Jewelry Brand Tries to Use Religion to Sell Products

The Norway-based jewelry line Bjorg has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Nylon, but it doesn’t have household name recognition the way that, say, Alexis Bittar does. So the brand relied on a time-honored way to get attention: openly courting religious controversy. The ad for their new line features two models doing things like posing angelically in front of a wooden stake and one pouring water on the other’s head.

Though the ad is entitled “Heresy,” I don’t really see what it has to do with the jewelry – although some of the pieces have names like “After Eden” and “The Snake Made Me Do It,” they don’t contain religious images or symbols. If anything, this ad just seems like a way to try and create controversy and build name recognition, and it’s pretty transparent. To quote AdRants, “never before has that “whatev” approach been better illustrated than in this Bjorg Jewelery [sic] ad.”

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