Lauren Stuart killed her family before turning the gun on herself. Friends say it was getting disfellowshipped by the Jehovah’s Witnesses that drove her to do it. Read more

As long as religion is used to promote bad ideas, it deserves all the criticism it gets. Read more

The Christian side of this conversation happens every time there’s a mass shooting. Read more

In a state where Republicans control the House, Senate, and Governor’s office, this is a surprising but welcome turn of events. Read more

This Christian film was supposed to be a Bible-based blockbuster, but it failed. Read more

It’s easy to feel hopeless after tragedies like the recent school shooting in Florida, but this survivor gives me hope for his generation. Read more

Larry Cotton had 20 years to atone for his mistakes. But he remained silent until AFTER the victim spoke up. Now he’s resigning. Read more

God doesn’t prevent mass murders. Anyone who’s read the Bible would know that. Read more

Even Wyoming Republicans didn’t want their names attached to this disaster bill. Read more

Enjoy this picture, everyone. It’s the most Republicans will ever do to prevent future school shootings. Read more

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