Yahoo! Beta Mail Scam

I’m going to try to make a habit of posting on scam spam (there’s so much of it perhaps we should just call it scpam for short), for the benefit of the gullible. People regularly find their way to my blog searching for information about scams and hoaxes. Here’s a recent addition to my inbox. [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Ben Witherington has a nice little Christmas sermon, although there are many difficulties with his depiction of what happened (whether on a literary level or a historical one). He is certainly right that “there was no inn in the room”. The word translated “inn” in many English versions of the story is translated “upper room” [Read More...]

Indianapolis Marion County Public Library’s New Central Library Grand Opening Today!

Indianapolis Marion County Public Library’s new Central Library building will be having its grand opening to the public in a little over an hour from now. I got to see it Friday at a reception for friends and family of employees, donors and friends of the library. It is spectacular and gives any public library [Read More...]

ID Like To Make A Prediction

A recent post at Uncommon Descent offered a prediction about what ought to be the case regarding E. coli, with an invitation to ‘anyone’ that might be interested in running the experiment. As I read the post, it struck me that the study of this hypothesis would neither support nor disprove anything about ID, as [Read More...]

Many Paths Lead To Exploring Our Matrix

Some keyword searches that have led people to my blog. Others have shared theirs and I’ve found them amusing. Mine can scarcely compete, but at least they illustrate the range of interests our fellow human beings have. The words in parentheses are my comments. deja vu god has made up his mindstudy on dihydrogen monoxidedeath [Read More...]

When Parody Mirrors Reality

I did not, in actual fact, receive an e-mail from Christopher Hitchens. I had presumed that, if nothing else, the “P.S. Please don’t tell anyone” added at the end of the message which I posted on my blog would give it away. That anyone could take it seriously indicates that what FTK does is precisely [Read More...]

Archaeology News: Large House Adjacent Temple Mount

A large house has been discovered adjacent to the temple mount in Jerusalem, dating from the second temple period. The Jerusalem Post also has a story about this, and a video clip. See Biblical Archaeology for all the latest news! [Read more...]

Peer Review a Career Stopper?

There are lots of discussions of tenure and peer review, particularly as relates to evolution, intelligent design and such topics. Here’s what I wrote in a comment responding to someone who suggested that peer review, rather than intelligent design, is the career-killer: Peer review prevents the academy from being hijacked by people-pleasers who say what [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (John Pieret)

“I suppose it is only to be expected in a place famous for watch making” (John Pieret, about the Swiss creationist movement). [Read more...]

Christmas Present For Star Wars Fans

For those not boycotting Christmas because it is either too Christian, or not Christian enough, or too commercialized, or not commercialized enough, let me recommend the Star Wars Miniatures Game. It is nowhere near as complex as your typical role playing game, but a lot more flexible and imaginative than the typical constraints of the [Read More...]

Breaking News: FTK Admits He Is Really Christopher Hitchens

FTK (or “For The Kids“) is the name of a blogger who engages in antiscientific tirades using unchristian rhetoric allegedly for the benefit of Christ and her own children. In a top secret memo leaked today, anonymous blogger FTK has acknowledged being none other than atheist author Chris Hitchens. Dear Prof. McGrath, Okay, I admit [Read More...]

Coining a term

I’ve posted a poll in the right hand column to let you decide. I want to coin a new term for something that baffles you so much that you feel you must blog about it. Should we say such things are “mind blogging” or “mind bloggling”? [Read more...]

How To Choose A Republican Candidate

The questioner who asked “Do you believe every word in this book?” said that that question will tell us “everything we need to know” about the Republican candidates. I think he is right, although I’m not sure if the way I assess the answers is the same as the questioner’s intent. Giuliani was courageous and [Read More...]

Heresy: Try It, It’s Good For You!

A colleague shared with me issue 56 of Philosophy Now magazine, which was devoted to the subject of heresy. If you can get access to it, there is a great cartoon by Chris Madden on p.27, a variation on another of his famous cartoons. Since I can’t share the cartoon, I’ll have to settle for [Read More...]