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Jim West pointed out this clip from “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” on YouTube. The documentary is controversial among fundamentalists, since it dares to present information that is common knowledge among all people who bother reading what Biblical scholars write. [shock, horror] Biblische Ausbildung has this great cartoon: Shuck & Jive has a Q&A; with Michael [Read More...]

LOST Exodus from Season 1

I just finished watching season 1 of LOST. What a marvellous bit of television LOST is! Just like the Black Rock made us presume there was a rock rather than a boat out there in the “Dark Territory”, the naming of Aaron and the naming of the three-hour, two-part season finale “Exodus” was a false [Read More...]

Reviews of the Fall of the Evangelical Nation

Christine Wicker has been kind enough to include a link to my post about her recent book, The Fall of the Evangelical Nation, on her own blog. Since she only links to my blog and not the specific post, here’s a link to the relevant post for those who’ve come here from there looking for [Read More...]

Christian Prophecy and the Words of Jesus

There has been some discussion in the biblioblogosphere in recent days about the possibility that words of Christian prophets, which would have been understood to be the words of the risen Christ, became intermingled in the oral (and eventually the written) traditions about Jesus in early Christianity. The conversation began at Singing in the Reign [Read More...]

Another Quote for Tomorrow (Tony Campolo)

“In reality, conservatives and liberals need each other: Conservatives maintain many lines that should never be crossed, while liberals destroy many lines that should never have existed” (Tony Campolo, Red Letter Christians, p.36). [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (Tony Campolo)

“One of the main reasons I became a Christian was that I was told I would be joining an army that was doing battle with evil forces, powers that were all too evident and often in control of the world around me. I was told that I would be joining with other Christians and participating [Read More...]

When Christians Disagree: Introduction

I’ve posted a summary of what we covered in my Sunday School class this morning, in the first introductory session on the subject “When Christians Disagree”, on the church’s blog. [Read more...]

Deus ex Machina LOST Boone

I just watched the LOST season 1 episode “Deus ex Machina“. It was great to finally see the other end of the transmission I heard soon after I started watching the show, when the “tailies” heard a voice on the other end of a transmission, claiming to be survivors of Oceanic flight 815. What is [Read More...]

M-Audio Session Keystudio

I recently bought the M-AUDIO Session KeyStudio. For less than a hundred dollars on, you get a 49-key keyboard MIDI controller and Session software. I already had Mixcraft installed, and so I tend to use that for recording. It also includes drum and other loops. The keyboard is just a MIDI controller – it [Read More...]

Why the Red Sox Always LOST the World Series

In the episode of LOST from season 1 entitled “Outlaws“, Sawyer meets Christian Shepherd in a bar in Australia. Christian tells Sawyer that he is too weak to do that which could fix everything – call his son and tell him that he loves him, and that he’s grateful and proud because of what he [Read More...]

Two More Fans Needed

Thanks to everyone who helped identify my blog in its blog network on Facebook. It seems I need a mere two more fans of my blog’s network in order for them to add my feed to it. If any two regular readers who are on Facebook could oblige, I’d be most grateful! [Read more...]

Extraterrestrial Visitors?

A friend of mine sent me links to a number of YouTube videos in which respectable individuals speak about extraterrestrials. I’ll just reproduce them here, and invite comments on how convincing or unconvincing these testimonies seem. I know we have a community here interested in (among other things) distinguishing science from pseudoscience, and distinguishing scholarship [Read More...]

A Survey of Public Understanding of Evolution

There is an online survey of how (and how well) people understand the scientific theory of evolution. It is probably worth contributing to, although the possible answers are constricting in places. The only type of God that is asked about is that of classical theism, and so they will inevitably have significant numbers who end [Read More...]

LOST Mothers of the Chosen

My viewing of season 1 of LOST continues. The episode “Not Raised By Another” shows again just how much of later developments were indeed in mind early on. We’ve already been told that the finding of “Adam and Eve” in the caves was an important clue intended to ensure that, whatever twists and turns might [Read More...]