The Argument From Incredulity

“I can’t imagine how this could possibly have happened. Therefore, it didn’t happen”. The argument from incredulity is a classic used by young-earth creationists, and more recently by cdesign proponentsists. Dave Scot at Uncommon Descent begins by posing the question “which came first, the caterpillar or the butterfly” and then goes on to present this [Read More...]

Christians With Closed Hearts And Minds

Mystical Seeker has drawn attention to the e-mail which a pastor received after announcing his participation in Evolution Weekend. The gist of it is “If evolution is true then these various beliefs of mine and other Christians are wrong; therefore, evolution cannot be true”. This is doubly problematic. First, just because something else being true [Read More...]

Positive Blogospheric Interference

After a student mentioned seeing Exodus Decoded to me after class today, I found myself thinking about one positive aspect of scholarly blogging, and of web-based scholarly publications and sites in general. When a documentary, a book, an article or an interview appears making sensational claims, the response is immediate in a way that was [Read More...]

Parenting Robotic Offspring

Tonight’s episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles made the link between artificial intelligence and parenting more explicit than previously. We make creatures in our image and delude ourselves that we can control them, but we cannot. Sarah characterizes humans in distinction from machines as unpredictable and irrational. Which do we really fear? The irrationality [Read More...]

LOST in the Blogosphere

Beliefnet had a recent entry on “spiritual moments” in LOST (HT The Lead and In the Open Space). For those eager to find the latest previews and spoilers from LOST, there is a whole blog devoted to them. It looks like this week’s episode will fill us in more on the finding of Oceanic 815 [Read More...]

Yossi Nagar, Forensics and Israelite Origins

A while back I joined as a contributor to the Ancient World Bloggers Group. Today, at long last, I made my first post on that blog, which I am also reproducing here. It relates in particular to the work of an Israeli anthropologist who is featured in a documentary, part of which my class on [Read More...]

Eli Stone

I taped Eli Stone after watching the season premiere of LOST, not only to see the Oceanic Airline commercial that was promised to feature in it. The series is about a lawyer who begins having ‘visions’ or ‘hallucinations’. It is discovered that he has a brain aneurism – as his father presumably had, but it [Read More...]

Oceanic Airlines Commercial

I will post about Eli Stone soon, but found I needed to devote a whole post just to the Oceanic Airlines commercial aired during the show. It talks about the “golden pass” allowing one to fly anywhere. The “Oceanic Six” are given such passes (Jack mentioned using his every weekend). Someone who looked vaguely familiar [Read More...]

LOST in a Zoroastrian Multiverse

As I continue thinking about the possibility that LOST is exploring issues of the meaning of life and morality in an infinite multiverse, I find myself compelled to conclude that this universe has a balance of good and evil, as well as of order and chaos. In the Star Wars universe the thinking seems to [Read More...]

Religion and Morality in an Infinite Multiverse

In a recent post about LOST, I explored the possibility that the mystery of the island being explored in that series may relate to the idea of parallel universes. In this post I want to explore further, albeit very briefly, some of the issues raised by the view (put forward by some physicists, cosmologists and [Read More...]

LOST Season 4 Begins

If you haven’t watched the season premiere of LOST yet then don’t read this post. It is basically one big collection of spoilers. If you have seen it, then please do join me in recalling and reflecting on what we’ve just seen. The way the episode begins is phenomenal. Jack is watching a car chase [Read More...]

Memetic LEGO Mindstorms and Christian Origins

I have been tagged with a meme by Doug Chaplin, and so I need to do the following: Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)Find Page 123.Find the first 5 sentences.Post the next 3 sentences.Tag 5 people. I’ve decided to follow his lead and not include the Bible on this [Read More...]

LOST: So It Begins

I think some people are misinterpreting the most recent mobisode from LOST: Missing Pieces, entitled “So It Begins“, which takes us back to the moment just before the start of the pilot episode in season 1. It shows Christian Shepherd and Vincent talking to one another, and Christians saying Jack “has work to do”. But [Read More...]

LOST in a Parallel Universe

I have a theory about LOST, one that I think will make sense of the focus on mirror opposites, of opposing forces of light and dark, good and evil. I think it also makes sense of the video clip with the rabbit at the Dharma station known as “The Orchid”. If my theory is correct, [Read More...]