That Beatles classic often comes to mind to us at the Freedom From Religion Foundation when we assess what we accomplish each week. Read more

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation are also motivated by an Olympian spirit — even if our version of the event differs in some respects. Read more

By Andrew L. Seidel Director of Strategic Response Freedom From Religion Foundation President Trump, speaking today before the Conservative Political Action Conference, took the stage to Lee Greenwood’s song, God Bless the USA, and that set the tone for 75 minutes of religious pandering. Let’s dive in: “We’ve confirmed a record, so important, of circuit court judges, and we are going to put in a lot more.” Trump added some laudatory remarks about his Supreme Court appointment, Neil Gorsuch. His… Read more

Our students have so much to teach our lawmakers. Read more

The Christian Right must be incapable of shame. Read more

In the wake of the Florida school massacre, there seems to be a national uprising against the political platitude #thoughtsandprayers offered after every mass shooting. Read more

Here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, special events help make it extraspecial at the office. This week, we lucked out. Read more

Here at our Freedom From Religion Foundation headquarters in the middle of an Upper Midwest snowstorm, inclement weather hasn’t stopped us from “making our rounds.” Read more

Please open your eyes — but not in the way President Trump beseeched the audience at today’s 2018 National Prayer Breakfast. Read more

An uproar in Alabama over a House bill encouraging the placement of “In God We Trust” in public buildings shows the divisiveness of religion in government. Read more

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