Trump panders — and delivers — to the extremist Christian Right; take action!

President Donald Trump bragged last Friday at the “Voters Value Summit” in D.C. that he is the first president to appear in person at that theocratic gathering. Read more

Weekly Report: A riveting week for us

Every week is riveting at the Freedom From Religion Foundation — and this week was no exception Read more

Spare us your ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ — Actions Speak Louder

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation On any given day, ostentatious displays of religion course through social media. After a tragedy, the undercurrent of “thoughts and prayers” becomes a flood. Standing against that current isn’t popular, but at FFRF (one of whose mottos is “Nothing Fails Like Prayer”) we do it anyway. Occasionally, I’ll point out that prayer is not a substitute for action and that it can even be dangerous because many people… Read more

Weekly Report: We aren’t afraid of controversy

This week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation showed that it really isn’t afraid of controversy. Read more

Nothing to cheer about in Texas cheerleader case

A Texas appellate court recently issued yet another ruling in a long-running case that should have ended just days after it was filed. Read more

O say can you kneel? Free speech and football

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation Freedom of speech is both a constitutional right and a core American value. As a constitutional right, it means the government cannot limit your right to speak. Obviously, private employers aren’t the government. Private organizations can regulate the speech of employees and participants. This is bad news for those receiving tips at Cold Stone Creamery and has implications for the NFL players who choose not to stand during… Read more

Gun Control and Religious Freedom: How Thinking in Constitutional Absolutes Is Killing People

As a constitutional issue, the gun control debate has a lot in common with the attempts to redefine religious freedom. Read more

Weekly Wrap Up: Many ups and downs here at FFRF

Boy oh boy, have there been ups and downs recently here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Read more

An open letter to a would-be state attorney general

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation A person who wishes to be the attorney general of his or her state should understand the law — especially its most basic points, such as freedom of religion and separation between state and church. The individual should also respect the law. After all, she or he is looking to be the state’s chief law enforcement officer. What the person should not do is argue for schools to… Read more

Saudi women can now steer their country into the Enlightenment

When I visited Saudi Arabia in June 2002 with a group of journalists, the regime assured us that the ban on women drivers would be lifted within a few months. Read more

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