Special Weekly Report: Don’t cross us at FFRF!

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation were frenetically combating religious and constitutional wrongdoing this week — and often succeeding in the process. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We remain steadily focused

Amid all the political turmoil rocking our nation, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation remained steadily focused on our core mission this week. [Read more…]

We’re juggling a lot of balls

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation were juggling a lot of balls this week — all with the intent of advancing nontheism and church/state separation. Our classic ad runs again We were delighted to run our classic Ron Reagan ad on the nation’s most prominent news commentary shows. In the spot that ran on [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: So many things are occupying our attention

If it’s not one thing occupying our attention, it’s another. For us here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation… [Read more…]

Beware of Gorsuch’s disturbing views on abortion & death with dignity

We don’t know for sure what views Neil M. Gorsuch (President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee) holds on a number of crucial social issues. [Read more…]

Prolonging dying is a religious idea

To insist that someone who is suffering from a terminal illness must endure pain and anguish is not civilized. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We’re returning to normal activity

For a change, this week for us at the Freedom From Religion Foundation wasn’t dominated by the Trump administration! [Read more…]

Roadmap to theocracy: Bannon, Conway, DeVos part of cabal seeking to bring God into schools

Watch out! An appalling plan to wrap our public schools in religion has become public. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: Another busy period for us

It’s another week and another busy period for us here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Unlike the weeks before, this week the lion’s share of our time and energy was not spent focusing on the Trump administration. Instead, we were active in a number of different directions. [Read more…]

Possible Trump appointment could deliver bonanza for Falwell Jr.

The nation’s top evangelical wants to make sure his golden goose keeps on delivering him eggs forever. [Read more…]