Special weekly report: We’re on top of things

A lot was happening around us this week, but we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation stayed on top of things. [Read more…]

Special weekly report: We call it as we see it

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation call it as we see it, whether at home or abroad. [Read more…]

What evangelical policy means for women worldwide

By Molly Hanson Editorial Writer Freedom From Religion Foundation Earlier this year, President Trump ― circled by a half-dozen men in the Oval Office ― signed an executive order restricting the autonomy of women across the globe. The order, signed back in January, froze foreign aid or federal funding for international health organizations that provide [Read More…]

Special weekly report: Ask not what all we do

Ask not what all we do during the course of a regular week at the FFRF to make the world a more secular and rational place. [Read more…]

In defense of blasphemy and Stephen Fry

By Andrew L. Seidel Staff Attorney Freedom From Religion Foundation “Every great idea starts out as blasphemy.” ~Bertrand Russell [Note: since the drafting of this piece, the Irish police have happily announced that the investigation into Stephen Fry’s blasphemy has been dropped.] The British actor, author, and wit, Stephen Fry, was just investigated by the [Read More…]

Why did FFRF sue Trump, when others did not?

FFRF has already sued the IRS on a nearly identical issue and won. [Read more…]

Special weekly report: We were quick on the draw

The new political dispensation in Washington is sure keeping us on our toes here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. [Read more…]

Trump is bringing “Handmaid’s Tale” to life

After the debut of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” President Trump appointed an anti-abortion activist who claims “contraception doesn’t work.” [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We enjoy being in the spotlight

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation are pleased when the secular perspective gets spotlighted in the media. [Read more…]

The Facts vs. ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

Here, in honor of the toppling of Bill O’Reilly last week from Fox News Network, is an article I wrote after my first appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” in the fall of 2000. [Read more…]