Special Weekly Report: We were engaged in rapid response

We here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation are proud of how we often engage in rapid response, and, boy, were we in that mode this week. [Read more…]

In-fighting in the War on the War on Christmas

FFRF attorney Sam Grover asks: What are good Christian consumers supposed to do when the organizations leading the charge in the War on the War on Christmas can’t agree on which retailers are righteous enough to visit this holiday season? [Read more…]

Support companies that seek an inclusive holiday season

It’s that time of year: Bells ringing, carolers singing, cozy fires crackling, snowflakes falling, and guns blazing because the annual, one-sided War on Christmas has arrived! [Read more…]

Do Bannon and Ingraham’s White House ties signal ‘church militants’ vs. atheists?

By Annie Laurie Gaylor Co-President Freedom From Religion Foundation It’s astonishing that figures as polarizing and doctrinaire as Ann Coulter would seriously be in contention to serve as press secretary under Donald Trump. I suppose we should be grateful that so far Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly haven’t been mentioned. But their sometimes cohort, Laura [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: We’ve been working frantically

We’ve been gearing up for “December Madness” and for the challenges of a Trump presidency. And we’ve had a delightful number of victories on the state/church front (plus an interesting run-in with the Catholic League). [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We’re dealing with the fallout — and a lot else

Along with the rest of the country, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have been dealing with the fallout of the presidential elections. But that wasn’t all what we were involved with during the past week. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: Continuing our fight for our country

Not surprisingly, the elections were our focus this week here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. But we didn’t let that monopolize our attention. [Read more…]

With Secretary of Education Ben Carson, America needs FFRF now more than ever

If he’s given control of our nation’s education system, FFRF has little doubt that Carson will abuse it. He will abuse a public office that belongs to We the People to foist his personal religion on other people’s children. But before accepting this appointment, Carson should know that FFRF is going to pummel him with the First Amendment. [Read more…]

We must rise. We must rise and fight like hell.

Dark and difficult times may lie ahead, but know this:
We are going to fight like hell.
We are going to fight like hell to defend the wall of separation.
We are going to fight like hell to protect the First Amendment.
We are going to fight like hell, for you. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: Occupied with the elections—but not completely

Election issues, victories, radio, and planning a commemoration—so much we manage to do in a week, and it’s all because of the support and patronage of our members and benefactors. [Read more…]