A History of God in Public Schools: Religious Right Edition

Conservative Christians think one atheist put a stop to school prayer decades ago, and that explains so many of the problems in the world. None of that is true. Read more

Alabama Theocrat Roy Moore Warns Against “Transistor Troops in our Bathrooms”

It could’ve been worse. He could’ve said Transformers. Read more

PragerU Really Is Changing the Conversation

Hey, they didn’t say they were changing it for the better. Read more

Atheists Sue Kansas Prison for Pushing “Christian Propaganda” on Prisoners

Even the weekend movies were Christian films. Read more

Trump Pick for Federal Judge Called Trans Kids Part of “Satan’s Plan”

Jeff Mateer, nominated by Donald Trump to be a federal judge in Texas, has said many disparaging things about LGBTQ people. Read more

Benny Hinn’s Nephew: I Wanted No Part of the “Greedy Ministry Manipulation”

At least he figured it out. That means there’s hope for others in his position. Read more

Preacher Lance Wallnau Prayed for a Hurricane to Avoid Puerto Rico. He Failed.

Either God isn’t helping, or God really hates Lance Wallnau. Read more

Texas School Tells Students, Wrongly, That Standing for the Pledge Is “the Law”

No school can force students to stand for the Pledge. Read more

Wife of Imprisoned Blogger Implores Saudi Ambassador to Release Her Husband

“Mr. Ambassador,” she asked, “When will our three little children… get to see their father again?” Read more

UC Irvine Gets $200 Million Donation to Promote Fake “Medicine” Like Homeopathy

It’s embarrassing that university officials are going along with this unscientific approach to medicine. Read more

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