Weekly Wrap: We win even when it seems we aren’t

At the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we often are winning even when it doesn’t seem to be the case. Read more

Weekly Wrap: We have literally been all over the place

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have literally been all over the place this week. Read more

Trump’s expected pick for women’s ambassador deeply concerning

There will be a lot more “concerned women” in America if Trump’s purported pick for women’s ambassador of global affairs at the State Department is confirmed. Read more

Weekly Report: It’s hard for us to believe how much we get done

Some weeks, we here at FFRF get so much done, it’s hard for us to believe it ourselves. Read more

Trump Interference With 17-Year-Old’s Abortion Shows It Can Happen Here, and Is Happening Here

Sinclair Lewis, in the face of the rise of European fascism, wrote a cautionary tale, “It Can’t Happen Here,” published in 1935, which The New York Times 82 years later dubbed “the classic novel that predicted Trump.” Read more

Weekly Report: We’re making things more exciting

Every once in a while, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation venture into unexpected directions to make things more exciting. Read more

Weekly Report: We’re on a winning streak

We’re on a winning streak here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Read more

Trump panders — and delivers — to the extremist Christian Right; take action!

President Donald Trump bragged last Friday at the “Voters Value Summit” in D.C. that he is the first president to appear in person at that theocratic gathering. Read more

Weekly Report: A riveting week for us

Every week is riveting at the Freedom From Religion Foundation — and this week was no exception Read more

Spare us your ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ — Actions Speak Louder

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation On any given day, ostentatious displays of religion course through social media. After a tragedy, the undercurrent of “thoughts and prayers” becomes a flood. Standing against that current isn’t popular, but at FFRF (one of whose mottos is “Nothing Fails Like Prayer”) we do it anyway. Occasionally, I’ll point out that prayer is not a substitute for action and that it can even be dangerous because many people… Read more

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