We’ve Hit Our Goal for Queer Disbelief, a Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism

Thanks to all the readers who have supported the project so far! You can still pre-order a copy if you haven’t done so already. Read more

Josh Duggar Loses Lawsuit Against Magazine That Exposed His Abuse

I’d like to say I hope he’ll learn a lesson from all this, but that may be too much to ask. Read more

Fort Gordon Soldiers Allegedly Forced to Attend Christian Proselytizing Event

The soldiers say they were forced to attend the Christian event. The military says it was voluntary. It’s possible that both sides are at least partly accurate. Read more

Religious Right Group Uses Misleading Survey in Johnson Amendment Repeal Efforts

Alliance Defending Freedom is deliberately misleading Congress by using a survey with poorly designed questions, on purpose, to get the results they want to see. Read more

Hundreds Protest New Mexico’s Proposed Creationist-Friendly Science Standards

If these revised science standards are adopted, it would be bad for students, parents, teachers, and the economy. So why are New Mexico Republicans pushing such a bad idea? Read more

Florida Budget Will Include $1 Million for Jewish Schools to Upgrade Security

I hope the Jewish schools get the upgrades they need, but taxpayers shouldn’t be funding it. Read more

This Muslim Family Decided to Leave the Faith Together

Their transition out of Islam will give you hope. Read more

Survey: Most Americans No Longer Believe You Need God To Be Good

This is the result, I think, of more non-religious people identifying themselves as such whenever it’s safe to do so. Read more

Atheists Ask TX School District to Take Down Christian Flag Outside High School

The LaPoynor Independent School District needs to obey the law instead of promoting Christianity. Read more

U.S. House Candidate from FL Once Claimed to Go Up in Alien Spaceship

If she wins the seat, we can fully expect the GOP to put her on the House Science Committee. Read more

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