Illinois School District Apologizes After Basketball Coach Joins Students in Post-Game Prayer

Another Illinois high school has been called out after a coach participated in a post-game prayer, effectively coercing students into joining along. At least the district apologized.


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A Conservative Christian Blogger Was Wrong to Condemn Meryl Streep’s Call for Empathy

While Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes was widely seen as a denunciation of Donald Trump, it was really a call for more empathy and kindness in the world. It was the sort of thing Jesus spoke of in the Sermon on the Mount. So why would a conservative Christian blogger be so against it?


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Anti-Gay Pastor: Highlights Magazine is No Better Than ISIS For Showing Gay Parents in Its Pages

Highlights, the magazine for kids, will soon include gay couples in its pages as a way to showcase diversity. Anti-gay Pastor Kevin Swanson isn’t handling the news well, saying on his radio show that the magazine was no better than ISIS.


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Atheists Sue West Virginia School District Over 75-Year-Old Bible Indoctrination Classes

A West Virginia school district has been offering a class on the Bible for 75 years… but rather than teach the book as literature, they’re preaching it as if the kids were in Sunday School. That’s why atheists are suing the District to stop the illegal curriculum.

This is an actual image used in the curriculum.

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We’re Not Atheists Just Because Some of You Are Bad Christians

We all know Christians who are jerks, bigots, and hypocrites. But contrary to what some apologists say, that’s not why we’re atheists.


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