Threat to Net Neutrality is a Threat to Freethought

There has been a lot of buzz about net neutrality over the past year — and rightly so. Net neutrality is the concept that your cable company shouldn’t arbitrarily be allowed to make your internet slower. Without net neutrality, internet service providers would be able to charge websites to load quickly — or entirely block internet access to a site. Under the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission implemented rules to protect and preserve net neutrality. But current FCC Chairman… Read more

Todd Becker Foundation villifies FFRF as an “anti-Christian hate group”

  By Christopher Line Patrick O’Reiley Legal Fellow Freedom From Religion Foundation An evangelical Christian group is outrageously labeling FFRF as a “hate group.” Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a report to 350 school districts across the Midwest warning them about the Todd Becker Foundation, an evangelical Christian ministry that uses our public schools to proselytize to students. The report details how the foundation enters public schools under the pretense of a secular assembly so that it can… Read more

Weekly Wrap: We’ve taken on a whopper

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation work on all sorts of projects — but we recently took on one that’s quite a whopper. Read more

Extremism: The Common Denominator

GUEST COLUMNIST SARAH MILLS: “When I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I realized it was not unique at all.” Read more

Weekly Wrap: Small and big — it all adds up for us

Small and big — it all adds up for us We here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation engage in a variety of actions every week that, small and big, add up to a robust defense of our cause. Articles big and small For instance, FFRF Director of Strategic Response Andrew Seidel had a response published in a tiny Alabama paper to a Thanksgiving column berating us. Andrew also wrote a persuasive op-ed on the unintended consequences of a possible… Read more

Weekly Wrap: We are thankful to you

By Amitabh Pal Communications Director Freedom From Religion Foundation #GivingTuesday Heads Up First, a heads up that next Tuesday is #GivingTuesday — a day designated to give online to nonprofits. Bill Gates has pledged to match the first $2 million given to nonprofits on Tuesday, Nov. 28, via Facebook. (Facebook is waiving its usual 5 percent service fees for processing donations this day.) So, look for an early-bird appeal Tuesday. We are thankful to you We are thankful this week… Read more

Don’t expect objectivity from the new Museum of the Bible

The Greens have labored to put a veneer of objectivity, legitimacy, and scholarship on their creation, but, if history is any guide, they’ll have fallen far short. Read more

Weekly Wrap: We win even when it seems we aren’t

At the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we often are winning even when it doesn’t seem to be the case. Read more

Weekly Wrap: We have literally been all over the place

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have literally been all over the place this week. Read more

Trump’s expected pick for women’s ambassador deeply concerning

There will be a lot more “concerned women” in America if Trump’s purported pick for women’s ambassador of global affairs at the State Department is confirmed. Read more

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