Atheist Comedian Ian Harris is Performing in Chicago Later This Week

I’ve posted before about comedian Ian Harris, whose material includes several bits about science and religion:

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A Simple Way for Atheists to Help Ex-Muslims

I was giving a talk in Vancouver yesterday and also had the pleasure of hearing Armin Navabi share his journey from Islam to atheism. Navabi is the founder of Atheist Republic, a forum for non-believers, and he recently wrote about why it’s so important for former Muslims to share their stories:

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The Trouble with Teaching Evolution When You’re Surrounded by Creationists

University of Kentucky Biology Professor James J. Krupa has a tough job because, well, he teaches science in Ken Ham Country. In an article for Orion, he explained why he defends Darwin despite the opposition:

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Ohio Couple Joins Cacophony of Psychics Claiming (Without Proof) They Help Law Enforcement Find Missing People

An Ohio psychic talk show host and his wife, both professional mediums and “psychic investigators,” were profiled rather unskeptically this week in the Kenyon College newspaper.

Beth Deering (below), who says she “can see angels and demons,”

… has been asked to be present at the hospital beds of the terminally ill, “as they’re crossing over,” she said. “I see what they’re experiencing. I’ve seen heaven, I’ve seen Jesus Christ.”

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Atheists Attend School’s “Good News Club” Meeting & Find Out Christian Organizers Lied to District About Curriculum

The Good News Club is a weekly program targeting elementary school children, because a lot of Christians love to indoctrinate kids before they start asking critical questions. (If you haven’t read it yet, check out Katherine Stewart‘s fantastic book about the organization.)

When a GNC began at Fairbanks Road Elementary School in New York, Monroe County residents Dan Courtney, Bill Courtney, and Kevin Davis weren’t sure how to respond. It wasn’t illegal for the group to be there, but they wanted an alternative for parents like them who preferred more skeptical fare for their kids.

So, earlier this year, they began a group of their own called Young Skeptics (sponsored by the tongue-in-cheek “Better News Club, Inc”).

In the meantime, they’ve been keeping tabs on the GNC at the elementary school and realized there were some major problems:

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