New National Poll Seeks Christian Participants

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS, November 6, 2007 – A leading Christian publisher launches a new polling initiative to gauge the opinion of a broad range of Christians on theology, politics, and cultural issues in the United States. It is called, and polling participants are being recruited now. The project follows national research commissioned by Christianity [Read More...]

Churchgoing as Antidote for Reading

This month’s The Writer Magazine’s short piece about a poll result indicating that “The United States is not a reading nation” (p.9) is not surprising. But one particular detail, if not necessarily surprising, is certainly striking and thought-provoking. In the poll conducted by Associated Press/Ipsos, it was found that over the past year, “Churchgoers read [Read More...]

Hail Mary (News From The Future)

A colleague of mine, whose work on time travel has been reasonably successful, takes delight in sharing religious news from the future with me. Here is an op-ed piece from ten years from now that he brought back, which readers of this blog may find interesting: Our Lady Of Wisdom (November 6th, 2017) “History teaches [Read More...]

The Real Me

In my Star Trek-related post I shared a link to a survey with Spock’s picture, since he was relevant to the post. But if you want to know who the survey identifies me as… [Read more...]

The Google Meme

The Notes From Off Center blog shared this with anyone interested, and I’ve been curious about it for a while, so I thought I’d try it and do what was done there – infect yourself if you so choose! These are some keyword combinations that, when entered on Google’s search engine, produce my blog as [Read More...]

Journalism 101

I’ve just had my second major experience of giving an interview for a journalism student who, when the time came for an article to be written based on the interview, came up with a string of “quotations” (in quotation marks both because the student actually called them this, and because they don’t resemble anything I [Read More...]

How far we’ve come (Things I’ve Learned From Star Trek)

To get a sense of just how much has changed in the past half century, just watch these bloopers from the original Star Trek series. The part that made the biggest impression on me is the way Capt. Kirk and others keep walking into doors. The automatic door Star Trek led us to hope for [Read More...]

Historical Tradition in the Gospel of Peter

How long can oral tradition preserve information? The available evidence shows that, while the idea of preserving a complete story, word for word, in all its details and in order over even relatively short periods is all but impossible without the aid of writing, small pieces of information and tradition certainly can be preserved. One [Read More...]

How Mark’s Gospel Originally Ended

I have posted before (twice, in fact) on the question of how Mark’s Gospel originally ended, but without really discussing in depth what I think or why I think it. I am persuaded that the original Gospel of Mark did not end abruptly in 16:8 (as our earliest evidence would suggest). The ending is awkward, [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Ian Ramjohn)

“I think the “Pro-Life” movement has little interest in what happens to people after birth” (Ian Ramjohn). Another blog I read regularly, Notes From Off-Center, also discusses this issue and the article that sparked the above quote. [Read more...]

Taking Things On Faith

In student papers, I regularly read that things are supposed to be ‘taken on faith’. In terms of what they mean by this, there is simply no such teaching in the Bible. Neither is what they are proposing a good idea. The closest one might get to it is the story of Thomas in the [Read More...]

A Map Of The World Of Bible Bloggers

The Ancient Hebrew Poetry blog has posted a ‘map of the world of Bible bloggers‘. It is remarkable just how many there are. It is also remarkable to consider how posts by scholars, students, clergy and others are instantly available to readers from every corner of the globe. I must admit I was pretty happy [Read More...]

Expelled and Infected, All In One Day

Now that I’ve been banned from Uncommon Descent, presumably I can now confidently talk about pots and kettles and things like that whenever I hear proponents of Intelligent Design whine about censorship. I disagree strongly with Richard Dawkins about a number of things, but I will say this – I posted something critical of his [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Casey Luskin)

“identifying the designer can’t be done by science. It is a strictly theological question” (Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute) I just had to make this my “Quote of the Day” today. Not only did the Discovery Institute respond to my accusation of dishonesty, but they were kind enough to illustrate it! Luskin goes on [Read More...]