Domestic Management as Emotional Labor

Writing about concepts is one thing; illustrating them through a very accessible comic is another. Hence making this post! [Read more…]

10 Reasons to Study Folklore

I thought I’d keep the folklore love going after #FolkloreThursday this week and share this fantastic post by my colleagues Brittany and Sara! [Read more…]

#FolkloreThursday: Folk Medicine

If you’ve gargled with salt water to cure a sore throat or eaten ginger for an upset stomach, you’ve engaged in folk medicine. [Read more…]

Connecting Shame to Productivity

Is all productivity motivated by shame, or fear of shame? I’m not sure, but I’m intrigued to learn more about this phenomenon. [Read more…]

I’m Moving Cross-Country for the 2nd Time in 6 Months

Both times, I’ve driven across the country to relocate for teaching jobs. And then wondered why I’ve felt tired and unproductive. Hmm. [Read more…]

Nuances of Empathy and Self-Care

Among my sex ed colleagues doing work on empathy, Kate McCombs consistently does amazing work. Here are some of my favorite insights she’s shared recently. [Read more…]

Here, Have a Lube Guide

I recommend this lube guide to friends all the time, and it finally occurred to me to mention it on here. Lube impacts both pleasure & public health. [Read more…]

Deciding the Future of Folkloristics at #FOAF2017

In an ideal world, I’d be doing All The Conferences, especially those that have a discernible impact on my discipline’s future. Thank goodness for Twitter! [Read more…]

Dear Pence: Christians Are Not the Most Persecuted

I am very cranky about VP Pence’s mischaracterization of religious persecution. I want to say Citation Needed in a huge way. [Read more…]

#FolkloreThursday: The Epic Laws of Folk Narrative

Someday I will have a #FolkloreThursday post attempting to define epic. Today is not that day. But there’s some cool narrative stuff here. [Read more…]