Special Weekly Report: In the thick of things

We here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation are always in the thick of things. Contests, victories, interventions, member action alerts, a radio show and a big convention—we’re always in the middle of so much. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: We’re caught up in football mania

It’s the start of football season, and we here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation are caught up in football mania. Well, sort of. [Read more…]

Mother Teresa & Phyllis Schlafly: Reactionary handmaidens

The recent coincidence of the “sainthood” of “Mother” Teresa and the death of anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly provides an irresistible chance to reflect on the Catholic Church’s use of its dutiful handmaidens. [Read more…]

National Catholic Register blog denigrates FFRF and nonbelievers

Roman Catholic fundamentalist Angelo Stagnaro has maligned me and the Freedom From Religion Foundation — and the freethought movement as a whole.
[Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: More than enough to keep us occupied

Slow is a relative term for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, but this week was less hectic than some as we head into the Labor Day weekend. Even so, there was more than enough to keep us occupied. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: All the good stuff at work

FFRF Director of Communications Amit Pal discusses all the good work we have been doing, including legal victories, our Nothing Fails Like Prayer contest and our recent lawsuit in Pennsylvania. [Read more…]

Federal court realizes Hobby Lobby legacy and upholds discrimination in name of God

Using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Hobby Lobby case, a Michigan court allowed a religious employer to fire a transgender employee because “the Bible teaches that God creates people male or female,” and having a transgender employee “would be violating God’s law.” It’s time to repeal RFRA. [Read more…]

Kentucky school board member gets schooled on ark park email

A school board member writes a cranky letter to FFRF and gets an unexpected response that schools him on the First Amendment. [Read more…]

Pew report on social politicking reveals troubling trend that FFRF is doing something about

By Rebecca Markert Senior Staff Attorney Freedom From Religion Foundation This week the Pew Research Center released a troubling report on politics in churches. The report Many Americans Hear Politics From the Pulpit, reveals that of the 40% of Americans attending religious services, about two-thirds of them (64%) heard about politics during worship services. When [Read More…]

Getting god out of Texas charter schools: religious exploitation plagues tax-funded system

Tax-funded Texas charter schools are taking advantage of a lack of oversight to indoctrinate kids into Christianity. [Read more…]