Lawrence Krauss on Cosmic Natural Selection: Why the Universe Isn’t Fine-Tuned for Our Benefit

Back in February, Lawrence Krauss delivered the British Humanist Association’s annual Darwin Day Lecture. He spoke about “Cosmic natural selection” — why our universe is the way it is and why we’re lucky to be here.


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Right-Wing “Prophet”: If Hillary Clinton Were President, She Would’ve Turned Churches Into Mosques

Combine ignorance, gullibility, and Jesus into a bowl. Now mix.

That’s this conversation.


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Pastor Who Said Pulse Nightclub Victims Deserved Death Gets Life Sentence for Child Molestation

Well, well. I guess karma is real.


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Roy Moore, the Christian Judge Twice Removed from Alabama’s Supreme Court, Will Run for Senate

I didn’t think it was possible for Jeff Sessions to be replaced by someone whose views are even more despicable than his, but leave it to Alabama to find a way.


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Saudi Arabian Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Man Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

Ahmad Al Shamri, a Saudi Arabian man who allegedly “renounced Islam and the Prophet Mohammed” on social media and was sentenced to death for apostasy had his appeal dismissed by the nation’s Supreme Court. That effectively means he’ll die for the “crime” of challenging Islam in the Muslim theocracy.

This tweet, translated by @Faris_dream, is one example of someone applauding the man's death sentence.

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