Extremist Cleric: During Jihad, Muslims Cannot Have Sex With Enslaved Girls If They Get Married

Good thing religious extremists have rules. Otherwise they’d be savages.


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The City of Knoxville (TN) Plans to Spend $2 Million on a Christian Sports Complex

This is a Christian facility that will be owned by a Christian ministry for the purpose of creating new Christians… receiving public money that shouldn’t be used for promoting religion.

The proposed Christian facility

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Bill To Put Ten Commandments Displays in Public Places Ignored By GOP-Led Oklahoma Senate

The Oklahoma Senate has pulled a bill that would have allowed the Ten Commandments to be posted on public property, including schools and courthouses, effectively killing legislation that had already been approved by the State House.


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Crying GOP Rep. Wants God’s Forgiveness for First Amendment, Women’s Rights, and Marriage Equality

It’s incredible how much Rep. Randy Weber hates other people having the same rights as him.


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Breastfeeding Mother Gets Kicked Out of Virginia Church Because Women’s Bodies Are Scary

It’s hardly surprising that a Christian church would have a problem with a woman’s body, but it’s still stunning to hear the lengths they’ll go to in order to cover them up.


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