Pastor Rick Joyner: Natural Disasters Occur Because We Kicked God Out of America

Rick Joyner lives in some alternative reality where the country treats Christians the way Christians treat everyone else. Read more

Montreal Judge Gives Doctors Permission to Save Life of Young Jehovah’s Witness

The 14-year-old said she didn’t want a life-saving blood transfusion, but a judge ordered doctors to save her life anyway. Read more

“Prophet of God” Will Spend Decades in Jail for Sexually Abusing Child Brides

Lee Kaplan, the so-called “prophet of God” who sexually abused six young girls he claimed were his wives, will spend between 30 and 87 years in prison. Read more

Texas Parents Locked Their Kid Out of the House Because He Was “Possessed”

These religious parents are now out on bond following their arrest. Read more

Teacher Who Stopped School Shooter Was Cleaning “Satan’s Mess,” Says Her Mother

Angela McQueen is a hero. But she wasn’t fixing a problem created by the Devil. Read more

Atheist Group Gives Out $98,000 for Earthquake and Hurricane Relief Efforts

There’s no threat of hellfire. No guilt trip. No promise of any eternal rewards. These are just good people donating because they have the ability to do so and want to help out. Read more

Michigan Sued Over Adoption Laws Allowing Discrimination Against Gays, Atheists

These laws work against the best interests of children who need a home. Read more

GOP Senators Propose Bill Allowing Churches to Get FEMA Relief Money

Houses of worship are different from other nonprofits because they don’t have to report who’s funding them, for how much, and where that money is going. Read more

Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein Thinks Earthquakes Are “Proof” Jesus is Returning

This isn’t science. This is reading one paragraph of a Wikipedia article and thinking you’re an expert. Read more

Here Are the Best Reactions to BYU Finally Selling Caffeinated Soda on Campus

I hope the Mormons on campus realize how absurd all of this sounds to people who aren’t bound by irrational dogma. Read more

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