The Christian Who Jumpstarted the Purity Movement Admits He May Have Done More Harm Than Good

Nearly two decades ago, 21-year-old Joshua Harris wrote a book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye that came to define what it meant to be in a relationship as a Christian. Dating around? Bad idea. “Courtship” was preferred — that is, you should only see someone with the intention of marrying them. Harris is now walking away from much of what he wrote after hearing criticisms from people whose lives were ruined by the book.

Don't you dare get any closer. Save it for the wedding day.

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Census Results Show India Has Fewer Atheists Than Rhode Island

According to 2011 census data released yesterday (because lots of data means lots of lag time), the entire subcontinent of India has only 33,304 atheists. That boils down to 0.0027% of the population. If that seems remarkably low… you’re right. There are literally more atheists in Rhode Island than in all of India.


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How Are People Describing Ark Encounter? Let’s Just Say “Accurate” Didn’t Make the Cut

The crack research team at Answers in Genesis just put together a list of the top 7 words and phrases people are using to describe Ark Encounter. What’s on the list? Revolutionary? Educational? Accurate? Darwin, eat your heart out? Not even close.


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Julia Sweeney’s Excellent Reason Rally Speech is Now Online

Julia Sweeney‘s speech from last month’s Reason Rally is now available online. She does a great job of talking about why she’s a proud atheist. She doesn’t get angry. She doesn’t get loud. She just shares a shortened version of her journey away from Catholicism and why it was the most logical thing to do.


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Jesus, That Trick Never Goes Over Well

Jesus should’ve known better than to try and pull a fast one over an angry skeptic.


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