How is this clothing anything but oppressive? Read more

For Lori Alexander, the distance between godly and slutty is razor-thin. Read more

We also talked about a misleading study compared religiosity and GPA, Liberty University’s online money grab, and the goings-on at Christian Hogwarts. Read more

Charlotte Clymer used the Bible’s words to flip the tables on the preachers who thought she looked “broken.” Read more

Not all prisoners of war are Christian. Our military needs to recognize that. Read more

With pastors like this, no wonder the people in his town need alcohol. Read more

After first-graders reacted with disgust upon learning of teacher Nathan Etter’s same-sex marriage, he taught them the importance of respect. The Illinois Family Institute thinks he went too far. Read more

Christianity isn’t going away. Faith-based bigotry, stemming from the Bible, is just becoming increasingly unpopular. Read more

This pastor credited God for his good fortune but not the pilot who led everyone to safety. Read more

This is a horrible sign for the Ark and the people of Williamstown, Kentucky. However, it’s great news for science advocates! Read more

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