Jesus Leaves Everyone Satisfied At This Church

Pastors: Have a teenager check your messages before you put them up on the big board.


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Podcast Ep. 164: A “Pro-Life” School Punished a Pregnant Student

We also discussed Greg Gianforte, Ark Encounter, the Manchester bomber, and Joel Osteen’s supposed devil gesture.


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VA School Officials on Paid Leave After Pouring Holy Water on Naughty Kid’s Head

Can you think of a single explanation that would make any of this okay?


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Australian Tennis Star Blasted After Stating Bible-Based Opposition to Marriage Equality

Margaret Court, the former Australian tennis star, needs to understand that there are consequences to her faith-based bigotry.


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Mississippi Man Who Allegedly Shot and Killed 8 People Says God Will Forgive Him

Cory Godbolt was arrested this morning after allegedly killed 8 people, including a sheriff’s deputy.

Before cops took him away, he told a local reporter that God would forgive him even if the rest of the world saw him as unfit to live.


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