Before you get angry, or indignant, or self-righteous, bear with me. This blog post is probably not going where you think it is going. Read more

And it’s a FEMINIST writing award, which feels incredibly validating given that my earliest brushes with fiction, both reading and writing it, were infused from the start with an awareness of how gender inequality pervades society. Read more

I want my dance community to be as inclusive as possible, which to me means welcoming dancers from other genres, whether they’re dropping in or becoming life-long converts. But that doesn’t mean we should let those other dance genres dictate our image of success. Read more

In Part 1 of this two-part post, I explain one of the fundamental beliefs I hold when approaching belly dancing, as both as a teacher and a student of the dance: that the dance should be accessible to most if not all bodies. Read more

On America’s Independence Day, I’m reflecting on the idea of being a beacon: of optimism and hope and good will, but also of sex positivity and social justice. Read more

Teaching a class about the body is, obviously, an embodied experience. I found a great way to highlight that, even as I was frantically trying to import knowledge into my students’ brains. Read more

One of the concepts I teach whenever I get the chance to is somatophobia. Its meaning isn’t too difficult to grasp, but it has widespread implications for how we think about philosophy, medicine, gender and sexuality, human rights, and more. Read more

I’ve seen some pretty off-putting comments about how asylum-seekers to the U.S. deserve what they’re getting because they’re illegally immigrating, or they’re illegals, or whatever. But you know what? Every human deserves basic human rights, and doing something illegally (which these folks aren’t) doesn’t automatically turn those off. Read more

Yes, I went to the Jordan Peterson talk in my town. No, it wasn’t the worst thing ever, but there were plenty of parts that really caused me to raise my eyebrows and not contribute to the frequent resounding applause. Read more

Fans of Jordan Peterson are complaining that I haven’t adequately given him a chance to wow me with his ideas. Is it worth going to see him talk live in my city for two days, or will I be wasting my time? Read more

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