Rapper B.o.B., Who Says the Earth is Flat, Tweeted His Way Through the Eclipse

This is what happens when your rap career takes off before you set foot in a science class. Read more

Donald Trump’s Spiritual Advisor: If You Oppose the President, You Oppose God

If this doesn’t make you want to join #TheResistance, I don’t know what will. Read more

Student Defending the Confederacy in Viral Photo Expelled from Christian School

He drove hundreds of miles, dressed up like a Confederate soldier, and saluted a statue of Robert E. Lee… but he’s very upset someone took his picture and made his life difficult. Read more

Peruvian Atheists Are Fighting Stereotypes By Asking for Hugs

This is one powerful way to challenge anti-atheist stereotypes in an overwhelmingly religious country. Read more

An Anti-Gay Group in New Zealand Just Lost Its “Charity” Status

The New Zealand Charities Board said the anti-gay, anti-abortion group Family First did not qualify as a charity. Read more

Christian Author: I Can Do Basic Division, So the Eclipse Is a Sign from God

Author Eric Metaxas has spent years trying to promote the fine-tuning argument, and today’s eclipse is no exception. Read more

The Catholic Church Says Some Child Abuse Victims Gave “Consent” When Assaulted

A UK government agency has rejected settlement claims for 700 alleged abuse victims since 2012. Some of those stories involve priests who claim their victims gave consent. Read more

Returning Your Diploma to Liberty University in Protest Is a Waste of Time

A group of graduates of Liberty University plan to send back their diplomas to protest Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s support of Donald Trump after the events in Charlottesville. Sounds like a powerful gesture. Too bad it won’t accomplish anything. Read more

A Malaysian Official Wants People To Flag Atheist Websites for Promoting Heresy

Another Malaysian government official wants to punish atheists for daring to meet in public. Read more

Tunisia Will Review Sexist Laws Regarding Interfaith Marriages and Inheritance

The process to change the laws will take years, but these first steps send an important signal to other countries governed at least in part by Islamic law. Read more

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