In Defense of Anti-Abortion Bill, Oklahoma State Rep. Declares Rape and Incest the “Will of God”

An anti-abortion legislator from Oklahoma was forced to reckon with the disturbing consequences of his beliefs… and ended up admitting something horrific: Rape and incest are the will of God.


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A Pennsylvania Mother Assaulted Her Daughter For Not Regurgitating Bible Verses Correctly

This is your daily reminder that holy books can be a cause for abuse just as much as it can bring people comfort.


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An Indian Court Has Granted Human Status to “Holy” Rivers to Protect Them from Pollution

And you thought it was absurd when Republicans treated fetuses as humans…


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An Ohio Mayor Is Resigning After Getting Threats For His Decision to Stop Prayers at Meetings

It’s a sad day when the people trying to defend the Constitution are forced out of power by those claiming to be patriots.


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Brazilian Soccer Star: God Forgave Me for Torturing My Girlfriend and Feeding Her Body to Dogs

This is the problem with the Christian notion of forgiveness. Everyone can have it if they just believe, regardless of the severity of their crimes.


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