Writing and Risk

With a bunch of big events coming up for me – both in print and in speech – I’m reflecting on how even academic writing feels like taking a risk. Which is probably ultimately a good thing. [Read more…]

Further Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

When I teach about cultural appropriation in the college classroom, there’s always more material than there is lecture time. So here’s a round-up of things to consider. [Read more…]

A Third Gender in Japan?

Even as a scholar of gender and culture, I sometimes come across a surprising new fact. This is one of those times (in this instance, about Japan). [Read more…]

The Emotional Core of Dance

Sometimes dance moves you in unexpected ways, and all you can do is stay in the moment and feel everything that comes through you. [Read more…]

Insights from Following the Yiannapoulos Tour

This is one of the best pieces of reporting on the culture of the alt-right: how it coalesced around Milo Yiannapoulous, and how his followers were drawn in. [Read more…]

#FolkloreThursday: Dite

What do we call metaphorical phrases that describe weather phenomena, like The devil is beating his wife? Read on to find out what this tiny folklore genre is! [Read more…]

Compiling Research IS Research

Most academics I know struggle with impostor syndrome of some flavor. This emerges in our research practices among other areas, and I think the emphasis on original research is telling. [Read more…]

Anti-Semitism in Indiana

I may not be in Indiana right now, but I’m still paying attention to the news, and right now I’m ANGRY. [Read more…]

Advice on Writing (and Activism) in Tough Times

I really like what I’ve read of Kameron Hurley’s work; when I met her at ICFA last year, she signed my copy of Geek Feminist Revolution, which I maintain is one of the best books of 2016. So I’m happy to present her advice here. [Read more…]

My Folklore Roundtable Lecture

There’s so much to say about sex in fairy tales, and I only have an hour in which to do it, arg! If you’re in the Bay Area, come watch me struggle to squeeze it all in without talking so fast nobody understands me. [Read more…]