At the DNC, a North Carolina Preacher Delivered a Sermon Even Atheists Could Get Behind

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, gave a sermon tonight that brought down the house at the Democratic National Convention. While the beginning was heavy on faith — you can’t blame him for that — the rest of it was a call to arms for justice and love for all people. Including atheists.


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FFRF Challenges Taxpayer-Funded Scholarships from Ohio City to Local Christian College

In Grove City, Ohio, the city council set up a scholarship fund for students in the community. Students who apply are eligible for up to $1,000 per semester to go to the local school of their choice, and they have three options: Columbus State Community College, Harrison College, or Ohio Christian University. It’s that last one that raised eyebrows at the Freedom From Religion Foundation:


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An Openly Transgender Person Just Addressed a Major Political Convention for the First Time

In a heartfelt and inspiring speech at the DNC, Sarah McBride just became the first openly transgender person to speak at a political convention. McBride is the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.


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Saudi Clerics Don’t Want You Playing Pokémon Go in Mecca

Even Saudi Arabia isn’t immune from the lure of Pokémon Go.


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Ken Ham Still Thinks Public School Students Can Take Field Trips to Ark Encounter

For weeks now, Creationist Ken Ham and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have been doing battle over whether public school students can attend Ark Encounter for “educational” field trips. It’s not actually a battle. FFRF said those field trips are illegal. And Ham continues to yell at the clouds that they’re not. But his latest missive shows this issue is really getting under his skin.


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