Special Weekly Report: Elections and so many other things

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have in the past week been grappling with election-related issues. But by no means has that distracted us from our other work. [Read more…]

Citizens shouldn’t be forced to vote in mosques — or churches

Lots of people vote in churches, but the government needs to rethink mixing state and church. [Read more…]

The T-shirt that rattled the Westboro Baptist Church

Her: “The fool has said in her heart there is no god.”
Me: “And the wise man says it out loud. There is no god.” [Read more…]

Religious hypocrites grope for excuses for Donald Trump gropings

Motivated by the headlines, I conducted an informal poll at my workplace. I approached the 11 other women staffers who happened to be in our offices on Monday at the Freedom From Religion Foundation to ask about whether they’d ever experienced the kinds of gropes several women have testified they endured from Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: A convention, a media campaign— and more

Two things occupied us the past week: our annual convention and the campaign season. But we did a lot else, too. [Read more…]

Killing 50,000+ chickens, goats, and Jesus in the name of forgiveness

By Andrew L. Seidel Staff Attorney Freedom From Religion Foundation What do chickens, goats, and Jesus all have in common? If they are killed in the right way, your sins can be forgiven. Kapparot, the ritual slaughter of chickens, coincides with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, October 11-12 this year. Participants and PETA estimate [Read More…]

Special Weekly Report: Our convention is not distracting us

Even with all the time and energy that we’re putting into our convention at Pittsburgh this week, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have still been dealing with a range of matters here at our home office in Madison, Wis. [Read more…]

Black robes at the Red Mass: the undesirable religiosity of Supreme Court justices

Red Mass sounds like an unfortunate medical condition. Sadly, it’s worse. Red mass is a condition that plagues our body politic. [Read more…]

Special Weekly Report: Summer is over

From Thomas Jefferson to Donald Trump (with some blasphemy thrown in) Our ever-busy lawyers somehow spared time from legal matters to compose several blogs this week. [Read more…]

In honor of Blasphemy Day and Bill Donohue: Damn the pope

It’s International Blasphemy Rights Day so exercise your right to criticize religion. Damn the gods you were taught to believe in or the irrational dogma you grew up in. And damn the pope, if only for Mr. Donohue. [Read more…]