Was Jesus a Myth? A Debate Featuring Dr. Robert Price and Dr. Bart Ehrman

Last October, Dr. Bart Ehrman and Dr. Robert Price had a debate over whether Jesus actually existed. Ehrman argued that there’s enough evidence to support a historical Jesus while Price said Jesus was nothing more than a mythological figure.


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Muslim Women in India Want the Supreme Court to End Say-the-Magic-Word Instant Divorces

In India, where Muslim women are often married at a young age and become wholly dependent on their husbands, it’s frightening to learn how simple it is for their husbands to get a divorce. Now, many women are calling for the Supreme Court to end the religious practice.


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Why Jesus Dying for Our Sins Makes No Sense At All

If He came back to life three days later, didn’t Jesus just have a really crappy weekend for our sins?


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Pakistani Officials Claim Facebook Has Removed 85% of Reported “Blasphemous” Content

According to reports from the Pakistani English-language newspaper Dawn, Facebook has blocked approximately 85% of blasphemous material reported on the social network. There’s reason to be skeptical about the claim, but it’s disturbing to think Facebook might be complicit in this kind of censorship.


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Religious Father of Slain Indian Atheist Says He Will Join His Son’s Group in Solidarity

More than a week after the brutal slaughter of Indian atheist activist H. Farook (below), his father is doing something incredibly courageous: Vowing to pick up where his son left off.


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