Many homeschooled Christian women are expected to marry young, manage a household, and have lots of babies. But some are rebelling. Read more

The pope who once asked “Who am I to judge?” is once again judging gay people. Read more

Pastor Perry Stone says this conspiracy theory is true because a rich man once told him so. Read more

Even their new president, supposedly a bridge to the next generation, believes gay people shouldn’t be married and trans people don’t exist. Read more

The essay’s author says, “None of us know anything about anything, really. So why not be open to the possibility of hope?” How many mistakes can you spot…? Read more

The billboard company told First Baptist Church that their signs were “anger provoking” before taking them down. Read more

Dr. Valerie Augustus may still get to practice medicine again. It makes you wonder: What on earth would it take to have her license revoked? Read more

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrongly called Maajid Nawaz an anti-Muslim extremist. Now they’re apologizing and giving him and his group $3.375 million as part of a settlement. Read more

After reciting a little-known religious portion of the Canadian National Anthem, Mayor Yvon Deshaies stuck a crucifix on the wall. Read more

The message is supposed to be about forgiveness. But nobody actually thinks that. Read more

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