In Madison, “Graveyard of the Gods” Asks Students When Their Theology Will Become Mythology

As they do every year, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison put together a fantastic “Graveyard of the Gods,” reminding students of all the deities who were worshiped, believed in, and eventually forgotten.

The purpose is to get students thinking about when their God will join the ranks of the dead.


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A Sub Yelled at a Student for Sitting During the Pledge, and the District Responded Perfectly

Last Friday, at Carlisle High School in Pennsylvania, a student named Admir remained seated during the Pledge of Allegiance, only to get yelled at by the substitute teacher, Mrs. Scholl. She told Admir, who came here from Bosnia and protested the Pledge because of our actions in the Middle East, “maybe you would just like to leave the country.”

Here’s the good news. The students defended their classmate — starting the hashtag #WeSitWithAdmir — and the Superintendent took swift action against the sub:


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Southern Poverty Law Center: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz Are “Anti-Muslim Extremists”

In an irresponsible and idiotic move, the Southern Poverty Law Center named Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz, two activists working to reform Islam, to a list of “Anti-Muslim Extremists.”


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Voting for Donald Trump is a Bad Idea: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, reminds his fellow rednecks that Donald Trump isn’t on their side. That doesn’t mean they should automatically vote for Hillary Clinton, but Trump is just exploiting them:


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After Jack Chick’s Death, a Former Pentecostal Christian Recalls the “Fear Pamphlets” She Gave Out

Heather Emme attended a Pentecostal church in Toronto when she was younger, and Chick tracts were a part of her childhood. She was an evangelist and those little comic books were her tools. But they had an effect far beyond the strangers she was trying to convert:


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