My Five Books Meme

Jared Calaway has inflicted/blessed me with a meme that has been making the rounds in recent days. It was started by Ken Brown, and I thought I’d share what he wrote when he did so (since it includes both the rationale and the rules): As I’ve been preparing to apply for PhD programs, I’ve been [Read More...]

Inigo Montoya Addresses Fundamentalists

[Read more...]

Christian Nation Irony

It seems unlikely that at any point in the past the vast majority of inhabitants of the United States were devout Christians with a personal faith, as opposed to nominal Christians for whom their Christianity consisted largely of a “tribal identity” including churchgoing and assenting to some doctrinal beliefs and moral precepts. Does it not [Read More...]

Lull: A Good Time To Subscribe

I won’t predict a hiatus, but there is going to be, at the very least, a lull in my blogging in the near future. I have a conference in July in Oxford on the Mandaeans, and some preparations for that and other writing projects that I hope to work on before then. I may try [Read More...]

Bedtime Stories and the Bible: Myths and Miracles

Yesterday I saw the movie Bedtime Stories. It is a delightful tale that provides helpful insight into the value of stories, of myths and fables. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to do so before reading this post – there won’t be any spoilers per se, but in offering some suggestions about the [Read More...]

The Price of The Only True God

The number of blog posts with double meanings involving the title of my latest book seems to be without end. Be that as it may, I noticed that the price of the book has come back down on to the range it was in when they had a pre-order discount. So if that’s what [Read More...]

Gratitude Mingled with Theological Concern

I am grateful to Jared Calaway that he is going to be reviewing my book, and that he has already posted a first impression of the layout and contents. I nonetheless feel I must object on theological grounds to what the title of his post seems to be suggesting… [Read more...]

A Tale Of Two Bible Readers

Two men read the Bible, each in their own place. The first paid lip service to the whole thing. He praised the Bible, and extolled the importance of believing it all and doing it all. He spoke against homosexuality. He married the woman he raped. He put a great many of the Bible’s details into [Read More...]

What Makes Good Good? A Case For Compassion

Those who have subscribed to the comments or keep an eye on the recent comments sidebar will know that the discussion started by my post “What Is Good?” It seems that we have two views colliding that stop at key points. One says that goodness simply is doing to others what you would want done [Read More...]

E-mailing Our Matrix

By popular demand (OK, in response to a single person’s request) I’ve added to the sidebar a widget that allows you to subscribe to this blog’s feed via e-mail. I thought I’d mention it, in case there is a second person out there who might find this feature useful. [Read more...]

Ken Schenck on The Chicago Declaration on Biblical Inerrancy

I was simply going to give a quote of the day from Ken: “When push comes to shove, those of the Chicago Statement approach consistently trump the most obvious meaning of the Bible with evangelical tradition, in my opinion.” But I really think the whole post and his series as a whole is worth a [Read More...]

Lost and Philosophy: Parts 1-2

I’ve been reading Lost and Philosophy: The Island Has Its Reasons, edited by Sharon M. Kaye (Malden: Blackwell, 2008). It helps ease the pain of no LOST until 2010. The book has four main sections, organized around the letters LOST. Part I is called “L is for Love”, a heading that does not correspond in [Read More...]

Evolution and Faith in the Blogosphere

I’ll leave it up to each reader to decide whether the title refers to “evolution and faith in the blogosphere” or “evolution and faith in the blogosphere“. The latest issue of the Metanexus magazine The Global Spiral has a piece by Nancey Murphy on non-reductive physicalism. It meshes nicely with the recent discussions here about [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Sean Winter)

“Paul…is most interesting when you use him to think with, rather than as an excuse not to do any thinking of your own”. –Sean Winter, “Conference Report: Paul and Contemporary Philosophy“ [Read more...]