The Creation Museum Opened Up Ten Years Ago Today

Meanwhile, the exhibits inside will set your mind back more than a century.


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Got Three Hours to Spare? Here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson Talking About Astrophysics

Three hours of Neil deGrasse Tyson on C-SPAN 2 talking about his new book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry?

Yes, please.


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WV School District Temporarily Suspends Bible Indoctrination Classes for Kids

An elective Bible course offered in West Virginia’s Mercer County Schools has been suspended for a year while administrators decide whether it’s actually legal, the result of a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

This is an actual image used in the curriculum.

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Christian Activist Defends Greg Gianforte: We Need “a More Violent Christianity”

There’s nothing Republican Christians can do that’ll upset the Religious Right, even though liberal leaders offering even a hint of those actions would result in full-blown conservative outrage.


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Maine Senate Approves, Then Rejects, Atheist’s Invocation Request Without Explanation

Why did the Maine Senate say no to this invocation written by an atheist? It’s quite possibly the least controversial statement you’ll ever read.


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