Democrats overeager to compete with GOP’s religiosity

After the over-the-top religiosity of the Republican National Convention, Dems got a jump start on their own shameful religious pandering even before they convened in Philadelphia for their own convention. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: A really busy week

There are busy weeks here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and there are really busy weeks. This week fell squarely in the second category. [Read more…]

Crunch time for Wisconsin Jesus Lunch

“Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so.”

The 1860 poem adapted for a hymn seems more fitting for primary students than high schoolers but it’s what they’re singing to kick off Jesus Lunch outside Middleton High School in Wisconsin one day in early May. A “mom” had passed out song sheets to several hundred kids from the school on the way by. [Read more…]

Ben Carson’s Lucifer-filled, logic-free RNC speech

When Ben Carson, who has a painting of himself and Jesus hanging in his home, walked on stage, I knew things were about to get church-y. And they quickly did. [Read more…]

Can it be stated enough? Why the Noah’s Ark myth doesn’t hold water

Noah’s Ark is one of those biblical stories so patently absurd that it seems questionable to dignify it with a response. [Read more…]

Hobby Lobby’s “In God We Trust” ad is still untrustworthy

Every year Hobby Lobby runs a July 4th “In God We Trust” ad that can’t be trusted. Andrew L. Seidel picks the misleading ad apart quote by erroneous quote. [Read more…]

Proposed party planks show GOP Christian Right can’t beat a dead horse often enough

The Republican platform proposals up for a full vote at the convention reveal the continuing aspiration by many to make “GOP” stand for “God’s Own Party.” [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: Time to celebrate!

FFRF Director of Communications Amit Pal discusses why we have a time to celebrate! [Read more…]

No preacher, the police are not “sent by God to punish evildoers”

Preachers like Pastor Robert Jeffress claim that Romans 13:4 means that God sent police to punish evil. They’re wrong and need a remedial course in American government. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: FFRF had all hands on deck

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had much of its attention taken up by a boat this week. That’s not surprising, since this wasn’t just a plain old boat. [Read more…]