Podcast Ep. 177: People Are Seriously Boycotting the Eclipse

They also discussed an unhinged pastor from New Zealand, Tim Allen’s ignorance of evolution, and the Juggalos. Read more

A Survey of the Alt-Right Exploited a Complete Misunderstanding of Evolution

The researchers were able to put a number on the alt-right’s views, but they used scientific illiteracy to get there. Read more

An Eclipse Helped Me Find God, Says Photographer Who Doesn’t Get Science

If your beliefs are transformed because the moon passes in front of the sun, let’s admit they weren’t on solid ground to begin with. Read more

Apparently the Founders Helped End Slavery By Omitting It from the Constitution

According to one Christian activist, the Founding Fathers secretly wanted to abolish slavery, so they did it by playing 4-dimensional chess with the Constitution. Read more

KY Governor: Charlottesville Happened Because We Took the Bible Out of Schools

For some reason, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin didn’t elaborate on how the removal of forced Christian prayer from public schools led white supremacists in Charlottesville to chant, “Jews will not replace us.” Read more

Bryan Fischer Thinks the Solar Eclipse is a “Sign” from Satan

The eclipse is a sign that Satan wants to cover up God’s Truth, according to a Christian activist who would fail an elementary school science class. Read more

Swiss Hotel to Jewish Guests: “Please Take a Shower Before You Go Swimming”

The owner of this hotel says she’s not anti-Semitic. Her actions say otherwise. Read more

English Soccer Team Furious That Christian Activist Uses Stadium Image in Videos

If you’re going to use an image of a professional sports team’s stadium in your anti-LGBT videos, you might want to get their permission first. Read more

FL Official: We’ll “Gladly Accept” Confederate Monuments. His City: No We Won’t

A city commissioner in Eustis, FL offered to accept the Confederate monuments other cities are now removing. But it was only a matter of hours before the city publicly rebuked him. Read more

Atheist Hospital Chaplains: The Time Has Come

After his own unwanted encounter with a religious hospital chaplain, Mark Kolsen says it’s time for hospitals to realize many of their patients have emotional needs that can’t be met with a man of God. Read more