I Was Never Taught This Catholic Math As a Young Man

It’s about time someone crunched the numbers involving communion wafers. Read more

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit from Parents Who Said Their Son Was Forcibly Baptized

The parents said their developmentally disabled son’s court-appointed caregivers were trying to convert him. Read more

Man Blames Las Vegas Massacre on “Anti-Christian Atheism”

A letter like this freaks me out a lot more than someone declaring he’s an atheist. Read more

Humanistic Jewish Leader Hopes to Become the First Rabbi in Congress

He says he’s “not an atheist” but declined to say much more than that. Read more

Appeals Court Says Giant Christian Cross in Bladensburg, MD is Illegal

The religious elements of this WWI memorial “easily overwhelm” the secular ones, said the judges. Read more

Calgary School Board Candidate Who Blamed “LGBTQ” for Terrorism Loses Election

The bigot earned a paltry 5% of the votes. Read more

Sarah Silverman Discusses Extremism with Former Westboro Baptist Church Member

I loved this line: “Extremists generally are not psychopaths. They’re psychologically normal people who’ve been persuaded by bad ideas.” Read more

Jim Bakker: Critics Who Quote Me Verbatim Will Eventually Have To Answer To God

If Jim Bakker really wanted people to stop mocking him, he should stop saying things worth mocking. Read more

Anti-LGBT Archbishop Ironically Says Government Should Stay “Out of the Bedroom”

The Catholic Church should also take this advice. Read more

We’ve Hit Our Goal for Queer Disbelief, a Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism

Thanks to all the readers who have supported the project so far! You can still pre-order a copy if you haven’t done so already. Read more

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