We’ve been in quite an (un)biblical frame of mind lately here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Read more

There’s an old legal adage that’s been reworked many times over. When you don’t have the law, argue the facts. When you don’t have the facts, argue the law. In none of its permutations does the quote end: “and when you’ve got nothing, just list off a bunch of names.” But that’s ADF’s brief. It is the longest legal brief I’ve ever seen and is neither brief, nor truly legal. It’s a cudgel, meant to stun the judges into ignoring the law. Read more

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have been involved in a lot of landmark moments lately. Read more

A part of the work we do here at FFRF is to keep an eagle eye on the constitutional wall of separation. This week, our vigilance bore fruit. Read more

But none of the personal twaddle means the case is important. Or that it has a big impact. However, FFRF’s case against Morris County, in which we successfully blocked millions of taxpayer dollars flowing to churches, is particularly meaningful, given a concerted attack against state constitutional provisions barring taxpayer aid to churches. Read more

This is a personal statement about the disturbing allegations in yesterday’s BuzzFeed article concerning David Silverman, until yesterday president of American Atheists. Read more

Who says that art and activism don’t go together? We had proof this week at the Freedom From Religion Foundation that the two, indeed, can be combined gracefully. Read more

You have no education or training in public service, public policy, government or any of the other issues that are critical to running a superpower. You have an arts degree in geography. And yet, you have unprecedented access to the highest levels of government — far more so than any typical citizen. This is not influence, but manipulation detached from any valuable education or expertise. Read more

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation Embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is a prime example of a theocrat who believes he’s above the law. The Constitution  — especially the First Amendment — is a check on the government’s power. So violating the First Amendment is, in every sense, an abuse of power. If a government official is willing to abuse his or her power for one reason, it only makes sense that the person… Read more

FFRF began as a national organization four decades ago this week! Even as we enter what would be human middle age, we show no signs of slowing down. Read more

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