Focus on the Family can’t even live up to its own name. Read more

Even though anti-gay Christians technically won this case, there are reasons the victory doesn’t mean much. Read more

Anyone teaching the Bible shouldn’t sanitize these troubling passages. Read more

Country musician Rory Feek wrote about the struggle he had accepting his openly gay daughter. But because he didn’t condemn her marriage, several Christian bookstores want nothing to do with him. Read more

The labels wrongly suggest, in some cases, that evidence is on the way… which isn’t how science works. Read more

It’s bad enough that Anglican Church leaders can’t perform the ceremonies. Now they can’t even sit in the audience. Read more

There are people who understand Jeff Sessions’ interpretation of the Bible better than he does. They’re saying he’s wrong and cruel. Read more

When Tomi Lahren is a voice of reason at your conference, you know the total amount of reasonable thought in the room can fit inside a thimble. Read more

What sort of person’s last request is to make sure women suffer? And what sort of governor would go along with it? Read more

Many homeschooled Christian women are expected to marry young, manage a household, and have lots of babies. But some are rebelling. Read more

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