I’m an Atheist and I Attend Umpqua Community College

My name is Alex and I attend Umpqua Community College.

I was not there on the day of the shooting, though I was scheduled to attend an afternoon class later that day. My contribution in the chaos was making and constantly updating an extensive list of survivors, which was passed around Facebook from my personal page and from a separate page which I made especially for it. From the comments I saw, that gesture seemed to help a lot of people, so I’m grateful I could help out in some small way.

I did not know the shooter or any of the victims, though I know people who knew the shooter well, and they are very shaken up about it. I also was cast in a play in which the shooter was supposed to be a production assistant. When my mother found that out last week, she had to go lie down for a while.

In the past few days, I have seen a lot of people online passing around this cartoon claiming that God can’t prevent school shootings because he’s not allowed in school:

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North Carolina School Board Urged by Christian Zealots to Have Prayers at Meetings

Last night, at a meeting of the Cleveland County School Board in North Carolina, the issue of prayer came up. Right now, there’s a moment of silence during meetings — which is perfectly legal, albeit a complete waste of time — but that isn’t good enough for some people.

The Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association showed up to make the case that the board needed — wait for it — Christian prayers.

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Mississippi History Teacher Tells Students That Atheists Are Fools

Tell if you’ve heard this tired old joke before:

Did you know atheists have their own holiday?

It’s called April Fools’ Day.

I guess we’re all supposed to laugh or something. But how would you feel if your high school teacher told it in class?

That’s what happened at Northwest Rankin High School in Mississippi.

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Father Says Christian Group Tricked His Daughter Into Attending Meeting After School

Here’s how sneaky some Bible-believing groups are when it comes to luring children to their meetings: A California father says his daughter was tricked into attending an after-school Christian club that functioned under the guise of a leadership group.

Here’s the pamphlet his daughter was given:

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Florida School Board Meeting Turns Into Christian Revival

In Florida’s Okaloosa County School District, the same place where a teacher led her students in Christian prayer during class time earlier this month, the School Board held a meeting last night to discuss whether they would continue holding prayers at the beginning of meetings. (Spoiler: Those prayers are illegal.)

According to David Suhor, an atheist who attended the meeting, the result was a 3-2 vote in favor of keeping the prayers in place. You can see what some of the public comments were like right here.

But more than anything, you have to check out this video from the event. Keep in mind this was taken at a school board meeting, not a Christian revival.

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