The year may be drawing to a close, but we here at the FFRF are still going at it. Read more

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation At his final cabinet meeting this year, Donald Trump took advantage of his position of power to impose his religion on reporters: “With that, I’m going to ask Ben Carson—[here, Trump cuts himself off to address the media]—You can stay if you want because you need the prayer more than I do I think, you may be the only ones—Maybe a good solid prayer and they’ll [gesturing to… Read more

Cal Thomas has been one of the most widely syndicated columnists in the country, and yet his writings have never made a lick of sense to me. Read more

Many folks may be taking it easy this time of the year, but we at the FFRF are working as hard — if not harder. Read more

I opened my New York Times today to be greeted with the sad news that “Janet Benshoof, Women’s Champion, Dies at 70.” Read more

It’s courageous to stand up to a sexist & lewd president, yet unfortunate that your participation in a congressional bible study blesses a book that smeared women for millennia. Read more

I recently signed and mailed almost 200 greeting cards commemorating Bill of Rights Day last Friday to Texas legislators on behalf of the FFRF. Read more

This was a week at the FFRF in which we didn’t get tired of winning (if you may forgive us purloining the phrase from an unlikely source). Read more

There has been a lot of buzz about net neutrality over the past year — and rightly so. Net neutrality is the concept that your cable company shouldn’t arbitrarily be allowed to make your internet slower. Without net neutrality, internet service providers would be able to charge websites to load quickly — or entirely block internet access to a site. Under the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission implemented rules to protect and preserve net neutrality. But current FCC Chairman… Read more

  By Christopher Line Patrick O’Reiley Legal Fellow Freedom From Religion Foundation An evangelical Christian group is outrageously labeling FFRF as a “hate group.” Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a report to 350 school districts across the Midwest warning them about the Todd Becker Foundation, an evangelical Christian ministry that uses our public schools to proselytize to students. The report details how the foundation enters public schools under the pretense of a secular assembly so that it can… Read more

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