Saudi Arabian Sisters Risk “Honor” Violence If Forced to Return Home

Not that you needed another reminder, but there’s nothing honorable about “honor” killings. Read more

Michigan Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Father Marquette Cross in Public Area

This cross is excessive and serves as a de facto Christian monument. Read more

Queer Disbelief, Our Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism, Is Now Available

After your support of our Kickstarter campaign, our book is now available for purchase. Check it out. Buy a copy or three. And leave a review! Read more

Catholic Priest: It’s Unethical to Install Fire Alarms at Planned Parenthood

A Catholic radio host told a man who installs fire alarms that it would be unethical to do that at Planned Parenthood. That, he said, would be like helping Nazis and the KKK. Read more

Does Anybody Know Who Roy Moore’s Jewish Attorney Is?

One reporter went on a search for the Jewish lawyer Roy Moore’s wife proudly claimed they had. She came up empty. Read more

Florida Official Praises “Jesus, the Son of God” in Letter to Constituents

A letter to constituents, sent on county stationery, isn’t the place to proselytize. Read more

Podcast Ep. 195: Congratulations, Senator Not Roy Moore!

We also talked about Roy Moore’s very confused spokesperson, the CDC’s list of naughty words, and how Donald Trump ruined Christmas in Jesus’ homeland. Read more

This Air Force Museum Includes an Inaccurate Display Featuring a Christian Flag

Months after the display’s inaccuracies were pointed out to museum officials, the display is still up and the story hasn’t been corrected. Read more

TN Pastor: Atheists Fight God Because They Secretly Believe in Him

It’s obvious Pastor Greg Locke doesn’t know any atheists, or else they would have set him straight. Read more

Watch This Two-Year-Old Steal the Baby Jesus During a Church Nativity Play

Fighting over Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas. Read more

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