This is another blow to religious freedom in a nation where dissent is routinely punished. Read more

The better the quality of life your government offers, the less need you have for religion, the study found. Read more

It’s scary when a cult leader successfully manipulates people who are, by all counts, intelligent, successful, and often progressive. Read more

Somewhere, someone thought this was a clever idea. Read more

For those times when even FOX News is too difficult to face, there’s always Christian television. Read more

Everyone wins when the standards are lowered, right? Read more

Was it fair for France to deny a Muslim immigrant citizenship because she refused to shake the hand of a male official? Read more

If the Monte Vista City Council in Colorado wants invocations at meetings, they better follow the law. Read more

For Lori Alexander, the distance between godly and slutty is razor-thin. Read more

We also talked about a misleading study compared religiosity and GPA, Liberty University’s online money grab, and the goings-on at Christian Hogwarts. Read more

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