A Compilation of Bill Maher Joking About Religious Irrationality

It’s Sunday, the perfect day to enjoy this compilation of Bill Maher talking about religion — or debating it with a conservative.


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Podcast Ep. 159: The Atheist Lawmaker Who Started r/TheRedPill

The Republican atheist who started a men’s rights subreddit, the logic (or not) behind a Christian charity’s decision to reject a donation from a gay chorus, and what you can possibly learn at a religious university that treats students like toddlers.

All that and more on this week’s podcast!


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PA City Agrees to Replace Veterans Memorial Bench That Denigrates Atheists (For Real This Time)

A city bench that insulted atheists will finally be removed after the threat of a lawsuit.


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A MN Town Wanted a Christian War Memorial; Now, They’ll Also Have a Satanic One

There’s no timetable for when the Satanic display will join the Christian one, but what a glorious site that’ll be.


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Bigoted KY Judge Who Won’t Hear Adoption Cases Involving Gay Parents Still Has a Job (Somehow)

Anyone who puts religion above the law has no business being a judge.


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