Jim West Returns!

Someone hacked Dr. Jim West’s blog, and so it is a sad day in the blogosphere for all who value intelligent discussion of serious issues related to theology and the Bible. But there is happy news: he seems willing to start over! [UPDATE: Bob MacDonald at Sufficiency has made an archived version of the posts [Read More...]


When the moon moves across the face of the sunWe see it in ways we could not otherwiseWe see other things blotted from view by its brilliance.When the moon darkens and turns redWe become aware of the shadow we cast.When the possibility of proof becomes elusiveThe importance of story comes into focus.When certainty slips awayThe [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Philip Hefner)

“The question about which story is truer is not equivalent to which story is more factual, because we weave the facts and the stories in the same cloth, like warp and weft on a loom” (Philip Hefner, Technology and Human Becoming (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 2003) p.69). [Read more...]

Random Acts of Silliness (and Sorrow)

Some of you may have noticed that from time to time I turn words here and there throughout a post into links to all sorts of silly pages around the web. Earlier today, in doing that, I unintentionally gave the impression that I was connecting that page with someone I was disagreeing with. I apologize [Read More...]

Wisdom and Foolishness, Pride and Judgment

Two recent posts nicely illustrate how creationists claim to be wise and how (a la Romans 1:22) they have in the process become fools. 1 Corinthians 4:3-5 includes some favorite verses conservative Evangelicals love to apply to themselves, but less willing to apply to the case of others (as I can say from personal experience): [Read More...]

Sometimes They Go Bad

Monday’s episode (“Dungeons and Dragons”) of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles explored further the comparison between child rearing and the perils of artificial intelligence. This may have been too subtle for some viewers to pick up on, though. Key lines in the episode include the following: The reference to Skynet by its maker as having [Read More...]

The Golden Rule vs. Slavery

I have long had an interest in the Bible and slavery. The same arguments that were used by slaveholders to justify the institution are recycled again in later times in relation to gender roles, homosexuality, and other issues. This subject illustrates nicely the difference between those who at least claim to focus on the details [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Pisteuomen shared a YouTube video of George W. Bush, intending it to cast aspersions on his religious views, because they don’t match up with one particular Evangelical understanding of salvation. In fact, if anything, it makes Bush look better than he might have otherwise. You be the judge. R. T. Jones, by contrast, shows that [Read More...]

Future Scanner

If you are wondering what the future will bring, you no longer need a time machine to find out. Future Scanner will give you the best of the web and the blogosphere not for the years that have already been, but for those that are still to come. It’s worth a look! [Read more...]

Thanks for the Help, Satan!

Today in my class on Paul’s letters we discussed the passage where Paul tells the Corinthians to hand a particular individual over to Satan. Here’s what one student blogged about it (developing further on a comment she made in class): 1 Corinthians 4:5. “…you are to deliver this man to Satan 4 for the destruction [Read More...]

Shoehorning Evidence

Denyse O’Leary still doesn’t get it. Although if she is correct in claiming that Charles Walcott willfully ignored the implications of the Burgess Shale, which he discovered, then there might be an appropriate criticism to be made. But given that he gathered tens of thousands of specimens and returned to the site repeatedly, he was [Read More...]

Fundamentalists’ Worst Nightmare? Religious Education

There is an interesting post at The Secular Outpost responding to objections issuing from the Discovery Institute about (wait for it) introducing discussion of religion into the biology classroom. Why? Because it isn’t the right kind of religion. Talking about religion in public education has never been unconstitutional. Information about the Bible as literature can [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Noreen L. Herzfeld)

“Cybernetic immortality is the dream of a few highly educated North American white men. It provides a model for the continuance of the thoughts of a few but seems an unlikely way to offer immortality to the masses” (Noreen L. Herzfeld, In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2002) p.75). [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Ritva H. Williams)

“Our deep immersion in cultures in which communication occurs primarily through print and electronic media that require high levels of literacy, together with the fact that the only extant artifacts of the Jesus movement and its successors are texts, have blinded us to the reality that the latter were produced in predominantly oral cultures” (Ritva [Read More...]