Trump’s Refugee Resettlement Office is Refusing Safe Abortions to Immigrants

This is a clear case of a government employee using his position to fight a personal, ideological battle against women’s rights. Read more

Trump Administration Pushes Abstinence and “Rhythm Method” Over Contraception

The “rhythm method” isn’t effective. But the Trump administration doesn’t care about science or facts, so here we are. Read more

Trump Endorses Pastor Who Says Satan Started Catholic Church

It’s not surprising that Donald Trump thinks Robert Jeffress is wonderful. They both share a love for conspiracy theories. Read more

Christian Shelter Forces Homeless Women to Give 10% to Megachurch

This isn’t a legal issue, but it certainly is an ethical one. Read more

Indiana County Ends Life-Saving Needle Exchange Program Because Jesus Said So

These needle exchange programs have been proven to work, but Lawrence County officials don’t care. Thanks for nothing, Jesus. Read more

University of Maine Students Drown Out Anti-Gay Preacher With Elvis Song

The best part of this video is watching the preacher just stand there in silence, accepting his defeat. Read more

Podcast Ep. 187: Jacindamania

We also spoke about the Boy Scouts decision to welcome girls (but not atheists), the new ads for Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, and why God’s Not Dead gets its basic premise wrong. Read more

This LGBTQ-Inclusive House Near a Mormon Temple Is Amazing… But Is It Enough?

Encircle may help soften the blow for LGBTQ Mormons turned off by the Church, but it’s a temporary bandage at best. Read more

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: I Want to Ask Democrats, “Do Y’all Love Jesus?”

It’s an awful question from a man who assumes everyone either loves or hates Jesus. Read more

Jim Bakker: Atheists Are “Going Insane” Because Trump Loves God Too Much

Of all the reasons I despise Donald Trump, his pseudo-Christianity isn’t high on the list. Read more

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