Kevin Padian Video: Investigating Evolution

Blog readers may be interested in the video featuring Kevin Padian: Investigating Evolution, from Grace Cathedral. The link will take you there. For some reason, when I try to embed it, I get a video about Wikipedia instead. So you can take your pick! [Read more...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 9 3/4

We’ve reached a turning point. On the one hand, there is the entry posted on my blog, claiming to be from my future self. Is it authentic? If so, am I telling the truth, or is this simply an indication that, in the future, I’ve joined the upper eschelons of the Guild of Biblical Minimalists [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 4,815,162,342

This post is being backdated from the future. By this time, in the year 2038, it has been proven impossible for individuals to travel through time, but transtemporal blogging has been shown viable. Using top secret research about which I can say no more lest I rewrite history more drastically than I already plan to, [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 8

Armed with this new information, I was determined to confront James Crossley at SBL in Boston. I finally tracked him down at the Sheffield reception. After I secretly poisoned his champagne and he was unaffected, he had to admit the truth. Yes, he is indeed descended from two of those resurrected saints of lore. Yes, [Read More...]

The Burial of Jesus: Now (Almost) Available Through Eisenbrauns

The book has been listed on Eisenbrauns. It doesn’t seem to be completely into the system, but it seems to be possible to order it. Try it and see! The Burial of Jesus:History and Faith by James F. McGrathBookSurge, 2008142 pages, EnglishPaperISBN: 9781439210178Your Price: $ [Read more...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 7

I admit, for a moment or two I suspected that Roland Boer might have created NT Wrong, Chris Tilling, and Tom Verenna merely with the aim of then proving none of them existed. But such an investigation, I soon realized, could only distract me from the important clue which has very recently been removed from [Read More...]

Somewhat Evangelical

That’s how I ranked in the quiz that Jim West directed us to. And that sounds about right. There seems to be an increase in willingness among at least some Evangelicals to be self-critical. And one good but challenging place to start, if you haven’t already, is by watching the video excerpt from God on [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 6

That NT Wrong might be a fictional creation occurred to many. That the same might be true of Chris Tilling will have come as a shock, but in fact a simple search on Yahoo! for “Chrisendom” turns up evidence that it has existed for hundreds of years. But where does the trail to the real [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Heinz Pagels)

“The capacity to tolerate complexity and welcome contradiction, not the need for simplicity and certainty, is the attribute of an explorer. Centuries ago, when some people suspended their search for absolute truth and began instead to ask how things worked, modern science was born. Curiously, it was by abandoning the search for absolute truth that [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 5

In the case of identity of the mysterious NT Wrong, surely Chris Tilling is above suspicion, right? Perhaps when it comes to the question of earlier underlying sources. But when it comes to the identity of the ecclesiastical redactor, the one ultimately responsible for the final form of the NT Wrong blog (which, from the [Read More...]

On the Trail of NT Wrong, Part 4

Some have suggested that NT Wrong may be multiple people. He has been identified as a straight white male, and as a black lesbian woman. She has been identified as a scholar of Hebrew Bible, of the New Testament, of the Dead Sea Scrolls, or of Monty Python. Since this puzzle relates to a biblioblog, [Read More...]

On The Trail of NT Wrong, Part 3

J. C. Baker has posted twice, on the identity of NT Wrong and more proof that Mark Goodacre is NT Wrong. A remark made in the context of his posts suggests J. C. is deeply pained by his failure to make the Top 50 Bibliobloggers’ list. This leads us to suspect that in fact…J. C. [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong, Part 2

But (as a detective in an Agatha Christie finale might say, having led you to believe that they had identified the murderer by providing motive and opportunity), it turns out that while ETS was on, Mark Goodacre was wandering Boston wearing a cricketing outfit with a piece of celery pinned to the lapel, looking for [Read More...]

On The Trail Of NT Wrong

I have several theories about the identity of NT Wrong. All of them are bunk. I will post them anyway. Be that as it may, in the course of my extensive investigations (= reading NT Wrong’s blog posts from time to time), I have uncovered a few clues that may help us deduce the true [Read More...]