The contents of this report may be incredibly damaging to the Catholic Church, but unidentified individuals are preventing its release. Read more

Apparently, televangelist Jim Bakker’s viewers are acquiring a lot of STDs. Read more

I guess it’s controversial in evangelical circles to say children shouldn’t be ripped apart from their parents or kept in cages. Read more

The judge agreed that Kimberly Felder was “insane at the time of the assault.” Read more

If pastors have nothing to say about the most pressing moral concern of our time, they shouldn’t be in the pulpit. Read more

I guess it’s true: You should always write about what you know. Read more

It’s bad enough Virginia law requires “In God We Trust” signs in schools. Now Lee County school board members want them in buses. Read more

Judge Tom Parker, who could be Alabama’s next Chief Justice, also plans to write decisions to help the U.S. Supreme Court overturn marriage equality. Read more

And that was one of the nicer things Adam Fannin said in his sermon rant. Read more

Adam Fannin added: “I hope that God breaks her teeth out”… because that’s what the Bible teaches him. Read more

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