Special Weekly Report: We’re so excited

FFRF Director of Communications Amit Pal explains why the prevalent emotion at the Freedom From Religion Foundation is excitement. [Read more…]

Fighting Christian privilege

It’s Christian privilege when you expect to have your bible in every single hotel room in this country. And, when FFRF gets those bibles removed from government-run hotels, it’s Christian privilege to claim their removal is “eliminating religious freedom,” as Elizabeth Hasselbeck did on Fox News. [Read more…]

No better time to do your freethinking shopping

There’s never been a better time to shop with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. [Read more…]

Freethought Radio interviews Luca Clemente and Bruce Wallbaum on Tiny Houses

FFRF challenges prayer at a Florida school district, encourages the “Do No Harm” bill, supports “One nation indivisible” and reports on our Pennsylvania lawsuit challenging the Ten Commandments at a public high school. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We deal with a lot

We here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation regularly deal with a variety of issues, and the week gone by demonstrated this. [Read more…]

My Only Father

by Dan Barker Co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation Norman Secoyah Barker August 13, 1925 — May 13, 2016 “My only father,” as I refer to him in the dedication of my book Losing Faith in Faith, died the evening of May 13, at the age of 90. Dad’s death occurred on Friday the [Read More…]

Freethought Radio interviews Sean B. Carroll on Serengeti Rules

You won’t believe what a Colorado legislator said about FFRF’s lawsuit challenging high-school discrimination against our scholarship for freethinking students. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We had a fulfilling week

Even if this week wasn’t as dramatic as the first week in May for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we still achieved a lot. On May 5, we filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Congress, getting us major play in the media. [Read more…]

House Chaplains: discriminating against atheists since 1854

By Andrew L. Seidel Staff Attorney Freedom From Religion Foundation FFRF has long dealt with anti-atheist discrimination. Many people don’t realize this is an issue, but we know better because we deal with it every day. It’s one reason we successfully pushed the city of Madison, Wis., to amend its civil rights ordinances to include [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: A bigger week for us

Some weeks are big for us here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and other weeks are even bigger. This week was definitely on the bigger end of the spectrum. [Read more…]