LOST and Found

Tonight’s episode of LOST continues to explore the time-hopping experience of those who remained on the island, as well as the gathering (at ever-increasing pace) of the Oceanic 6. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, spoilers follow. The fast pace presumably is not only because they only have 70 hours to accomplish it, but [Read More...]

2009 Inspiration Awards — for Inspirational Bloggers

I’m honored that Pastor Bob Cornwall would single out my blog from among so many as one that he particularly finds inspiring. Thank you! It is my duty to pass on the honor to others. As I try to do so, I find it incredibly difficult to narrow down the extensive list of blogs I [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Candace Chellew-Hodge)

“Those who challenge our beliefs or push our emotional buttons are in our lives to teach us how to go deeper into ourselves and defuse our emotional hot buttons. Opposition is a gift to LGBT believers because it forces us to consider our beliefs and why we believe them. We can’t complacently or blithely give [Read More...]

Recession Hits The Galactic Empire

Apparently the economic struggles of the present day are not limited to our planet or our galaxy. Here’s a video of ex-Emperor Palpatine’s struggle to find work here on Earth: (HT SF Signal) [Read more...]

Spontaneous Generation in the Bible?

My reference to spontaneous generation in my last blog entryhas generated some interesting discussion, so I thought it would be good to single out that subject in a separate post, and give it the attention it deserves.The subject is connected not only to the simple (ha!) question of what the Biblical authors wrote, but also [Read More...]

Sunday School: Genesis 1:1-2:3

Today in my Sunday school class we started a series on the creation stories. Before trying to ask how the natural sciences might cause us to reflect in new and different ways about God and our place in the universe, it is usually helpful for Christians to look first at the creation stories, and consider [Read More...]

Top 50 Biblioblogs for January 2009

Many thanks to NT Wrong for arising (like an ancient fertility deity or the Great Pumpkin) to list the top 50 biblioblogs for the month of January. I am grateful for the honor of being #1, but perhaps even more grateful for the other very interesting blogs that have once again been brought to my [Read More...]

A prayer of repentance to be said after succumbing to the urge to forward a goofy email

David Ker has composed this lovely prayer of repentance to be said after succumbing to the urge to forward a goofy email: God, I hang my head in shame.My idiotic emails have tarnished your name. Instead of spreading lucidity.I have been a proclaimer of stupidity. Words of praise to you should be my song.Not forwarded [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (John Walton)

“We should not expect the Bible to answer the questions that arise from our own time and culture. Genesis was written to Israelites and addressed human origins in light of the questions they would have had. We should not try to make modern science out of the information that we are given, but should try [Read More...]

Die Tote Stadt

A blog I just found out about, Entartete Musik, is blogging Korngold’s opera Die Tote Stadt. [Read more...]

Around the Blogosphere in a Time Loop

April DeConick has concluded that the Jesus reconstructed by Norman Perrin and by the Jesus Seminar are “bankrupt”. She helpfully clarifies that this doesn’t lead her to a “mythicist” position, because “parallels between Jesus’ myth and other ancient myths tell us nothing about whether or not he lived as a real person. It only tells [Read More...]

LOST: The Polar Bear Explained

Contrary to what I’ve still sometimes seen on web pages and blogs, we now pretty much have all the pieces of the puzzle to make sense of the presence of polar bears on the island. (1) Charlotte visited a site in Tunisia where a skeleton of a polar bear, wearing a Dharma Initiative logo on [Read More...]

Goodbye Rabbit Ears?

I was surprised to read in today’s New York Times, in an article about the move to digital TV, a reference to “a public-service campaign that after Feb. 17 the rooftop antenna connected to [one's] television would no longer function properly”. This is not in fact correct. When I purchased my current HDTV, I bought [Read More...]

Why LOST may be the best Soap Opera since the invention of the Wireless

I watched LOST tonight with a bit of a delay, as my TV is on the fritz. Fortunately I was able to record it and then watch it on the computer screen. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, this post contains spoilers. The episode “Jughead” has so much that makes LOST great in it, [Read More...]