What You Can Expect from Me

I count it a privilege to help people grow. You can expect me to treat your invitation to speak to your group as such.

From your first e-mail inquiry to our post-event feedback session, you can expect my full creative energies to make the event as life-transforming as possible.

You can also expect a focus on prayer. I believe that “unless the Lord builds the house,” we’re all just wasting our time — no matter how much we prepare.

One other thing you can expect that is rather rare these days: authenticity. No pretense. No fake smiles. I’m eager to engage your audience, open to questions, and genuinely care about helping the people at your event reach their full potential.

Listen to a sample of my speaking:

A Piece of My Story

I’ve had a wide range of experiences on my faith and life journey. I’ve been privileged to serve as a(n)

  • Non-Profit leader (K4-12 Principal) in a thriving non-profit education organization through periods of rapid growth. I earned an MBA with a concentration in non-profit management from a world leader (Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management).
  • Pastoral guide for more than fifteen years as a church elder, teacher, interim pastor, seminary student, and partner with many local pastors.
  • Counselor to countless families, students, parents, teachers, leaders, parishioners, and friends.
  • Writer. I blog regularly here and write for other venues, as well, such as guest posts with Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Ron Edmondson, Skip Prichard, CatalystSpace, Faith Village and others.
  • Author of the e-book Finding the Curve: The Secret to Explosive Personal Growth. More in process. I partnered with Hugh Hewitt to produce In, But Not Of Revised & Updated: A Guide to Christian Ambition and the Desire to Influence the World in May 2012 and the IBNO Leader’s Guide for Group Study.
  • Associate Trainer for Equip Leadership, Inc., the international leadership training outreach founded by John C. Maxwell.
  • Husband of a truly amazing lady and proud father of our six awesome children — all in the space of seven years. I understand family. I get both the immense joys and potential pitfalls of rearing children to be pleasing to God in a fallen world.

My Speaking Experience

I enjoy speaking. I especially enjoy sharing truths that help people grow. I’ve been doing just that for the last 15 years in church, school, business, and other ministry settings. Whether by the thousands with bright lights in my eyes or with a handful of toddlers on a classroom floor, I enjoy helping people walk with abundant faith.

I’ve spoken to every age-group from 4-year-olds to ninety-four-year-olds with excellent feedback (although I do get more hugs afterwards from the younger audiences, but that goes with the territory). I’ve shared with parents, teens, church groups, teachers, church leaders, and community organizations. I’ve preached many sermons in churches and always welcome the opportunity to do so.

I’ve probably spoken to an audience similar to yours before. But no two groups are alike. That’s why I’d love to talk to you first-hand about your audience. I take time to get to know who they are before each event. I customize my preparation to best meet them where they are to help them grow.

Media: I’ve also had experience with media interviews if available and fitting to promote your event. I’ve appeared multiple times with several stations on the Salem Radio Network and others.

I have extensive experience with the promotional interview process and would love talking with local media in advance of the event if desired.

Hot Topic Themes

All sessions mix real-life examples and Biblical illustrations with a conversational style designed to connect with the hearts and minds of your group. Of course, your event may require its own unique topic.

That’s fine, too. Here are themes I’ve spoken on most:

  • Faith and Culture
  • Leadership and Life Calling
  • Family and Children
  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Practical Christian Living

How Can I Help?

I think of your speaking invitation as an invitation to a partnership. I prepare thoroughly to help your event succeed. I’ve planned many large — and many more intimate — successful events myself, so I understand the logistics and potential practical mix-ups to watch for.

Here are a few things I do to help:

  • Customize all topics to fit your audience’s needs and your time constraints. I am adamant about ensuring the event is a win for you.
  • Share about the upcoming event through social media channels to help get the word out if you desire.
  • Talk first-hand with your technology and/or sound experts to minimize any distractions at the event.
  • Design a web page exclusive to your event that contains notes, slides, and links to resources for continued the growth after the event (if applicable).
  • Promote the event through local media if available and you desire it.

What People Are Saying

“Bill Blankschaen is a gifted writer, thinker, speaker, and leader with a proven track record of results….His ministry has left a trail of thousands of changed lives.”

  • Doug Carter, Senior Vice President, EQUIP Leadership, Inc. (John C. Maxwell, Founder)

“Bill Blankschaen is an emerging new voice in Christian life.”

  • Hugh Hewitt, Host of The Hugh Hewitt Show, a nationally syndicated radio talk show, New York Times best-selling author, columnist for Townhall.com and the Washington Examiner, and law Professor for Chapman University.

“Bill is a dynamic speaker and engaging teacher.  His ability to connect is one of the reasons I would rate him as one of the best teachers I’ve met.  He speaks from the heart and is at ease in front of a crowd.”

  • Glenn Leinbach, former Instructor US Air Force Academy

“Bill Blankschaen is a gifted teacher and speaker…a deep thinker with a pastoral approach…able to reduce complex ideas and concepts into simple terms that young and old alike can easily understand and apply.”

  • Tom Hardman, former Senior Project Manager, General Electric Co., Teacher

He forced me to think. I couldn’t be more thankful.  He gave students the benefit of the doubt and that let us know we could be trusted.”

  • Erin Currier, former student

“Bill Blankschaen, whom I’ve known for many years, bears a unique blend of God-given gifts: extensive intellect, incisive communication, warm rapport, and zealous godliness. He speaks the truth to our culture in a relevant way at which both scholars and populists often fail. He speaks simultaneously to head and heart.”

  • P. Andrew Sandlin, President, Center for Cultural Leadership

“He made my kids think Biblically and get out of their comfort zone.”

  • Gale Palombo, Parent

“One day as a young high school student, I made a strong, declarative theological statement. Bill smiled back and simply asked, ‘Why is that true?’ He followed up with a life-changing statement: “You know what you believe – but you don’t know why you believe it.” The rest of my life has been a journey to discover the why behind the what.”

  • Dan Nichols, Pastor & ABWE Church Planter

“Bill Blankschaen applies Biblical knowledge and wisdom on a regular basis.   His practical teachings from God’s Word encourages me to take truth and apply it to real-life situations.”

  • Karen Vitello, Early Childhood Educator

“Bill Blankschaen is one part challenge, one part inspiration and three parts wisdom.”

  • Shannon Milholland, Speaker, Author, and Blogger

“Bill is passionate about what matters in light of eternity. There’s a compelling clarity in his speaking. A thoughtful and deliberate communicator, he wastes few words when teaching key truths.”

  • Tom Snook, former Evangelical Pastor of 18 years, Historian, College Adjunct, Teacher                                      

“Bill Blankschaen combines an infectious fervency with clear insight. I find his work on family and society both refreshing and challenging.”

  • Joel J. Miller, Blogger and Author of Lifted by Angels

“Bill points readers to Christ, challenging and encouraging them with a winsome spirit.”

  • Kelley Matthews, Christian Living Editor, FaithVillage.com


How the Process Works

  • Send me a brief e-mail to check my availability.
  • We’ll schedule a friendly telephone call to connect first-hand to see if your event and my availability line up. If they don’t, I might be able to suggest another excellent speaker who would be a great fit for you.
  • Share with me your audience, your goals, and what topic(s) you think would be the best fit for your event.
  • I’ll then share with you creative ideas on how I might best craft my presentation to suit your needs to make this event the most impactful for your audience.

What to Do Next?

If you think I might be a good fit to speak at your event, simply submit an e-mail inquiry to check my availability: Bill@BillintheBlank.com.

That’s it. I look forward to connecting — and helping your group think, live, and lead with abundant faith!