I’ve seen some pretty off-putting comments about how asylum-seekers to the U.S. deserve what they’re getting because they’re illegally immigrating, or they’re illegals, or whatever. But you know what? Every human deserves basic human rights, and doing something illegally (which these folks aren’t) doesn’t automatically turn those off. Read more

Yes, I went to the Jordan Peterson talk in my town. No, it wasn’t the worst thing ever, but there were plenty of parts that really caused me to raise my eyebrows and not contribute to the frequent resounding applause. Read more

Fans of Jordan Peterson are complaining that I haven’t adequately given him a chance to wow me with his ideas. Is it worth going to see him talk live in my city for two days, or will I be wasting my time? Read more

Do folklore and sex positivity go hand in hand, or does folklore only give us images of rapey fairy-tale kisses and urban legend characters giving each other HIV? Here’s my SexPosCon talk, in which I argue that we can gain a lot by looking at traditional folklore with an eye towards sex-positive takeaways. Read more

If you’re infuriated about immigrant children being separated from their parents, then you should know what reproductive justice it. It goes beyond the concept of reproductive rights in very relevant ways. Read more

Speaking out against enforced monogamy doesn’t mean you’re anti-monogamy; it’s entirely possible that many people benefit from monogamy, because a lot of humans are driven to pair-bond. However, making the conversation about reducing violence raises problems and often misses nuances. Read more

As a folklorist I’m not new to people insulting the area I chose to study, but when people employ those tactics regarding my gender studies degree while we’re having a discussion about gender, I’ve gotta wonder about whether they’ve thought that one through. Read more

I know we should be judging the idea and not the person who came up with it, but wow, Jordan Peterson’s misogyny is so immense I just can’t get beyond it to listen to any of his other stuff, even as someone interested in psychological takes on the Bible. Read more

Few things boost your confidence like knowing you can wrangle a giant lecture class full of non-majors and freshman, and I mean both the logistics of planning such a course and delivering the lectures themselves on a regular – if nerve-wracking – basis. Read more

Spring 2018 was rocky, and it looks like Fall 2018 will throw me for a loop as well, but for really good reasons that both provide me with more job/economic security and don’t require a hellish commute from me. Read more

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