2010

This will surely be relevant to some readers: In its efforts to promote education, Gorgias Press offers annually the Gorgias Book Grant. This program offers outstanding graduate students grants in the form of Gorgias Press publications. Grants consist of books in the value of $500.00 per grant. Each year, two such grants are distributed. 2010 [Read More...]