Creationists Have Sold Ark Encounter (Again) To Get a Tax Rebate (Again)

Ark Encounter is a for-profit enterprise once again.

I guess the prospect of losing $18 million in tax rebates from the state — due to the Creationists’ own incompetence — was too much to take, so they reversed course.


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Michele Bachmann: Donald Trump is a “Man of Prayer” Who “Hasn’t Taken a Day Off”

It’s not surprising that former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is defending Donald Trump. What’s surprising to me is how she’s defending him.


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Conspiracy Theorist: A Third of the Government is in a Satanic Pedophilia Cult

What percent of the government would you say is part of a Satanic pedophilia cult?

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin puts the number above 30%. Because that’s what her investigative reporting tells her.


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Teacher Reprimanded After Telling Students That Saying the Pledge is Optional

Duane Nickell, a science teacher at Franklin Central High School in Indiana, told his students this past year that they didn’t have to say the Pledge of Allegiance if they didn’t want to.

That didn’t sit well with the principal, who called Nickell into his office to reprimand him.


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KPFA’s Reasons for Canceling a Richard Dawkins Event Are Worse Than We Thought

Berkeley radio station KPFA has finally explained which of Richard Dawkins’ comments pushed them to cancel an event with him.

As expected, the comments are taken out of context and only serve to make KPFA look more cowardly than before.


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