#FolkloreThursday: Version vs. Variant

By now you should understand that folklorists are practically obsessed with variation. But when we call something a variant, it has a specific meaning. [Read more…]

If You Feel Broken, Try This Reframe

I have been reading and learning about emotional abuse lately, and telling someone they’re broken so that they internalize it is one form it takes. [Read more…]

Book Chapter Blues

I’ve written book chapters before, but for some reason I’m wigging out over this one more than might be precisely warranted. What gives? [Read more…]

Because Yanking Funding from Teen Pregnancy Research Sounds GREAT

It seems the Trump administration is kicking disenfranchised groups while they’re down, such as the 25% of American girls who become pregnant by age 20. [Read more…]

More Research on Postnatal Care, Please

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of research & evidence-based policies. Postpartum care is one of those topics, oh gods so much I’m just now realizing. [Read more…]

Costuming Through Cholis

As a special form of body art, costumes can highlight facets of our identity, group & individual, that are worth discussing from a belly dance perspective. [Read more…]

#FolkloreThursday: Public Folklore

Public folklore is a distinct mode within the discipline of folkloristics. This guest post by Marcus Cederström will help you understand it. [Read more…]

I’m Quoted in Atlas Obscura!

I’m in favor of anything that ups my nerd cred; it’s even better when it helps raise the profile of academic folklore studies & the tale type system! [Read more…]

Observations about Belly Dance This Summer

Being a folklorist, I tend to notice patterns. Here’s what I noticed at multiple belly dance events this summer (much of it related to broader culture). [Read more…]

Teen Vogue Knocks It Out of the Park on Masturbation

Misinformation and stereotypes abound when it comes to masturbation. I’m glad that publications like Teen Vogue are stepping up to demystify the topic. [Read more…]