Motivational Speaker Warns Students About “Forces” Removing God from Society

Why did administrators at this school let a speaker spread anti-atheist bigotry in a speech meant to empower students? Read more

Women In Tunisia Are Finally Allowed To Marry Non-Muslim Men

This isn’t just a win for Tunisian women; it’s a victory for people across the region. Read more

IL Man Gets $15,000 Plus Attorneys’ Fees After July 4 Arrest for Burning Flag

The Illinois law against flag desecration, while unenforceable, still remains on the books. Read more

Marriage Equality Opponents in Australia Have Embarrassingly Bad Arguments

Former tennis star (and current bigot) Margaret Court says if marriage equality is legalized in Australia, Easter and Christmas will be canceled. Read more

Journalist: I’m No Longer an Atheist Because I’m Not a “Negative Person”

Sally Quinn’s spiritual journey involves throwing a lot of atheists under the bus. Read more

Even Amazon Can’t Stop the Gayest Bible Ever Written

This Bible has the distinct advantage of being just as accurate as the original. It’s MORE accurate, really, since Lord Rihanna actually exists. Read more

Five Christian Athletes Face Felony Charges After Allegedly Sodomizing Student

Wheaton College punished the accused students by making them write eight-page essays about their bad behavior. Read more

Ask Richard: Atheist Faces Emotional Abuse from Hyper-Religious Mother

Should the writer continue a religious charade just to keep the peace at home? Read more

Yes, Atheists Are Assisting with Hurricane Disaster Relief

Atheists help out of the goodness of our hearts. We don’t all feel the need to broadcast our lack of religion in the process. Read more

Turkey is Teaching Students About Evolution and Darwin for the Last Time

Evolution will be eliminated from high school textbooks next year as a more religious regime takes control of what kids learn. Read more

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