Schroedinger’s Sardine

I’ve been enjoying the ABC sci-fi series FlashForward, but I was annoyed at how they botched the treatment of Schroedinger’s cat in the last episode. The original thought experiment envisaged a cat in a box into which no one can see, in which there is a poison the release of which will be triggered if [Read More...]

Exclusivity and the Name of God

Brian LePort has offered his reply in our continuing conversation about Islam, Christianity, and God or gods. [Read more...]

Turn Your Clock Back!

If you forgot to do it until now, these is still time to change your clock and then go back to sleep for another hour. Today’s the day! Click here for a couple of cartoons relevant to the occasion. [Read more...]

News From The Future: Pat Robertson Blamed For Christian Obesity

Due to my interest in time travel, I occasionally get sent news tidbits sent to me by well-meaning time travellers. I don’t share any of them that might actually change the course of history in some paradoxical way, but I don’t think there’s too much danger with this interesting item from thirty years from now, [Read More...]

That Doesn’t Exactly Settle It

The blog Letters From Kamp Krusty shared a Christian T-shirt which, even though I think the first phrase also deserved to be problematized, nevertheless represents an improvement over the simplistic slogan on which it was based. The image of the text on the t-shirt was too large to reproduce here, so head over there and [Read More...]

Happy All Hallows Eve

It’s All Hallows’ Eve – or, in the more popular shorthand version, Halloween. It is a wonderful Christian holiday, albeit one that is based on a view of the world and specific beliefs that many Christians today can no longer share – and so really little different from Christmas or Easter, when you think about [Read More...]

What’s Up With This Blinking Operating System?

I’ve installed Windows 7, and I’m pleased so far – with one exception. Since installing Windows 7, my monitor keeps switching off and on again automatically. I’ve seen some other people around the web complaining about a similar issue. So I guess this is the Windows 7 “black screen” issue. I’m not sure whether it [Read More...]

Burgers in the Bible and Beyond

Before I get to some Bible-related posts from around the blogosphere, I want to start with the burgers. They may not be in your Bible in so many words, but they are there in a fitting paraphrase to the final words of the Book of Jonah, which I picked up from one of my professors [Read More...]

The Sound Of The Show That Never Ends

One classic of progressive rock is Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Karn Evil 9 First Impression Part Two. Progressive rock is known for its long songs, and this one is no exception – and it has a long, multi-part title as well. But I doubt there’s anyone who has never heard this part of it: Other [Read More...]

Laughing With God and Regina Spektor

Jeremy at Free Old Testament Audio Blog shared this video of Regina Spektor singing her song “Laughing With”: I had never heard the song before, but agree with Jeremy, who wrote that “This is probably one of the best, most thought provoking songs I’ve heard in a very long time. It reflects the human heart’s [Read More...]

Windows 7?

Many of you know that probably the all-time most visited page on my blog is a solution to a problem with Windows Vista, namely getting a black screen after you log in. Having suffered with Vista, I have been eager to try Windows 7, which so far is getting good reviews as, if nothing else, [Read More...]

Questioning Q…and Mark

Having read Mark Goodacre’s The Case Against Q, I followed up by reading the volume he co-edited with Nicholas Perrin, Questioning Q. It contains a lot of interesting and intriguing studies, but part of the problem with the study of the Synoptic Gospels and their interrelationship is that, as with the historical Jesus, it is [Read More...]

John, Jesus, and History Volume 2

I received an e-mail today from the Society of Biblical Literature about a new volume that I think is really interesting – and not just because I’m one of the contributors! The question of what if anything historians can do with the Fourth Gospel has received a lot of attention, but developments in Johannine studies, [Read More...] Reboot

They’ve successfully rebooted Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek. They made a stab at Bionic Woman and Knight Rider. V is soon to appear on ABC. And so it was only a matter of time until got rebooted as well. John Hobbins has the latest on this, including a draft of criteria for inclusion. Those [Read More...]