Battlestar Galactica Finds Earth

In the mid-season “finale” of Battlestar Galactica, entitled “Revelations“, there were indeed amazing revelations made. The identities of four of the final five become known to Cylons and humans alike. And as a result, both groups find Earth. It is a wasteland, still tainted by radiation, the landscape littered with the ruins of a civilization. [Read More...]

Another Who’s Who Scam

Today I received another solicitation to be included in a Who’s Who volume. This time it was Madison Who’s Who. As I have said before, this is nothing more than a solicitation of money in exchange to print your name somewhere. No prestige, no personal assessment of your achievement, is involved. Note the generic “Dear [Read More...]

How I Know Barack Obama Is NOT The Antichrist

There has been a lot of discussion around the internet about whether Barack Obama could be the antichrist. I hope this post will address this issue from the perspective of serious study of the New Testament rather than the popular ignorance that all to many gullible Christians in our time seem to be taken in [Read More...]

Whispering the Doctor’s Name

I just got caught up and watched the two-part Doctor Who episode(s) “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead“. We’ve been given snippets of hints at the Doctor’s identity before – in one episode in the Tom Baker era, an old acquaintance knew him by the name Theta Sigma – which is the [Read More...]

Quote for Fathers’ Day (Mike Rutherford)

With my family all around me I’ve all the riches I can hold I’m a beggar Sitting on a beach of gold (Mike and the Mechanics, “Beggar on a Beach of Gold“) [Read more...]

Heavenly Origin of Life (and Doritos Customers)

It is interesting to note the literally out of this world news that has appeared recently… On the one hand, there are early reports that scientists have confirmed the extraterrestrial origin of organic molecules in a meteorite, suggesting that, however much progress may be made research on how life may have formed on earth, it [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere (The End of the Banana Argument)

Apparently the prediction that the world would end was slighly off. In fact, what ended was the era of the banana argument. Chuck Blanchard blogs about John Haught. Iyov wonders why I didn’t comment on the latest news from the Discovery Institute. Bay of Fundie has a flow chart to help you figure out if [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere (From the Intelligent Design Society of Kansas to the End of the World)

I hope everyone will get a kick out of the spoof site Intelligent Design Society of Kansas (HT Amused Muse). Be sure to poke around and read things like the FAQ and research pages! AIG Busted is highlighting recent observations of evolution producing new “information” and Science Avenger also mentions Behe’s denial of it. Michael [Read More...]

Three Questions for James McGrath

John Hobbins at Ancient Hebrew Poetry decided to reinvigorate the blogosphere by starting a meme/blog-a-thon in which two bloggers reciprocally ask each other a set number of challenging questions. He gave me the honor of being first. Visit his blog to read his three questions and my answers: (1) Reframing the God debate(2) Scary experiences [Read More...]

Left Behind With Obama

The more I think about the fact that so many blogs and web sites are speculating about Barack Obama being the antichrist, the more annoyed and puzzled I get. I once used to be part of this apocalyptic-oriented Evangelicalism, until actually reading the Book of Revelation and paying attention to the details persuaded me that [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere (Barack Obama the Antichrist?)

Undeception points out another young-earth creationist claim that can be laid to rest (although if their past actions are anything to go by, the scientific evidence for their claim being false won’t stop them repeating it and believing it). Open Parachute highlights the challenges of coming out as a Christian who is persuaded by the [Read More...]

Celtic Chimps and Silly Stories

Somehow I found myself involved in a discussion of the Genesis creation stories on a blog called The Celtic Chimp. I hope to resume regular posting soon (although I suspect the amount of work I’ve caught up on recently and the lack of regular blogging may be connected somehow). [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Ulemai Islam)

“Time is the creator, it knows no limits, no one is above it, it has no foundation in anything, it has always existed and will exist for ever, and the wise one asks not ‘Whence comes time?’” (Ulemai Islam, quoted in Svend Aage Pallis, Mandaean Studies (Amsterdam: Philo Press, 1926) p.69). [Read more...]

Stroke of Insight

I recently was made aware of the interesting experience of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, who had a stroke that resulted in an experience akin to that described by Buddhists as Nirvana. There is a web page about her work entitled My Stroke Of Insight, as well as the video clip below. I’m very interested in [Read More...]