“I can already say I’m saving myself completely for you. I pray that you have stayed pure for me…” Read more

Pope Francis reportedly told the bishops that allowing gay men to become priests could lead to scandals. Read more

This 2012 movie is more awful than controversial, but Egypt will ban YouTube for a month because of it. Read more

This baptism video is incredibly disturbing no matter who’s responsible for it. Read more

Despite his delusional claims, he had no problem getting his hands on a gun. Read more

We spoke about how fundamentalist Christian colleges handle dissenting views, whether or not they exist in a bubble, and what faculty members debate behind the scenes. Read more

Charles McVety, a former televangelist now fighting to elect Doug Ford as premier of Ontario, promoted Creationism during a conference this week. Read more

Some media outlets are accurately reporting that the Texas shooter claimed to be an atheist, but Bill Donohue wants them to falsely link that to his motive. Read more

The prosperity gospel preacher added that “if Jesus was physically on the earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey.” Read more

How good is it to be an evangelical Christian? Imagine this happening with any other religious group. Read more

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