Keith Ward, Big Questions in Science and Religion 8: Can Science Provide a Wholly Naturalistic Explanation for Moral and Religious Beliefs?

It has been a while since my last entry in this series on Keith Ward’s book The Big Questions in Science and Religion. Chapter 8 looks at attempts to explain morality, and religious beliefs, in evolutionary terms. His short answer is that, unless one accepts a purely reductionistic approach, then we cannot. We may be [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Ken Schenck)

Ken Schenck has begun a series on the antichrist over at Quadrilateral Thoughts. Here’s a sample from today’s post: In short, those who relate these parts of Revelation to contemporary events have ended up looking stupid every single time thus far. Just think of all the people who have speculated about who the Antichrist will [Read More...]

The Official Website of the New Administration

A student sent me the link to the official web site of the president elect, Barack Obama, outlining the vision for his and Joe Biden’s administration. It is definitely worth a look. The site has the catchy title [Read more...]

Quote of the Day (David Ker)

My brethren, stop being so stupid. Stop forwarding half-cocked emails based on bad logic and spite. The British journalist about choked on his microphone when the seemingly intelligent general manager of an ethanol plant in Missouri started talking about how he could never vote for Obama because he’s scared and in Revelation 13 it says [Read More...]

The First African-American President

I am delighted that Barack Obama has been elected the next president of the United States. I am proud of our nation and am thrilled by what Obama’s election represents. And yet I remain troubled, not by his victory, but by the way the language used to speak about it and about him indicates that [Read More...]

Enough Already: Our Next President and the Book of Revelation

I thought that perhaps after the election, the number of visitors to my blog who arrive here via search engines, searching for keywords like “Obama” and “Revelation 13″ and “antichrist” would decrease and eventually stop. At the moment, it seems that there is, if anything, an increase. If you’re interested in the Book of Revelation, [Read More...]

“This is a historic election” – Congratulations President Obama!

As I prepared to write a post congratulating president Barack Obama, and Indiana, the state I live in, for its role, John McCain’s concession speech came on TV. McCain spoke of his genuine admiration for Obama, and eloquently articulated the historic significance of this moment in our nation’s history. I hope that McCain’s supporters will [Read More...]

Vote the Bible

The Christian Coalition is telling people to “vote the Bible” (HT Notes From Off Center). Unfortunately, they appear not to have read it. All the Bible has to say specifically and unambiguously on that subject is to mandate abortion in cases of infidelity (Numbers 5:11-31). This is not to say that abortion should not be [Read More...]

What Jesus Said and Did: 1) Prayer in Gethsemane

I’ve been wanting for a while now to begin a series on the evidence for various things having been said and done by, to, or in connection with the historical figure of Jesus. Time constraints between now and the end of November will mean that any posts I offer between now and then will be [Read More...]

Vote for the Calrissian-Chewbacca Ticket

See more funny videos at Funny or Die HT SF Signal [Read more...]

Obama is a Christian

This post is for those who currently find themselves opposing Obama because of religious reasons, rumors they’ve heard, and things like that. I want to emphasize, now in the last hours before voting, but also potentially for the sake of our next president, that Obama is a Christian. He has a personal connection to and [Read More...]

Skynet Doesn’t Believe In You Like I Do

Tonight’s episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [NOTE: spoilers follow] brings in “faith” from the very first moments, as a shapeshifting terminator arrives looking for agent Ellison, only to be stopped by another (familiar) terminator. Was the first one intending to kill Ellison? What is the nature of the division between factions among the [Read More...]

Gibbering Numbskulls

Thanks to Nelu Balaj for pointing out George Monbiot’s article about anti-intellectualism in American politics and the way it baffles those who watch American politics from afar. [Read more...]

Hear the Ginza

I’ve finished off or am about to finish off several other projects that have been nearing completion, and then will be turning almost all of my attention to finishing off one of my conference papers for SBL. One of my papers relates to the Mandaeans, and I’ve regularly pointed out where texts related to the [Read More...]