Grief Is My Writer’s Block

Hello to my four fans and fellow heretics.  You may be wondering where I have been since October 9th, and why the long absence.  Life hit me with a jolt after I posted my last blog.  That day I got a call from a relative informing me that my mother was terminally ill, and demanding to know whether or not I planned on reconciling with her.IKR. You can't even.That call did not go well to say the least, and I was quite shaken up for a few days afterword.  Being sucked back into dys … [Read more...]

The Mother-Daughter Moment I Always Wanted was with My Daughter

The following blog is something I wrote as a post for one of the wonderful groups I am in for daughters of narcissistic mothers. I think it fits in very well with what I write about here.Wow...this started out as a simple post and ended up blog length. I may have to cut and paste it to Patheos before they kill my blog. I never have time to write because I have children to feed and have to have the day job in order to do that.I took my 8-yr-old to get her ears pierced today. I think I was … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When the Love Is Lost with Your Adult Sibling?

That is not a rhetorical question.  I really need you to tell me in the comments.When I took my first creative writing class in undergrad our professor looked at another student and said, “I really think you should use your anger in a more constructive way. Like Deanna.”I was shocked.  I thought to myself I’m not angry. I’m hilarious.  What is she talking about?  But I was also really pleased to get a compliment from the teacher who once said to the class, after a student read his work ou … [Read more...]

Kevin Smith’s Amazing Week with Prince

So Pocket Prince (He lives.  Forever.  And ever.) and I are sitting here watching this video for the thousandth time.  I'd thought I'd share it with my 114 fans in case you've never seen it.There are so many amazing takeaways.  The way Kevin grills Prince's staff member about the specific details of his active wear is exactly how a woman would've handled it.  I actually said to my husband, "See this?!  This is exactly what I would've done.  This is how you ask questions!"Partners don't be … [Read more...]

Not The Onion: Why Conservative Women Are So Pretty

I didn't even know The Federalist has a humor column now.  Did you know?Apparently it was 1950s Throw-Back Friday this past April 22nd when the world was blessed with this tome, Why Conservative Women are So Pretty.If you are a human and can make it more than a quarter through the article then Diddy Bless You, you are a trooper.If the title just didn't have enough to catch me the subtitle lost me immediately:The women of the Right are allowed to believe things that the women of th … [Read more...]

And the Academy Award for Most Obnoxious Prince Memorial Blog Title Goes to:

PRINCE DIDN’T SUPPORT OBAMA OR GAY MARRIAGE AND PRAYED THIS EVERY NIGHTNothing is more annoying than when Evangelical Christians decide to jump in a day late and a dollar short and take a dead artist as one of their own.  For a group that is so against secular art and secular artists I always find it funny that there isn't one they don't try to claim in their death, (or one whose work they don't try and steal to make their own crappy-derivative but "pure" version of.)It's the old, "Do … [Read more...]

3 Things I Love About My Estranged Mom

#1. She Cared Enough to Ensure I Got EducatedI’m grateful that my mother always encouraged me to get a college education.  And it wasn’t so much an encouragement as it was a complete assumption.  I didn’t know there were other options, and I was full-on surprised when everyone I graduated high school with didn’t go to college.And she was semi-snobby about it too.  Sure she was a full-on Born-Again Christian but behind the scenes she had no respect for people who homeschooled their childre … [Read more...]

Day 2: Prince Still Dead

I woke up this morning and thought for a split-second maybe yesterday didn't happen.  Then I bought Purple Rain on iTunes because I didn't have the energy to dig through my CDs.  As soon as the first note played I started bawling my eyes out.My son came to the stairwell where I had to take a sit-down break and held me, because he's my little prince.One of the side-effects of healing is feeling your emotions.  Everyone thinks this is such a great thing, but when you've spent most of your l … [Read more...]

Today is the Day that the Music Died RIP Prince

TMZ reported 5 minutes ago that Prince died.  Today is the worst day ever.  I can't.Update Well the workday is over and I'm watching the non-stop coverage on CNN.  I had an ugly cry this afternoon.  Celebrity is so strange.  I am uncomfortable that I am so sad about a person I never even knew, and that I'm ugly-crying like my Grampa died - but I just can't help it.  I am so sad.  He was a genius and I loved him, and I always will.If you like my blog, don't forget to Like my Facebo … [Read more...]

Pinterest, Parenting & Loving Mom

Welcome Back Heretics!!At least I hope you are back with me.  I have missed you my dear 4 fans, and the 2 incredible ones in Iran who basically count as 100 Americans.  Which makes it official, I have 104 fans.  I just hope that the power of this celebrity doesn't go to my head because I'm warning you now I will be a monster.Life has been chock full of rapid changes for me in 2016.  It's all been positive but it has left me little time to write for you.  I'm hoping I'll get into the groo … [Read more...]