Living in Indiana has been, let’s say challenging, for many reasons as a West Coast liberal. But now the state’s utter disregard for teachers, artists, and the poor (working or not) is more apparent. Read more

How much is this semester draining and defeating me? I can’t even find words to write a bloody blog post about it, that’s how much. Read more

When discussing a woman’s response to nonconsensual sex, recall that it’s still defensible for men to kill a lover based on gay or trans identity. Read more

An insight I’ve gained in dance is that the best dance partners are those you can trust to take care of you – but still don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Read more

Is intimacy inherently better when it doesn’t have a dollar amount attached to it? I don’t necessarily think that has to be the case. Read more

It’s the 1st day of the spring semester! Well, at one of the universities I teach at, anyway. Here are 2 blog posts that inspire me to center the students. Read more

I have to keep telling myself, I can survive anything that is temporary. And I sure hope it’s true this upcoming semester. Read more

Sexuality conferences are the best. Getting to present at a new one, put on by scholars and activists I respect, is going to be a highlight of 2018. Read more

A funny thing happens when you base your self-image on being productive, not just words-on-the-page productive but also publish-it-ASAP productive. Read more

I believe it’s crucial to distinguish between conceptual models of sex and actual sex work, and in doing so, affirm that I support sex workers’ rights. Read more

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