Sex Research and Stalking

You wouldn’t think sex researchers would have to worry about people stalking them. You’d be wrong, unfortunately.

Public domain photo from Pixabay.
Public domain photo from Pixabay.

This is a super short post since I’m frolicking learning at AASECT, but I think it’s important to know.

In my collaborator Lucie Fielding’s guest post on falsifying the sex addiction model, she cites the work of Nicole Prause, a researcher who studies the brain science behind sexual arousal. Prause’s work thus far has not shown the premises of the sex addiction model to hold up.


This interview with Nicole Prause goes into great detail about her work and her experiences including, sadly, receiving threats and libelous accusations from activists who disagree with her conclusions.

Read the interview if you want to get a glimpse of the sex-negative attitudes we’re up against in this field. Sigh. Back to conferencing!

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