Here’s How an Off-the-Grid Homeschooled Christian Girl Escaped Her Parents and Became a Legal Human

Nearly a year and a half ago, we posted about 19-year-old Alecia Faith Pennington, who grew up in a homeschooling Christian household and had no legal documentation testifying to her own existence. The Radiolab podcast just posted an incredible episode about her journey.


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Oklahoma Man Says Library Ad Featuring Muslim Woman is Illegal Promotion of Islam

Oklahoma resident Chad Grensky says this image, which is one of many advertising the Pioneer Library System, is promoting Islam (it’s not) and needs to change (it doesn’t).


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The World’s Most Famous Atheist Wants to Help People Alongside the World’s Most Famous Catholic

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and arguably the most famous atheist in the world, met this week with Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church and arguably the most famous religious leader in the world.


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Oklahoma Christian Charity Now Says It Won’t Accept Money From Churches If Atheists Were Involved

The Christian charity that rejected tens of thousands of dollars from an atheist donor now says it also won’t take money from a local pastor, because they know he must have gotten that money from heathens.

Matt and Keli Wilbourn

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Iceland’s Government Will Uncover an Enchanted Rock to Appease the Elves. (Seriously.)

Because of a 2012 law to “protect Iceland’s elfin heritage,” the Iceland Road Administration is going to fix a situation in which a company that removed debris following a landslide accidentally covered up an enchanted rock.

(What the hell did I just write?)


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