By Amitabh Pal Communications Director Freedom From Religion Foundation #GivingTuesday Heads Up First, a heads up that next Tuesday is #GivingTuesday — a day designated to give online to nonprofits. Bill Gates has pledged to match the first $2 million given to nonprofits on Tuesday, Nov. 28, via Facebook. (Facebook is waiving its usual 5 percent service fees for processing donations this day.) So, look for an early-bird appeal Tuesday. We are thankful to you We are thankful this week… Read more

The Greens have labored to put a veneer of objectivity, legitimacy, and scholarship on their creation, but, if history is any guide, they’ll have fallen far short. Read more

At the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we often are winning even when it doesn’t seem to be the case. Read more

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have literally been all over the place this week. Read more

There will be a lot more “concerned women” in America if Trump’s purported pick for women’s ambassador of global affairs at the State Department is confirmed. Read more

Some weeks, we here at FFRF get so much done, it’s hard for us to believe it ourselves. Read more

Sinclair Lewis, in the face of the rise of European fascism, wrote a cautionary tale, “It Can’t Happen Here,” published in 1935, which The New York Times 82 years later dubbed “the classic novel that predicted Trump.” Read more

Every once in a while, we at the Freedom From Religion Foundation venture into unexpected directions to make things more exciting. Read more

We’re on a winning streak here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Read more

President Donald Trump bragged last Friday at the “Voters Value Summit” in D.C. that he is the first president to appear in person at that theocratic gathering. Read more

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