Even Wyoming Republicans didn’t want their names attached to this disaster bill. Read more

Enjoy this picture, everyone. It’s the most Republicans will ever do to prevent future school shootings. Read more

Kendra Stocks is in jail for a week, but it’s not just because she baptized her daughter. It’s because she violated a court order. Read more

If the driver hoped to prevent abortions by hurting those at a Planned Parenthood, his actions may, ironically, have given people even more resolve to defend and support the organization. Read more

Does the Catholic Church even want decent people teaching at their schools? Read more

Newt Gingrich, well-known for his adultery, does more to discredit Christianity than most atheists could ever dream of. Read more

We spend relatively little taxpayer money on NASA, but what we get in return for that investment is simply mind-blowing. Read more

Todd Starnes must want to win the Christian Right BINGO blame game that conservatives play after any major tragedy. Read more

Mass shootings are an earthly issue with earthly answers. We don’t need to resort to the supernatural. Read more

Oklahoma says State House invocation speakers must come from the representatives’ places of worship. That would exclude a whole bunch of non-Christian speakers. Read more

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