Special Weekly Report: What a week!

Not all of our recent work has to do with our new president. There’s been a lot else going on for us, too. [Read more…]

Inauguration of Regression

On January 20, Dan Barker and Andrew Seidel discussed the Inauguration of Regression. [Read more…]

Trump inauguration shouldn’t have a prayer, but instead it’ll be a religious circus

By Annie Laurie Gaylor Co-President Freedom From Religion Foundation Donald Trump will start off his presidency by inserting religion into what should be the most secular of events — his public Inaugural on Friday. That’s not so unusual, unfortunately. What’s different about Trump’s choice of prayer officiants is that there are so many — six [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: Dealing with Trump’s people — and a lot more

The Trump administration has not even assumed control, and it already is keeping our hands full at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. [Read more…]

We’ll fight like hell — with your help

By Rebecca Markert Managing Staff Attorney  Freedom From Religion Foundation The 115th Congress began earlier this month, and a new president will be inaugurated in a week’s time. We know both branches of government pose a serious threat to our cherished constitutional principle of separation between state and church. We need your help … FFRF is [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: We’re already in the thick of things

2017 has just gotten started — and we’re already in the thick of things. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: The year may be winding down…but FFRF’s revving up for 2017

The year may be winding down, but our work at the Freedom From Religion Foundation continues in full swing. As 2016 comes to a close (and how we wish it would end!), we’re dealing with some of our usual end-of-the-year concerns. [Read more…]

A New Year’s gift for seculars who are ‘grieving’

By Dan Barker Co-President Freedom From Religion Foundation Looking for a way to bid farewell to our distressing old year and ring in the new uncertain one? I wrote the music for a ballad decades ago that speaks to the moment. I composed “Promise of Dawn” in 1980 while transitioning out of the ministry. The lyrics, [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: Taking a breather — not!

You’d think that with the Winter Solstice season, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation would be taking a bit of a breather. Quite the contrary, actually. [Read more…]

Liberty Counsel takes liberties with facts

For many years, the City of Menominee, Mich., erected a large, stand-alone Christian nativity scene in a city park. [Read more…]