Added Ads Oddly At Odds

I’m just so glad someone finally said something! It has for a long time driven me crazy the way ads are added to a web page advertising the very viewpoint that the page is dedicated to combatting! Now the question is: what do we do about it? I’d suggest starting a movement, such as “Gathering [Read More...]

Job and Despair

This reflection began as a response to an event at which three of my colleagues presented three different perspectives on the topic of despair. My colleague in religion, Chad Bauman, made a wonderful presentation about the four noble truths of Buddhism as well as the book of Job and the issues of despair and inexplicable [Read More...]

Group Of Intellectuals Negating Godless Atomism + Generic Atheism

I apologize for the somewhat lengthy title for this new movement (“Group Of Intellectuals Negating Godless Atomism + Generic Atheism”), and for the fact that it fails to produce an acronym. (Really, it doesn’t, don’t try). Earlier attempts to find a shorter name, such as Showing Atomism To Answer Nothing, also failed to produce an [Read More...]

Rumors of Evolution’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

In a recent post I directed readers to the many scientific papers on the web site of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. These illustrate the vibrancy of many scientific fields, including evolutionary biology. In discussions on the Uncommon Descent blog, on the other hand (where it was refreshing to have William Dembski [Read More...]

Letting Go(d): Buddhism and Bultmann

Today I showed one of my classes the episode “Footprint of the Buddha” from the classic series The Long Search. The first time I watched it, I was particularly struck by one of the ways host Ronald Eyre summed up a key emphasis of Buddhism. He sits in a wooden chair and observes that if [Read More...]

Scripture and Violence

An article in Nature earlier this year showed what many of us have also encountered in the classroom: reading violent Scripture makes violence seem acceptable to the reader. At least, in my experience, it makes readers who would in any other context deplore actions, instead approve and justify them because they are found in Scripture. [Read More...]

So You Wanna Be A Provost?

PROVOST AND VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Butler University, one of the nation’s leading master’s comprehensive universities, invites applications and nominations for the position of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.A vibrant university, Butler offers students, faculty, staff and the broader community an array of stimulating intellectual opportunities and inspiring cultural activities. Butler is [Read More...]

Francisco J. Ayala

The work of Francisco J. Ayala in both biology and theology is gaining significant attention around the blogosphere. William Dembski has offered a critical review of Ayala’s book Darwin’s Gift: To Science and Religion (which I also reviewed on my blog a while back). The Panda’s Thumb blog also has an entry on the book. [Read More...]

The Darwin Code

I’ll bet that many young-earth creationists and proponents of intelligent design are kicking themselves for having been beaten to the punch by Dan Brown and having their own argument used against Christianity. If there is one feature that young-earth creationism and intelligent design have in common, it is that they must both posit a conspiracy [Read More...]

On Millstones and Stumbling Blocks

In response to a comment I left on William Dembski’s Uncommon Descent blog, someone made an allusion to the Biblical language of having a millstone around one’s neck. The reference, of course, is to Mark 9:42/Luke 17:2/Matthew 18:6, where it says “whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it [Read More...]

“That’s Not Me”: More on Bionic Women

There is much more to be said about the new series Bionic Woman (which should, perhaps, be called “Bionic Women” in the plural, since it features two main characters who are bionically enhanced females). In the scene where Jamie and Will have sex, at one point she says “That’s not me”. We needn’t speculate as [Read More...]

The $50,000,000.02 Woman

I just finished watching the season premier of the new TV series on NBC, Bionic Woman. The title of this blog entry reflects the updating of the value of the original six million dollar woman to reflect inflation – plus me adding my “two cents” worth. We’ve had various series that treat machine intelligences and [Read More...]

Let Us Make Humanity In Our Image (update)

In an earlier post I mentioned the intriguing interpretation of the phrase “Let us make humanity in our image” in Genesis 1:26 as God addressing the animals and saying, in effect, “Let’s collaborate and make something that is in the image of both the animal and God.” I got hold of a copy of Friedman’s [Read More...]

Natural Explanations and the Inexplicable

I’m currently engaged in a discussion at the Uncommon Descent blog, on the subject of Intelligent Design and its status as science. I’ve decided to share one of my comments here, in the hope that it will stimulate further discussion of what I feel are important issues. The only other observation I will make is [Read More...]