Amy Poehler’s Next Show May Be About an Agnostic Woman Who Inherits a Church

… and that headline’s pretty much all we know about it. Deadline has the bare-bones story:

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Reverend Who Offers Exorcisms Over Skype Explains His Methods on The Daily Show

Earlier this year, we learned that televangelist Rev. Bob Larson was offering exorcisms over Skype.

For some reason, Larson thought it’d be a good idea to explain himself to The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams:

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The “World’s Most Dangerous Church”? If You Go There, You’re Guaranteed to Get High

For most people in the West, going to church is preceded by getting into their car and rolling up to their preferred house of God.

It’s a little different at this church in Ethiopia. Going to it means defying death.

The church, which is dug into the side of a cliff, sits roughly 2,500 feet above the ground. To access it, you must scale a portion of the cliff, walk on numerous narrow bridges and finally hop skip and jump your way into the entrance.

Like so:

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Pedi-Cure? Virus-Eating Onions On Your Feet Fight Illness, Cleanse Your Blood! (Also, I Have a Bridge To Sell You)

Look at that picture. No, that’s not a nasty foot infection. It’s kind of the opposite: a slice of healing red onion. Behold the lowly onion’s amazing natural powers, says Andreea Zoia, a popular fashion model and actress from Dubai. Almost as soon as Ms. Zoia placed the onion on her sole and held it in place with her sock, I started feeling [Read More...]

Canada’s Supreme Court Hesitates on Municipal Government Prayer Question

Maybe you remember our previous coverage of the Saguenay prayer case.

To recap quickly: Alain Simoneau, citizen of Saguenay (Quebec), raised a challenge against his municipal government’s practice of opening public meetings with a prayer (containing references to Almighty God and bracketed on both ends by the Sign of the Cross, a particularly Catholic prayer gesture). Quebec’s human rights tribunal ruled that the rights of non-believers were being violated, the Court of Appeal overturned that decision (because tradition!), and now the case is being decided at the level of the national Supreme Court.

But not just yet.

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