Anthony Magnabosco is very effective at getting people to realize their methods of thinking may be flawed. Read more

We also talked about the Richard Dawkins controversy of the week, the atheist response to the Federalist Society, and how to defeat the blood donation ban against gay men. Read more

It may have started as satire, but the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has evolved into something far more serious. Read more

This interview reveals the moral shallowness that is white evangelicalism. Read more

This network of legal professionals will be dedicated to church/state separation, science, ethics, and civil rights. Read more

If God spared her child, the implication is that God chose to kill those 17 people, right? Read more

The couple belongs to a church known for putting prayer over the safety of children. Read more

When turning your back on God is seen as an affront to your culture, it’s harder to leave religion. Read more

If this becomes law, churches could endorse candidates without losing their tax exemptions. Read more

Filmmaker David Farrier’s facial reactions do a lot of talking in this segment. Read more

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