In the wake of the Florida school massacre, there seems to be a national uprising against the political platitude #thoughtsandprayers offered after every mass shooting. Read more

Here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, special events help make it extraspecial at the office. This week, we lucked out. Read more

Here at our Freedom From Religion Foundation headquarters in the middle of an Upper Midwest snowstorm, inclement weather hasn’t stopped us from “making our rounds.” Read more

Please open your eyes — but not in the way President Trump beseeched the audience at today’s 2018 National Prayer Breakfast. Read more

An uproar in Alabama over a House bill encouraging the placement of “In God We Trust” in public buildings shows the divisiveness of religion in government. Read more

Here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, every week we do a bit here and a bit there — and before we know it, we have achieved a lot. Read more

In a world where the president of the United States suggested as a candidate that women who have abortions should be punished, it should not be surprising that a notorious minister is actually suggesting their execution. Read more

You’d be surprised at what all we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have to deal with in a typical week. Read more

Legislators are trying to shore up their base with pandering proposals that have no chance of becoming law. They don’t care that the bill is illegal and a gross violation of the First Amendment and religious freedom. They simply want to be able to brag on the campaign trail that they proposed a bill to give all the state’s wildlife to Jesus. Or that they fought to get godless evolutionists out of the public schools. Or that they championed getting god’s law into the schools. Read more

America’s VP gave an address riddled with such inappropriate biblical references & prophecy that Christian Palestinians are condemning it. Read more

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