Flight Delayed After Woman Throws Coins in Engine to “Pray for Safety”

An 80-year-old Buddhist woman forced the evacuation of 150 passengers on a Shanghai flight when she threw a handful of coins into the engine of the plane as she “prayed for safety.”


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Group Offers to Lease Land in Pensacola (FL) Park to Preserve Giant Cross

After a judge ordered a giant Christian cross to come down from a Pensacola (FL) park within 30 days, one group has already made an offer of nearly $25,000 to lease the land from the city and keep the cross right where it is.


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Did Passengers Pray the AirAsia X Flight to a Safe Landing?

The pilot of a Malaysia-bound AirAsia X flight “asked passengers to pray twice” when he noticed shaking caused by what the airline said was an engine problem.

Would that request comfort you or freak you out?


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The Country’s Only Openly Atheist Republican Legislator Just Left the Party

New Hampshire State Rep. Brandon Phinney came out as an atheist in February, which was incredibly unusual for any politician, much less an elected Republican.

But he’s fed up with the GOP. That’s why he’s now officially a member of the Libertarian Party.


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“No Religion” Is Now Officially Australia’s Top Religion

Australian citizens chose “no religion” more than any listed specific denomination on the nation’s 2016 Census, making this the first time the “Nones” have overtaken Catholics in the country.


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