Survey: Most Americans No Longer Believe You Need God To Be Good

This is the result, I think, of more non-religious people identifying themselves as such whenever it’s safe to do so. Read more

Atheists Ask TX School District to Take Down Christian Flag Outside High School

The LaPoynor Independent School District needs to obey the law instead of promoting Christianity. Read more

U.S. House Candidate from FL Once Claimed to Go Up in Alien Spaceship

If she wins the seat, we can fully expect the GOP to put her on the House Science Committee. Read more

Legislator Pre-Files Bill to Declare “Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students”

The bill, like the act of prayer itself, won’t do anything to actually help students. Read more

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Controversial Case Involving Christian Monument in NM

If the Supreme Court had taken this case, there was a chance that atheists would no longer have the right to sue over a Christian monument on government property. Read more

We Could Stop Sexual Abuse with More Islam, Says Deluded Writer

Religion isn’t the solution to sexual abuse. If anything, religion is what keeps people from acting in healthy ways. Read more

Some Vikings Were Likely Muslims, and White Supremacists Hate It

If learning new information offends you so much that you have to write off archaeological evidence as fake news, you might have a problem. Read more

“Christian Hogwarts” Teaches Students to Hear God and Perform Miracles

They are learning how to play into their delusions and ignore the real world. Read more

Sebastian Gorka: Harvey Weinstein Should Have Followed the “Billy Graham Rule”

What does this comment say about the supposed values of evangelical Christians? Read more

The Creation Museum’s New Commercial Must Be a Joke

If kids are curious about the world, they should go to a real museum, not a building where “God did it” is the answer to everything. Read more

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