Quote of the Day (Evan Esar)

“America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week” (Evan Esar, American Humorist) . [Read more...]

The Invasion and the Incarnation

An entity descends to earth and takes on human flesh, proclaiming human flesh, spreading the “good news” that all humanity can be one, war can be ended, and peace and unity can prevail. If this story sounds familiar, you must have seen The Invasion, the most recent remake of The Body Snatchers, this time starring [Read More...]

Around the Battlestar: He That Misseth The Season Premiere Shall Not Perish

I’ve yet to watch the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica, which aired last night. So I am sharing posts that I won’t actually read until I’ve seen the episode itself: Galactica Sitrep tells you where to find the episode if you missed it.IO9 live blogged the episode, and also has a post on the stats [Read More...]

No Phishing

I sometimes post about e-mail scams. This particular phishing scam is not one that I’ve encountered so far, but it is specifically affecting institutions of higher education, so I thought I’d mention it. Details can be found in the Chronicle of Higher Education. [Read more...]


I doubt any of you could forget, but don’t forget that tonight Battlestar Galactica returns. The religious themes will apparently continue to be explored. IO9 recently asked how Cylons might convert others to their religion. The clip they featured seemed less interesting than answers to the question ought to be. Perhaps we can discuss it [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (P. Z. Myers)

“If you’ve got a religious belief that withers in the face of observations of the natural world, you ought to rethink your beliefs — rethinking the world isn’t an option” (P. Z. Myers on Pharyngula) [HT Jeff the Fish. See also the quote Mike Beidler shares at Creation of an Evolutionist] [Read more...]

Dig It!

Those who subscribe to the Biblical Archaeology Society’s e-mail updates will already be aware of the resource Find a Dig, which provides information about opportunities to volunteer and participate in archaeological digs in various parts of the world. Personally it is something I hope to find the time to do one day… [Read more...]

Biblical Studies Carnival, Form Critical Amusement Park

Thoughts on Antiquity is hosting this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. If you are looking for something more than a carnival – say a full-blown Biblical Studies amusement park, you might want to try A Guy In The Pew, who has this: [Read more...]

Strange Journalism Issue At Butler University

Butler University has been in the news lately because of a question asked by Butler journalism student Evan Strange to Chelsea Clinton, who recently visited our campus. Evan Strange apparently asked Chelsea how she would respond to those who accuse her mother of displaying weakness in her response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, in a [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Daniel Ruth)

By the twisted logic of Storms’ “Academic Freedom Act,” what is to prevent teachers from telling students – because they feel like it – the Holocaust never happened, or that the 1969 moon landing was nothing more than a Hollywood sound stage hoax, or that Barack Obama is a Muslim? That’s not “Academic Freedom.” It’s [Read More...]

Under New Management

There is a post relating to Greta Vosper and her recent book on Andrew Krystal’s blog. I have yet to read Vosper’s book, but it is clear that the most fundamental disagreement between progressive Christians and fundamentalist ones is on the human character of the Bible and the church. That’s why I decided to have [Read More...]

Benna the Stein

Quidam has given his previous creation competition with this one featuring “Benna the Stein“. Captions he has suggested include: “This evolutionist is my kind of scum…”“You mean carbonate isn’t the same as carbonite?”“No sneaking into OUR movie”“You weak-minded fool, he’s using an old evolutionist mind trick! “ but perhaps the best is Kristine’s… “There will [Read More...]

Still Not Expelled From Expelled

I am impressed that my own story about unfair expulsion and censorship is still up at the Expelled web site. I wonder if PZ has thought about posting his story about being “expelled” on the movie’s own web page, to see what happens. Only one person has answered my “photoshop this” challenge so far. Well [Read More...]

Freedom Friday?

The funniest April Fools jokes are the ones made by people trying to be serious. The folks promoting the movie Expelled are billing its release as “Freedom Friday”. But the funniest part is that the promotional e-mail suggests renting a theater for a local showing. Why is this hilarious? Because last I heard, the movie’s [Read More...]