#TriangleSCI 2017 Day 2

On the second day, my team presented our take on scholarly storytelling. And the conversation very quickly grew very intense. Read more

#TriangleSCI 2017 Day 1

What happens when you gather six teams of scholars to craft projects that promote scholarly communication? This was day one of the experience! Read more

Why You Should Care About Scholarly Communication (#TriangleSCI)

Hi, I don’t know why you’re reading my blog right now, but I’m going to explain why you should care about scholarly communication. Read more

Full Life; Empty Words

Too busy living to write sounds like a bit of a cliche, but recently, it’s been true. The trick is figuring out why this differs from prior semesters. Read more

I’m Presenting on Biden Memes in Front of My Colleagues…Today!

Nothing like a good scholarly presentation to get the heart pumping and fill one with happy thoughts and prancing trickster Bidens. Read more

I Got Healthcare!

Being poor is a lot more work than I’d expected, but on the plus side, state health coverage just came through for me. So…now what? Read more

If the Concept of Privilege Doesn’t Work for You, Maybe It’s Not FOR You

Yes, I know the concept of privilege doesn’t resonate with everyone who hears it, but that’s also kinda the main point of it. Read more

Gender and Privilege

Let’s continue the conversation on privilege by bringing gender into the spotlight as an identity where privilege skews toward one end of the spectrum. Read more

The Privilege Post

This is a post I’ve been meaning to make for a long time, defining & discussing privilege & its ramifications for, well, everything. Read more

Dear White Supremacists: Why Would You Cite Me?!

Everybody hates being taken out of context. But there’s an additional level of awfulness when it’s being done by white supremacists. Read more

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