Penn Jillette Denounces “Islamophobia” While Defending Fair Criticism of Islam

In a new video for Big Think, Penn Jillette defends criticism of Islam while denouncing “Islamophobia” — or at least the fear of Muslims. Not only should we not worry about them, he says, we should be helping them, because they have it really rough right now. If we call ourselves defenders of the First Amendment (or, you know, just decent people), we should be fighting on behalf of the religiously downtrodden, not further oppressing them.


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Out of Spite, a Christian is Fundraising for the Same Baptist Charity That Rejected Atheists’ Money

Readers of this site know by now that an atheist tried to donate money to the Baptist-run Murrow Indian Children’s Home in Oklahoma, only to have them reject the cash — ranging from the initial $100 to the fundraised $24,000 (and counting). Now a Christian woman has started her own fundraiser for the Children’s Home… apparently to spite atheists for making such a big deal about this.


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Atheists Are Suing Pennsylvania House Members Who Said They Couldn’t Give an Invocation

Several atheists, with the help of two church/state separation groups, have filed a federal lawsuit against representatives of the Pennsylvania House after they were denied the opportunity to deliver a secular invocation there multiple times.

A rabbi delivers a PA House invocation in 2013

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Atheist Group Releases Church/State Separation Scorecard for House Members; Most Fail Miserably

The Center for Freethought Equality (the advocacy wing of the American Humanist Association) has released its scorecard for the 114th Congress, grading House members for how they voted on seven issues dealing with church/state separation. As expected, a majority of House members received failing grades, and no Republican earned higher than a “D.”

Hello, Oklahoma

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A Baptist-Run Children’s Charity Rejected a Donation of Over $20,000 Because It Came from Atheists

In the most bizarre act I’ve ever seen from a charitable organization, the Murrow Indian Children’s Home has rejected more than $20,000 in donations because it was raised by atheists. Matt Wilbourn, the atheist who began the fundraiser, says the money will go to Camp Quest Oklahoma… except for $5,000, which he plans to get to those children in the Murrow home, even if he has to do it anonymously.

Matt and Keli Wilbourn

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