5 Donald Trump Cabinet Picks Who Threaten Church/State Separation

Several of Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees represent a direct threat to the notion of church/state separation.


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Orange (TX) Officials Have Put Up a $20,000 “Inclusive” Holiday Display… That Shuts Out Atheists

The Orange County Atheists of Texas wanted to put this banner up outside their local city hall. Government officials decided they would rather spend $20,000 preventing that from happening.


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Catholic League Lashes Out Against Satanists’ Proposed “Snaketivity” Display Outside MI Capitol

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue can’t handle the fact that The Satanic Temple’s Detroit chapter wants to put up its own version of a Nativity scene outside the Michigan State Capitol building. So he’s attacking them by saying they hate Christianity.

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Someone Vandalized a Satanist’s Donald Trump-Themed “Distress-ivus” Pole in Delray Beach (FL)

A couple of days ago, Satanic activist and provocateur Chaz Stevens put up an anti-Donald Trump display outside of Delray Beach, Florida. It’s already been vandalized. The “Make America Great Again” hat and the safety pin are no longer there.


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If Our Calendar Accurately Reflected the Beginning of Human History, What Year Would It Be?

If we could retroactively change our calendars, what would be a good starting point? Forget the supposed birth of Jesus. At what point did human history really begin?


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